Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i am very free. Hmmmmmm. as you can tell from the increased frequency of my postings.
met up with dpoon and ui aik and dennis on thurs for lunch. then after that we just bummed around, and dennis as usual enlightened us with curious facts. then i met my mom and we shopped for a while before heading home.
ok sat and sun i totally stayed home-_-
started my attachment yesterday.
-refrains from groaning-.
-tries very hard to refrain from groaning-.
but i met halima first thing in the morning! yay=)) we're in for this together. but saw 3 other names there. (harhar Joshua Lim.pdf, Ooi Chin Chun.pdf HAHA) it'll be fun when the rest join us.
so sat/slept through safety training for the past 2 days. met my advisor who's damn nice. who said "just do whatever you wanna do" after the first day which i took to include "go home if you wanna". that was yesterday.
..evening with cai..
left after the training today to meet cai at clarke quay. met nikki and her other um.."colleague". and then we ate our way down clarke quay. that was fun!=) and we went into the eski bar (not to mention freezing our butts off inside for a while), had a drink, talked for a while. there was a nice dessert place with a cointreau truffle that will certainly make hon and teck tee (chocolate lovers, sheesh) Melt. that's it i'm bringing them. nice and relaxing evening. but have (real) work to do starting from tmr. zz.
life feels stagnant again. i feel stagnant again.


nice photo to cheer things up: me fiona and eunice in turkey run. (looking very happy, before we got lost)

i wonder if you feel the same. hmmmm.
(disclaimer: it's not as scandalous as it sounds.)


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