Saturday, May 31, 2003

another week has passed, drawing us closer to the holidays...
yet another interesting week.

mon 260503
waited for serene (by going out for lunch/dessert with class. hot brownie with big scoop of ice cream on top.........gaaaaaaawwwwwwwd), then we met jennie at bv and went to bishan together. a journey filled with fun and laughter. 3rd lang was..depressing...i was really dead and unresponsive. they were playing some "ich kann etwas sehen, dass ihr nicht sieht. das ist aus...." (i can see something you (all) can't. that's made of......) we were doing the "environment" chapter you see, and learning how to say "it is made of.....(glass/wood/plastic etc)". was really down. probably had something to do with, only me, being there. and had to go home alone too.
wed 270503
gp common test. everyone was rather freaked before that, especially me (c.f 1so3f blog where i went "!@#%!#%^Y@#%!$!3"). i answered "does the UN have a future" but somehow....more focus whether it has a future would've done some good. the compre..."was a killer". however, i would say it was rather chickenfeet compared to the practice paper (which is, unsoothingly a prelim paper) we went through.

yesterday i called the embassy, and we're through! deutschland! looking forward to the trip to changi airport. can you imagine the excitement? i can't. man it'd feel like being let out of a cage. and it makes me thankful that i'm a healthy individual. i can just bring a bag of necessities (including a credit card=S) and go anywhere i like, do anything i like. i can communicate, i can get what i mean?

after the common test i went for 3rd lang, took 156, got there about half an hour late, but i had already informed herr w through msn..during my gp lesson.=P it was better this time...and i needed not go home alone, coz xiz was there.

thurs 280503
astro stock taking. i'm such a klutz. someone protect me from myself. i'm not aware of my, parameters and the consequences of my actions (not just physically). i kept spilling things, tripping over things...i need alot of space, but that's exactly what the storeroom doesn't have-_-. gosh-_- i shall not be the one taking the stuff out, in order to give them longer lifetimes.

fri 290503
ah. last day of the week. went for rugby support...was sitting with serene on the bus...=) it's good to be around pple whom you're comfortable with. you can, laugh and talk about things, knowing that your friend would offer his/her true opinions without thinking otherwise. making friends was so easy, yet .. if it doesn't come just can't force it along. in sec 3 and 4, i was so comfortable it made me forget about how hard it is to make real friends.

rugby. #!@$#@#$@#%^#$^%&$^!@$!@#$#. --> wasn't really about the loss to ac: 11-13. (last second conversion missed). i mean, it was pretty obvious, they were better. they didn't have to look around for their teammates' support, they were much more agile, it seemed they could get the ball out and into their hands again in any situation (when bodies are piled high). on the other hand, the rj guys had to look around for their teammates, during the short period of which, at least 4 or 5 bodies rammed into him and piled on top. but their passes were quite accurate and they had the advantage of size (big and burly, each of them are), whereas the ac guys were all quite "scrawny" as i'd like to put it.

ad you'd like to know: at one time one rj guy nearly got into a brawl with an ac guy, (grabbing each other`s collar) and more ac guys came down to pick on the rj guy, and it seemed he was surrounded by 3 or 4 ac guys all of a sudden. xxxxx quickly ran up, removed the ac guy's hand from the rj guy's jersey and dismissed the ac guy, and signalled delicately, like "shooshoo, remove yourself from this vicinity and don't disgrace yourself", to which the some of the j2 guys yelled "well done xxxxx!!". see you missed it!

alright here comes what bothered me the most. yeah sure, i know the councillors don't get it easy. pple don't like to be on about match support, i mean it doesn't concern them, so why cheer your heart out. they're just here for the match support point. therefore it is up to the councillors to get the crowd going. but hey, if YOU're not concerned about the game then what's the point. i was standing on the stand, it wasn't very high, and there were some councillors on chairs in front of the stand, right smack in my view. what do they do? they look down the sidelines at each other, watching out for signals so they can tell the crowd what cheer's coming up and they turn and face their backs to the field. what rubbish is that. at one point i shouted, WATCH THE GAME LAR. and i was telling jennie (who stayed after the sa-hc match) i wanted to shout at the one in front of me, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WATCH THE GAME GET OFF THE CHAIR AND STOP BLOCKING THOSE WHO DO. i think it's really disgusting. especially when i saw that some other councillors could get the crowd to cheer, and it was obvious that it was because they really wanted to cheer the team on. sheesh. it's really true, votes are wasted on those "who know nuts about the rafflesian spirit".

as you can see, i was pretty worked up. my throat is now hurting, and my voice kept cracking yesterday. until it was lost when finally rj scored the .. "touchdown" and the crowd went wild.... pple around me didn't really like to cheer. but i guess it's just up to different pple, on how much they're willing to involve themselves for things that don't really concern them... some would say it's a waste of energy (like my parents) but. isn't it rather....sad? what'll happen to passion?

anyway. went back for astro after that...(oh. a bunch of ac guys walked past the group of us and sang a little tune: "when rj lost to ac..." to which i violently responded............) not many pple were around, even though it was astro night. ah well. seemed to do things all wrong, or rather, wrong things, last night. very depressing. or it could be....

saturday. at home. i think i'll quit photog soon, i.e. stop going for sessions. but maybe i'll go a few more times, because there's this really knowledgeable j2 and i really like to listen to him talk about photog.

must i have a good impression of everyone?


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