Monday, February 04, 2008

it was a _____ day

it was an amazing day because i couldn't see past 50m and everytime i crossed the road i feared a white chevrolet would crawl silently out of the mist and devour me like jaws. ok fine not so dramatic. ("visibility: 1/8 mile")
it was a miserable day because my feet were wet from 10-5. ;(
it was a fortuitous day because it was (supposedly) 50F, and not -20F. oh wait that's why my feet are Wet to begin with. all the dirt slushie. but oh wait somemore, here's the good news, more precipitation coming our way!
it was a ridiculous day because it's monday and i'm already pooped and ready for a weekend.
i need comfort food and i need to wash my feet


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