Sunday, March 31, 2002

bleah. haven't been updating. hmmm. where did i leave off? wed? hmmm. thurs....german lesson....friday...public holiday yay. sat acjc quiz. what a.....dumbing day. i missed the stop until someone helpfully sms-ed me to tell me i just missed my stop. felt dumb during the quiz....really dumb. and then there was this acjc girl who just sat in front of serene n me staring at us to make sure we weren't cheating. rather, i wasn't trying to look at serene's paper. (actually i did only once but i had more answers than her!) then the girl said to serene after a while, move your paper towards you a bit. serene said, there's nothing to copy. and she said, well some pple may be tempted to look at your paper, followed by an obvious look at me. i hissed, what is your problem. actually i wanted to scream at her, what is your f-ing problem. after that she just sat there looking at us. so irritating. sooooooooo irritating. but after that val n i went to jurong east to watch a movie, while poor serene went back to school to prep for debate....awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. we wanted to watch ice age but it was at 3!! and i wanted to watch a beautiful mind which was in 1/2 hour's time, 12.30. but then val watched already.=( so we settled for the count of monte cristo which was at was a rather...cliched movie. =P oh and i still think the guy looks sexier with a moustache=). he looks like the god of war...from xena. i mean when he has the moustache. and he can look so different...with the slightest change in totally another person. not like guy pearce. who looks so stupid and buck-toothed all the time. ok you see where my preference lies. oh, and we both think albert (pronounced as al-bei=) the son later on, looks like elijah wood. so cute!!!=) larlar....*psst* my parents dunno i went to watch a movie. so don't tell them.=)

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

yo. back again. hasn't been a very good day.
a bit grouchy. irritable. suicidal.
didn't dare tick "sometimes" for the "have you every contemplated thoughts of death" (or something liddat) coz i know the teachers will hound me for counselling.
hmmm. am very irritated. very sick. stressed. i feel like screaming. feel like going to bedok jetty n scream my head off.
quite funny today. after science training we were at the class trays.. me n hannah, then mrs see came over coz she wanted to get something from hannah....and i was talking n talking to her while waiting for hannah to come back from the toilet, then she offered us a ride back. somewhere. we were's alright lar....nvm lar....then she was want or not? come come. when we got into her little red was messy with shoes strewn around...and she actually still had the roll down windows which were quite stuck n screechy. but fun nevertheless. we met mrs cheriyan on the way out, and mrs cheriyan said "where are you kidnapping them off to?" to mrs see....and we were laughing our heads off.....
mrs see was been so usual. she was like.....oh how's the air con? oh how's this n that n this n that......sigh. she's actually...not bad....but a bit blur...and luo suo.....and overly concerned......but she's basically...very nice. and i don't think she earns alot.....quite sad huh.....

Saturday, March 23, 2002

argh i just posted something long and hung. damn. yeah. had the astro presentation today at ajc. we were "guest" presenters while the rest were teams from various schools in the north cluster. they were in the competition. it was quite dumb coz in the end everyone got prizes.............ours was "guest school" then there were some which were like "most interesting" "most innovative" blarh blarh. lousy crap prizes also must have more impressive names. hmmm. still no one online. yeah anyways. i just read from the script all the way. han didn't follow halfway through, and got lost. um-ed around. very awkward not able to find anything to say with everyone staring at you expecting you to say something. well. serves her right man. her own prob she doesn't wanna speak from the script even though before that she was rehearsing so hard. cai didn't come so only looloo, with shulin helping her click, and moral support of course. i thought it was pretty bad of cai to...abandon her. but she was pretty calm and composed and, although it wasn't exactly really exciting...but she managed it without any disasters. hmmm. must tell you what i ate. one worst-tasting-burger-i've-had-in-my-whole-life, a small half sandwich.. 2 small fishballs. 2 small curry puffs. 2 springrolls. and for lunch, the chicken+fish rice @ coro with han n shulin (which is really worth it....last time it was totally worth it, but it's still ok even though the size of the serving has gone down), another serving of chicken rice at grace's house (coz i promised that i'd finish it even though i'm eating outside i'd eat hers since her mom bought it for us), and later she gave us each a slice of the small cheesecake she made. it was so sour. the sourer the nicer!!!!!=)pretty tired...only got one day to rest....=P not too much homework...not too many tests.....but...gotta do revision. hmmph. hmmmmmmmmmph.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

