Monday, June 26, 2006


went to sentosa. turned out there were 6 of us. but i had fun. laid on the beach for 10 mins...before the guys came back with a volleyball. that was fun, except i was aching all over from it for the next two days. then a little soccer too! harhar. had fun playing sports lar.
oh, and very pampered, again, coz helmi drove heheheheheh.
then the boys decided that they wanted to lan. so we went to dhoby gaut and lanned for an hour, (not me of course). then after that helmi drove us to the uiaas bbq. foooooood. yum. satay. yuum. that's about it. met like 6 years' worth of uiuc ssa presidents harhar. i had to ask for a timeline coz i was very confused. hmmmmmm. well the seniors had fun coz they got to meet their seniors! but i ate lar. what else can i do. harhar. helmi sent me back=((((. so paiseh. so far away.
huh what did i do on sunday. oh yeah. i went for the national harmoc competition to support grace. i met teck tee and kitling (if i remembered his name right=P... ) and hannah came later too. harhar.
a glimpse and taste of love.
not only between the objects of my observation, that is. it's so...awwwwwwww of course. i've semi-prepared my speech for my friend's wedding liao. harhar. but also how truly happy i felt for her and how proud i am of her. and how i feel pretty certain that she'll always accept me and think well of me.
lots of love.
then grabbed a bite with teck tee before he had to rush back home for booking in. harhar. well at least they're gonna disrupt next week. slackers=P so talked to him a bit. harhar. just feel like pampering my juniors.
"work". yunlei and gerentt arrived today. and the predeparture pple are back. what a...noisy day. yunlei and gerentt drove, so we picked up the i2r pple and headed for biopolis. there we met zhihao sarah vick rina. harhar. big party. nice. after that we squeezed into gerentt's car and when we arrived back at imre, suddenly decided to head fo rdessert at science canteen, like they did last time. harhar. sheeeesh.
after work i met up with zhihao at buona vista, oops made him and jonathan and winston wait=SS damn. it was um, a minor oversight (breathe and count to 10 now). so i followed zhihao back to his home, where we met justin and sarah, and we played tennis till 9ish. yay. fun. next mon's booked already.

still confused.
not good when there are many pple around.


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