Thursday, December 06, 2007

step step step.

on many's toes.
poo-ey day today. nobody seemed to wanted to talk to me. xx1 didn't wanna talk to me.. xx2 didn't wanna talk to me...i didn't wanna talk to xx3 (etc etc) even my grad student didn't wanna talk to me at first. and then the awkward (for both of us) runin with my exprof. =SS. inspiring talk though! inspiring talker, young and accomplished, and female! harhar.
hope the rest of the day goes better. for now i shall just conclude that the rest of the world is pmsing HAHA.
coz it's snowing heavily outside and i skidded two times in the snow so i'm very happy and nothing's gonna get me! for now.

welcome to sonnig's moral of the day.
familiarity breeds content. keep your distance.


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