oh dear dear dear. it's 2 in the morning....and i'm online. dear dear. yay just finished attaching astro stupid floppy disk totally won't work. FOUR of them. something wrong with the drive. like the CD also.....cannot read.....cannot even sense it's there. DUMB. so my last resort is to attach it. actually i wrote into a cdrw already but don't wanna remove it coz wanna do some more filling and backuping. argh.....just realized haven't updated for pretty long. hmmm. i swear i'll email mrs hoo soon. perhaps by this week. was forwarding a message a few days ago...tuesday i think. then i saw her name in my address book. so felt like mailing her and telling her all about founders' day n stuff. hmm. i will do it. going ajc to present astro on sat......have to wear blazer so borrowed it today=(. it stinks. they only dry-clean them once a year. yeww. not feeling very sleepy.....coz i slept so much on wed...physics test was a mess. so was emaths. amaths was...well....ok. but careless and careless and the +ve square root thing. urgh. lost 5 marks on it. but i got full for the bonus=) =P boring. tues n thurs.....3rd lang...nothing much.....frau heng as usual pick on us.....thurs she was picking on me for being...slow. i handed up my gedicht. straight translation from english poem.................tomorrow....or rather, today, science training, then gym concert. yay........... i told my mom. she was like being so. what. k. i get so damn damn damn sick and tired i just feel like screaming and swearing and cursing all the way. it'd feel good i suppose. maybe i'll try one day. i compiled kai n our various creative thoughts/poems into jennie's (lousy) recycled book. harhar they were passing around at the back and i saw them laugh and smile at times. when i read through the whole compilation....i thought about all the events that inspired them. each poem did show the mood at that time. quite cool huh. was reading the kaocha ke4s today (thurs night).....i thought the ernest hemingway one was pretty powerful. actually would've been more powerful if it were in english and not chinese. i never thought.....the use of unexciting language could give you....feelings so intense....apprehension so....fearful. vigorous. looks like you don't really have to use all those flowery vocab. nonchalanty and simple language can be just as powerful.....if not more. hmmm. harhar jennie's watching alegria tomorrow=)

Monday, March 18, 2002

blarh. five hours of a maths......on a supposedly no-school day somemore. blardy 'ell. i lost the amaths solutions disk. i spent so much typing in all the stupid equations. n i don't have a backup!!!!!!!!. i feel like strangling someone.
then we went out for lunch.....ended up at ps foodcourt coz we followed jennie there to meet that someone=). had a pretty full lunch....went back to school for the science training thing. she came late, at about 2.30 (was supposed to be 2)....but me and val didn't have any problems with that since we stepped in only 5 mins earlier than her=) so. 2.30. guess till when? 6. so smart.
i've got tons of german homework, essays, poem, worksheets, and a holiday project as well.......but. oh well. and test tomorrow.....argh.....

Saturday, March 16, 2002

had the leadership workshop thing in school. was really surprised when val turned up. *sniff* so touched.
then we dragged ad out to nydc (wheelock) for lunch. DAMN EX. the lousy slice of cake plus a scoop of ice cream costed 9!!
ok after that went back to school for guitar......hmmm.....learned to play some chords....
went to the zoo to do com service. xiz ad serene bean lijia n me. serene n i went to the sealions/manatees/polar bear/penguin section.....(ok marine/aquatic animals would've summarised better) but nevertheless. it was pretty cool....i washed tubs n tubs of fish n it was pukish. i hate fish. but i did it! then i rolled some rice balls for the manatees... after lunch we watched polar bear feeding.....then we fed the manatees. i fed it as well! harhar..i fed the baby one. after that we went back and fed the sealions by hand. shirlie and casper. when they opened the gate to let the big male one in, he turned, and was hurling towards us. we stood there frozen.
then the guy zookeeper, i think kenny or something....he quickly stood in between n chased the male one into his cage. whew. casper almost wobbled towards us too...but they chased her away back behind the gate. whew whew. after tea we swept n swept n swept at the place behind the polar bear enclosure. the guy was in a bad mood. like last time....he was like "move" when he was sweeping. guess he was irritated with us for being so clumsy and so jiao1 sheng1 guan4 yang3. so we watched another feeding...the sea lion one...then went back n fed another two females....n i petted them too. which was quite cool. nice and slippery, their skin/fur.
all in all, did about 7.5 hours.
lds--wore stupid courtshoes which are heely. mom's pair from 10++ years ago. my group consisted of aziah, mingjing, yu....none others i knew of then. there's a dhs prefect(kai leong), who turned out to be mingjing's cousin! harhar found that really amusing. then there was also an acs prefect(raghu), a sji prefect (alvin who really really, really looks like a kitten and apparently he's hair's naturally spiky. !!!), a ny prefect (wanling), n a mgs prefect (diane), 2 tch guys (weixin n xuekun). yeah hope i didn't leave anyone out but not like they'd know anyway=) yeah. well....quite....awkward. first day was...pretty boring=P tea was really nice...guess the only reason was that the minister was there.....
slightly better. at least got to wear normal uniform n nice comfy shoes... mingled better...
last day...we got into top 4 for the case competition. alvin+mikail, zhuang hui+pam+hon, and audrey+huishan's group also got in. hon's group won in the end. all the groups went out. we went out to ps. went there with mag2's group. n we were gossipping=) about who. guess=)
went to school for chinese test. went out to eat turkish icecream with em...then took bus with her home. harhar so corny the jokes honlyn was telling us.

ok that was fu1 yan3 se4 ze2 but nvm.

still don't intend to write=P

Thursday, March 14, 2002

shall update later (maybe like ..... sat or something). so busy=( n so sleepy.

