Thursday, May 19, 2005

oh my goodness. xiz says sagar is coming on 15th june. so so exciting!=). heheheh. can gossip with him again. awww.

yesterday i had NUS tea session. grace wendy and shifeng were all there. but otherwise i didn't recognise too many pple. (must always keep in mind what shifeng warns...NO negatives.) it was a lecture. we came out and ate lar. we told grace we were there to eat the food (and get away from the other side of NUS=P). we saw alot of rj seniors outside (eating the food), they're in med now. speaking of which, i am told med results are out tmr. GOOD LUCK to all of you. i eagerly await your good news.
after that grace shifeng and i walked alllllll the way up to yusof ishak house to go to munchie monkey for that delicious brownie, BUT it was closed for a function-_- for 3 hours at lunch time-_- which is inclusive of the time we reached. but nonetheless grace treated us to a tiramisu + a brownie. they were good, but urgh there goes my calorie allowance for half a day. (i am simply Watching my diet).

today=(. firstly, some of the girls are watching star wars without me. =(. but it's in the afternoon lar so not their fault=P Then. cai is gonna cancel our dinner date, despite her nick being "sixuan is free, date me".=(. and emily too. i was all dressed up lar, and nowhere to go. damn Sad. nvm i'll see them on sat.
tomorrow's harmoc concert, yay! with so many pple too. hannah, shifeng.. and i haven't seen chenglim in a while too. and hannah says its astro j2 farewell, so maybe we can pop by and steal food. considering we didn't have a farewell, they should change it to astro j2+3 farewell, and hence i believe we are fully justified to do so (steal food).
saturday's 412 at sentosa day. after that we're going to kai's. that'll be fun=) but i'm not sure yet whether i can stayover..hopefully. actually changing it to saturday was good for me, coz shifeng's concert it at 7pm. and since she lives at eunos it's alot easier for me.
i hope central catchment on monday is still on. yes hannah?
and next friday to sunday, desaru! yay=) so i'm still wondering whether zhen chang sent in his cheque. grace: "you're hoping he hasn't right=P". but she also said, "it's just coz when he's with teck tee". well i Certainly hope so.

and june is even Worse. hai. so much time gone by. i'm gonna miss this time.

ok yeah i'm at work. i came in at 11 today-_- but i asked my supervisor whether it's ok to come in late, he says it's ok=). or maybe i just wanted a peace of mind.. ok stop giving me that look, i've got good news =P. i have a "project"! ah finally. but i don't know where to start. at least i feel like there's a purpose now.=). bad news. i might have to stay long long.

yes weekend. komm schneller bitte!

when in doubt, keep your mouth shut.
don't be true.


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