Monday, March 12, 2007

it's ok. everything's ok.
harhar. crap.

had a nice dinner on fri night... kayak polo at night...torance popped out harhar... then it was kinda late to join the seniors' late night gathering...helped make jello shots. yum.

sat afternoon went to walmart with dennis. nice to catch up. he's really quite rare. then met up with all the seniors for dinner at manwok...after that went to meijers...then sat around waiting for our apt crawl to start. soon enough it started and joshua's aptment was packed...played beer taps etc. i sat one side and nua-ed. yay. moved on to zhixiu's after that...
sun woke up too late to see the seniors off...
the weather was fantabulous today. and the sunset at FAR was pretty, from blue to purple. and the air was crisp and cool (a little too cool). yay.

spring, i can smell it already.

ichhabsovielzusagenaber. i think. what do i do.!


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