Monday, March 11, 2002

ooo n val has this really nice drawing of our beloved crumbled bridge

Sunday, March 10, 2002

lately ihave gotten to know a nice young gentleman by the name of dennis. he is of, anglo-chinese descendance, and behaves somewhat queer at times. but overall he is, as gentlemanly as he can be, nice. and insisting politely that i should write this short description, i have done so.

i've noticed that val was smart enough to link her part of the description conveniently to serene's n mine.
here's serene's=)

haven't updated for so long....5 days has been the last week of hols. what hols. i'll be free only for the two sundays.....sigh.
hmm....let me recall what has, was talentime...a great success according to the ones who went. kai n val got 2nd=) yay. thurs....went for 3rd lang...nothing much happened except we had a surprise test. essay n everything!!!!!
friday....we changed the seating arrangement......some pple were REALLY upset...had turkish ice cream with serene. i guess she was pretty amused by the tricks.=) then "lunch" @ the ubar opp. shaw tower....stole a piece of burger from val...had science training.....until about 6....which overshot by 1 1/2 hours. the informal parents meeting for gep was stayed back so i could have dinner as well=) but it was a very pleasant session....n we were chatting to ms neo also (oh no now jennie hates her guts....)...n mr lim's sooooooooooooo nice!!!!!! he's so nice i can cry. i guess i can't escape the mass crying session @ the end of the year....@ alma mater or something. hai. man. argh. they're all so nice. definition of teachers has changed drastically over the 4 years in rgs....that's good. i guess we see teachers differently as we grow up. so afterwards went home with xiz n her mom. oh the blazer for lds. the new xl was so damn i had to take the old xl which is supposed to be much bigger....@ least can fit. that's good. n got stockings today. court squeezy. i can't believe i'm going through this.....sigh.
sat, got a lift from serene's mom...who sent us to tjc. for a detailed description refer to serene's latest update. in the end we didn't get into the finals. ijtp got 3rd, acs 2nd n ri first. i do not like to not like to not like ri. argh. even i'm confused. nvm figure it out yourself.
yeah that's all that happened so far. gotta go to school tomorrow. got that workshop for the class com. sigh. then guitar...haven't paid shulin=P hope will still have my food. but can always go out n eat....alone=( so sad. oh n have to lug guitar to school as well. n probably have to do some proposal for the workshop. sighsighsigh. service @ the zoo!!!! yay=) but must remember to call them all to remind them to bring com service booklet, if i can remember to call them and remember to bring my booklet. sorry a bit luosuo. wed-fri lds. sat chinese test+lesson. monday although it's a school holiday, got amaths remedial. n gotta type in all the a maths solutions. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. damn.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

oh much happening during the past two weeks.
last thursday was kai, then ili, jennie, yunlei, and serene was almost in tears when her phone got stolen yesterday.....then today alone xiz n val.....
so much tears shed.
heard that C was trashed n B lost by 3 in OT against ijtp.......

Saturday, March 02, 2002

founders' day
it was quite good.....but since we were the only surviving batch who remembers carmee lim the school on the whole didn't seem too interested. just another stupid day where we had to wear ties to go to school on an early saturday morning. but for me it wasn't different. mrs julie hoo came back as a guest speaker. she went up without a script (unlike blin) and told us of an experience she had with mrs carmee lim. it didn't sound boring, at least to me. but the rest of the school was fidgeting. her account was very sincere, adn the way she spoke was so demure, soft, and gentle. i could imagine mrs carmee lim getting all emotional listening to her talk....i hadn't realized but my eyes were wet too when she spoke. the 113 pple are the only ones who know mrs hoo, and definitely remember her. ad xiz n me cheered and cheered when she went up to speak. it was a bit awkward. no one else clapped, no one else cheered. but i hope she heard us and knows that someone still remembers her. all those lit and english lessons we enjoyed so much and had so much fun. she was so......stylish, confident, humorous, brilliant and dazzling. and the way she read the scarlet mysterious and enchanting. she's a good storyteller. that's why we were touched by her story about her encounter with mrs lim. i could feel that even the rest of the school who didn't know her felt so too. but i don't seem to remember her...only vaguely....drifting somewhere in my memory. i can only remember her as...someone who ms ting is similar to. except less blunt, curt and insulting of course=) and much more fair. i guess i felt emotional not only because seeing her made me realize how much i missed her, but also how much i missed those carefree days when we were in sec 1. we did have so much fun in the recording studio...and i guess literature took on a whole new meaning from then on. we're sec 4s already. years passing by. years getting on. sigh. mrs hoo's working @ moe now. it was quite funny when ad said dramatically,"i'll never forgive her for leaving us! i'll never forgive her for promising to come back to us and in the end didn't! i'll never forgive her for lying about mrs see! i'll never forgive her for leaving us to the whims and fancies of mrs see!" bwaharharharharharhar. but it's true. she didn't come back. kinda sad right. and i felt really sad that nobody else in the school knows her except us. but that's a kind of privilege too i guess.
ili val n me went out to cine after that....i ate at bk....then ad joined us and we went to heeren's marche coz the ubar wasn't open yet. the mango cheese cake was lousy. tasted like cardboard. the mango was practically non-existent. the crust was hard and crumbly, and bland. the cheese part of the cake was of poor quality. mashy and tasteless. it was a really big piece for 3.80, but don't be tempted because later you'll regret it being a large piece coz you'll be really sick of it by then. and of course regret the 3.80 as well.
parents are inviting some friends over going out to study

