Friday, May 23, 2003

whoa. just got home about an hour ago from school, astro. whoooooa. so many things have happened, unbelievable.
at least i spent some peaceful time doing maths with br between end of school and dinner/beginning of astro. very interesting astro session today, meet-the-p session was. loooooooooooooong (so so much, very interesting as well). from about 10 to....12 yes. but you know, it helps develop team spirit... "through thick and thin". had to climb over the was quite...embarrassing. but well, practice makes perfect, ja?

anyway, leslie's going to MIT for 6 weeks. quite sad that alot of others dont' get in...whereas alot from rj do. but i guess that's just..rj

i managed to get home at 12.30 thanks for a lift from gary..but still.... look on the bright side, got to know more about pple, and definitely lost weight through the loss of appetite and dis-eating since 10am.

sad that j2s are leaving. no more fun, slack (and too cool) seniors, no more seniors to rely on, no more seniors to share the burden with us, no more seniors to nod in agreement "i understand how you feel", or "xi guan jiu hao" or "****". no more jumpy little tricias=S.
almost no more.

i've never met someone so intimidating and make-me-wanna-cry-ish.


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