Saturday, February 23, 2008

i lost something precious in college. relax, not what you think it is. i lost altruism. i listened to myself when i saw dickson raising an eyebrow to what i had to say, and i'm horrified after thinking about it. but maybe i didn't lose it coz it supposedly doesn't exist right. well next time i'll hush, because really, i sound so appalling.
but i did learn something! i learnt that running to techno is absolutely shiok. next time i get struck by ;( there's a cure. i can feel the amphetamine, no that's not the word please don't report me. i can feel the... endorphins, that's right harhar. every 20 mins i feel like i could go on forever. boingboing. and i also learnt that i was born for this weather. it's absolutely shiok too. i mutter (feel like eating mutton curry when i said that, for some reason) under my breath curses of it when i have to go out in it, but secretly, i adore the sharpcoldness in my lungs. really feel alive (and free too..for some reason...). i saw a guy running by me in berms beanie sweatshirt, and i swear if i end up in such a godforsaken place again i'm gonna get my own gear. harhar.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i said i love snow=(

whatthe*toot* is wrong with champaign. it started raining in the afternoon of course i was only vaguely aware of it. was thinking it'll end by the time i go home at 5+.. but nooooooooooooo. ok it was dumb of me too to wanna go to dcl to drop off my stuff before i went home, but since i'm already carryign it might as well. but it was unfortunate the rain got bigger.. and 2 minutes before i reached home (ok fine lucky it was only 2 mins) it turned into a unrestrained downpour. waaaaaaaaaaah. i fffffff the way to my door.
oh yeah it's been a bad day also because: i broke my sample in lab so had to stay longer, i saw the whole process of a collision outside bp, wet feet again, found out my subatomic prof rides a bike home, in the pouring rain (!!!! ;(;(;(;(), dripped in my room for 15minutes now and the toilet is still occupied (@!#%@!^%!@#$!@$#), undone hw. multiple.
need much much comfort (food).

Monday, February 04, 2008

it was a _____ day

it was an amazing day because i couldn't see past 50m and everytime i crossed the road i feared a white chevrolet would crawl silently out of the mist and devour me like jaws. ok fine not so dramatic. ("visibility: 1/8 mile")
it was a miserable day because my feet were wet from 10-5. ;(
it was a fortuitous day because it was (supposedly) 50F, and not -20F. oh wait that's why my feet are Wet to begin with. all the dirt slushie. but oh wait somemore, here's the good news, more precipitation coming our way!
it was a ridiculous day because it's monday and i'm already pooped and ready for a weekend.
i need comfort food and i need to wash my feet