Friday, March 01, 2002

kai n val got into talentime=) hooray.
ad val n me went to lips @ cine. it was pretty good. the "double oreo cheese cake" was heavenly. it was sinful. hmm. what a paradox. all fudges chocolates brownies and cheese cakes looked heavenly. personal aspiration: have one whole piece of double oreo cheese cake to myself next time and no i will not get sick of it. i know. i'm addicted to cakes.(according to val: a "fetish" for cakes).
(fet·ish also fet·ich Pronunciation Key (ftsh, ftsh)
An object that is believed to have magical or spiritual powers, especially such an object associated with animistic or shamanistic religious practices.
An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence: made a fetish of punctuality.
Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.
An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation. )
ceiling was ugly, place was a bit difficult to find. it's next to the cinema on the top floor, a bit isolated even with the big cup and lipstick on it. which was ugly too. seats were cushy. table was least for the three of us. mags provided. service....=P. at least they didn't charge service fee. had to prepay. thai beef salad was hot. i'm sure it killed some of my taste buds. wedges weren't hot on the contrary, mango mayo sauce was nice. but couldn't taste properly since my taste buds were dead. my eyes were watery and my tongue was numb. didn't realize it was so hot. it's one of those, secretly creep up to you kinda hot. pasta was...well...not much substance. just a gooey pool of sauce. but filling. double oreo cheese cake. simply fantastic. was small though. for $5. oh yeah. final bill: $28.21....not bad lar......
am sure ad and val will come up with more detailed and graphic analysis of the food.

then we went back to school @ 4 to go for the science training thing. val fell asleep towards the last half hour. *sigh*
then we went out, val wanted to look for earrings for talentime for kai and herself, n i wanted to buy the briggs chem A level text. we went around wisma, and oh my gawd guess who i met. i was busy talking to val, then i felt someone tap my shoulder as he brushed past. i stopped, shocked, stunned, and after a closer look i realised, it was.......*drum roll*. cheeyong. so freaky. singapore's small man. too small. of all people, of all places. *puke*. he was still on the phone after i stopped, then his lady friend went into a shop. i thought that (on the phone) was quite rude....and i had this look on my face that said: you wanna talk to me then hang up otherwise i'll be going........finally he hung up... hmmm....was too engrossed talking to val...didn't see him walking past at all. and i didn't realize he's actually quite tall. had to look up to speak to him. finally. =) (when talking to pple like...ahem....em....i have to constantly bend forward and downwards so that her voice would be in my ear)
anyways. what was i saying. yeah i'm typing all this down so i can just copy it into my diary later....can't be bothered to take it out.
yeah....back to what i was saying. singapore's small man. way too small for my liking. everywhere you bump into people you know. that's dangerous. hmmph. val got two pairs of earrings, the exaggerated type, for kai n herself. while i was telling her about how different skins go with different colours, silver and gold. one of those spastic blabbering moods yeah. went back to popular, searched around for chem A level text by jgr (or k) briggs....searched and searched...had to ask the woman at the counter. she couldn't find also. but i saw one just in time. it was the only one was 22.66, so i bought it. i wanted to buy the physics by hutchings too.....looked pretty ok. recommended by joanna too. but it was 59!!!!!! so ... sigh. gave up. but glad i snatched the chem. probably out of print soon like the history book.
late when i got home. 8.30 plus. met pat online. yay. long time no see....he's found a job....already. and he gave me lectures n pep talks....and how...."when you know how to handle your problems with 'na de qi, fang de xia', you're really grown up".... hai. how time has passed. school did pretty badly. they didn't proclaim a holiday. =P