Friday, December 07, 2007

everytime i come back from the japan house i feel at ease and at peace. =).. went to our sushi party..there was so much! made our own hand rolls (prof. laid out all the ingredients=) i liked the pickles..and the vinegar rice, and the unagi.. and the takoyaki..and the brandysugarwalnut, and the drysherry cake she made..and the mochi...harhar everything!) had way too much takoyaki for my own good. everytime i made a hand roll i proceeded to eat it up and start at the beginning of the line to make another, and while making stuff i conveniently grabbed a takoyaki (so easy to eat) from the other side. now munching on baby carrots left over from dinner and listening to empowering music!

but i missed physics revue...oh well.

you should choose what's good for you (even if it means 1/310). but first of all, cheers on seeing what's bad for you. cheers!


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