Friday, September 26, 2008

oh no my blog is dead.

and my comment box is being spammed!!

hmm nothing much has happened..met up with the 412 girls quite a bit...actually always worried that i don't have stuff to say to them nowadays...hmm sometimes old friends.. i don't know..always thought it'd be like "we can pick up where we left off" but i guess it can be quite hard if we no longer have the same topics/know the same people etc. but anyway yeah i had alot of fun on mon...met kai em hon jen and we talked over a long dinner/dessert/whatever we wanted; like old times (listened to baby delivery stories)  jen left on wed, i sent her off too (t3's so nice!! harhar was quite moved to think of working there one day. so cool. -_-).  awwww... suspect the stuff i gave her ended up in her mom's handbag instead of her backpack :|..........=(.

yeah did i mention i miss champaign alot..still quite alot.. and i can imagine how fun times would be there (ok usually when i imagine this i intentionally disregard the thought of weekly problem sets, all-too-often midterms, 20h long lab reports, and incoherent lectures. wait sorry, shouldn't badmouth, it wasn't that bad=PPP)... hope everyone's well. oh yes, ui aik's bday on wed (happy birthday) and yanchuan's bday on thurs (happy birthday. harhar.)... =) coldstone! (?)

i'm all good now, pretty much. still can't help but be in a slight state of disbelief. i can't believe that someone can just...not bother entirely. ouch. reminds me of someone... oops.
but sometimes i'm not so successful, when i think of .. pasta, (vegie) pizza..grilled chicken....strawberry shortcake (oh how come all food hmmmmmmmmmmm harharhar)..isr...  chicago. urgh. so conflicting! think of the drinking and then chicago urgh. and now i'm actually scared of die zukunft.


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