Friday, May 16, 2003

wah. being half a month since i last updated.

alright, last week (a very sloooooooow and looooooooooong week)...busy missing tutorials and tests, for table tennis. so intensive, from tues --> sat matches non-stop. but not like i played. girls' team had been breezing through the prelim rounds, guys had a tough and rather miraculous time: tues they lost to AJC, so thurs they had to beat HC to get into quarters/semis....beating HC had a....0.1% chance? but they took a chance, split the doubles up and paired the strong singles with the stronger of the doubles, so that their whole force was concentrated on the 2 pairs of doubles and one single. if they lost any of those, hope of getting into quarters was eradicated. but guess what? through tight sets...(all about 3-2) they won! amazing isn't it.

monday 120503
girls beat TJ, up against Vj on wed for finals
guys lost to NJ, up against TJ for 3rd.
after that left for 3rd lang...and went home. =)

wed 140503
girls beat VJ 3-2, rather tight for the 2nd doubles game (we lost. ... ), although if everything had gone according to plan it shouldn't have involved the last singles match. -->gold
guys beat Tj 3-1.-->bronze

had been busy snapping photos for the semis, (=( .... sniff. "£!$!"££%£"$^"£^) but finals i thought i'd better pay full attention and give full support, so i asked cai to be the photographer.

then skipped 3rd lang and went for dinner with team at parkmall fish & co. there were some seniors there....there was 2 was so sweet. she bought 12 pink roses, one for each of us.....awww......hmm...and she smiles so sweetly and kindly. awwwwww.
when we were coming out i spotted the sailors, and bena was there too. and when we CAME out i ran into someone else i knew. "practically half of rj was there", to quote bena.

thurs 150503 vesak day ("u suck day" .....har.har.. har.)
met up with astro pple....were at taka scouting for presents. then we went to annex, and poor gary had to accompany huileng and i through bead shops and pink shops full of bags and earrings. amusing.
but we were quite efficient. impression of leslie is . improving. we were at orchard waiting for everyone to arrive...and hui leng asked about hybridisation...and he explained it to us. he sounded quite confident, and, at least, i me moi, understood. so. good ja? (although i'm still a little uncertain..) hmm. interesting.

fri 160503 (ooo........ooooooo.)
went out to jelita with bunch of pple to get food for astro. farewell party today. quite late. hope ms p won't hate me.=) getting wobbly knees at the thought. of her. astro was good. other than the main part. quite a difficult to entertain pple isn't it. but i enjoyed the, working-together, getting-to-know-one-another .. interaction etc. every time i hear ms p speak i get quite..inspired/motivated. hai. but she makes it sound so easy..."anywhere you wanna go, as long as you're willing to pay, i'll ask the school to subsidise, and we can go. we can visit observatories all over the world. we can go to egypt, cruise down the nile and look at the sky at night..." (i gasped when she said cruise down the nile. so romantic=) so serene....ah...........)
hmm. busy busy weekend. so much to do.=(...tired.
"zhui1!", in table tennis' words. oh yeah. presented the trophy to the principal today. oh and photos were out. so while we were lined up the bunch of them oogled over the albums. most of the photos are blurred....either they moved or my hand wasn't steady. but a few came out nicely. ah well, it's good (according to photog seniors) to at least have one or two photos out of 2 albums which i can say i'm proud of. but it's difficult, and i don't like to take photos of pple. you've to wait for the right moment, you have to know SOMETHING about the person...because it takes time to react and click the button to capture the right moment...sometimes pple don't like to be taken shots of (like....monday.) especially if. urgh. and yeah, for a sport like table tennis i think it's alot easier to take good shots than, say, softball. you're up close, just that the speed is a little difficult to capture. basically i don't like pple-_-. but then again, it's a different feeling when you hear them say, "when did you take this? how come i don't know?"...that's quite fun. and "hey donald there's this REALLY nice shot of you........" or "i want this blown up can?" (...though i didn't take that photo)

photog tomorrow. shall. leave halfway to join class at PS for show.=)))


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