Thursday, November 08, 2007

i think anna is a lovely name btw.

well all that uncertainty is all over, and the plans are set in stone. looking forward to thanksgiving more-_-

talk was meant to be consoling and hopeful, not further traumatizing and depressing. i'm not ready to hear about the realities of life although the largest part of my ;( comes from knowing (but not admitting) that there's some truth in whatever i hear... i think over the past few years how i learned was to hear a little of things i don't like, whimper, run back to my hideout, poke my head out again, etc etc. but i thought about it this time and i'd like to take a deep breath pluck up my courage and say No, i Disagree. but that's only after scrutinizing and questioning what i believe in (once again; a rather frequent exercise nowadays), which is difficult at times because in certain areas it's still very amorphous..
like, can i kick out everything/one that i'm not liberal/forgiving enough to accept? pleasepleaseplease?

anyways. shifeng dropped by last (+last?) week! ok fine, she came all the way down harhar. i brought her to curtis orchard..hmm...of course brought her to all the good places to eat at.=) it was really very short..
xu xu is coming by this weekend too! and we're going to the amish community together with the ssa... yay...


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