Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i said i love snow=(

whatthe*toot* is wrong with champaign. it started raining in the afternoon of course i was only vaguely aware of it. was thinking it'll end by the time i go home at 5+.. but nooooooooooooo. ok it was dumb of me too to wanna go to dcl to drop off my stuff before i went home, but since i'm already carryign it might as well. but it was unfortunate the rain got bigger.. and 2 minutes before i reached home (ok fine lucky it was only 2 mins) it turned into a unrestrained downpour. waaaaaaaaaaah. i fffffff the way to my door.
oh yeah it's been a bad day also because: i broke my sample in lab so had to stay longer, i saw the whole process of a collision outside bp, wet feet again, found out my subatomic prof rides a bike home, in the pouring rain (!!!! ;(;(;(;(), dripped in my room for 15minutes now and the toilet is still occupied (@!#%@!^%!@#$!@$#), undone hw. multiple.
need much much comfort (food).


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