Friday, February 23, 2007

to accomplish great things you have to sacrifice some little things.
cough cough.

on a lighter note, this is so nice=):

cny @ bena's (surprise surprise), stolen from hon. i enjoy laughing at eric's hair. harharhar.
the party's shrinking. and, australia seems damn slack. how come bena seems to spend as much time back in sg as she does in melbourne. i don't get it.

week has been hectic, have disappeared again. luckily i did most of my lab report the previous week, and thank goodness for last week's snowdays. but weekends always pass me by too quickly, and i'm always stuck with doing work on weeknights. sian.
still ok, not really running low on steam harhar. but i look forward to my springbreak, which is still kind of a haze. damn. (-refrains from griping in accordance with new year's resolution. there, wasn't that hard-) harhar, labpartner: "let's up to chicago tmr." tempting eh. i can imagine having a good time there already ;(
harhar, relax. all of you. be strong too. though i feel pointless too.
back to work.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

boy am i glad. (happy cny too)

cny celebrations went ok...felt a little slack coz i didn't do much harhar. oh well.
after coming back i felt a little bogged... but i must say again i am so thankful for things i have and things i don't have as well.
i decided, whatever, i'm going out tonight. by that i meant yes ok andrew i'm going to joe's with you and jermyn. it was interesting, i was..greatly amused. gave me an insight to how -the game- works. harharharhar. learnt alot harharhar. but not very useful as a girl lar...or maybe not. hmmmm.
harhar, it was very uncharacteristic of me i realised. but once in a while you do sth like that to make life less mundane, and bogged.

thanks to a few friends who called.... my bad for not taking the initiative i must say. but it was very sweet and surprising (a little), too. diverted my attention, which is always good. sometimes i just wanna get away from here, hang out with others, take my mind off things.
hmm. and i think, actually it doesn't even matter, it's not even what's important in the long run. and it's just too bad about certain things in your life, just, whatever lor. (a "shrugs" kinda whatever, not a badattitude-d whatever=P). still looking for a stable element..

oh yeah, my new year's resolution is not to complain so much. harhar. help me please. slap me whenever i bitch harhar=P. you know you can do it;) (i'm talking to myself).

just went for lunch at our usual man wok with a few seniors and fiona and junwan. we agreed to have a cookout later. ...=)..

happy cny everyone.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day (again) AND Vday

take that. har.
unbelievably blissful day it was too..
caught up majorly on sleep though i set my alarm for 9am (early, by my standards), went for lunch at like 3pm with junwan. nothing much, just joined the boys in hotwok. came back very happy... for some reason. i suddenly felt that, if only life could be like this forever, so simple and straightforward (at least around me...) and happy. and that made me look forward to my house next year=P
attempted to do some work, before junwan picked me up for dinner with her and liyana. gave the crowd a miss (and i'm drains me at times.. i've already done this twice and both times i've felt so happy about it=PP i'm becoming antisocial.. oops.) and had a wonderful all-girls' night at dorcas, binging on food and sharing stories and laughs and eyerolling and exasperations and we-can't-make-it-how-ar. girls. don't you just love them. we made a date for the next vday.

we dropped by manwok after that, where the crowd was still having their dinner. so nice to see everyone, but glad i wasn't in the midst of it harhar. gravitated towards fiona and joshua, talked a little, and then the 3 of us were off again. we stopped by moonstruck, got liyana sth, who got each of us a chocolate heart too =), and got a few slices of cake for the pple around us=). junwan's great idea.
many things made my day of course, snowday, min ah's little gift, zhixiu's rose (from scratch, but looked perfect/purchased. not to show off, but he only made a few. it just made me feel..... hmm... accepted. after so long. that was what made me happy, and taken by surprise actually..) subtly given, liyana and junwan's dinner company, liyana's chocolate heart, even dquek's niceness for once=P (he didn't call me poony last night, and was actually friendly at manwok. pffft)... it's been pretty memorable... and happy of course. i think when i leave here i can really say i had a great time.
hmmm, wasistdennvermisst.
happy anniversary, illinois license. harhar.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my secret fantasy come true. (we stole all your snow)

so i woke up at 8.40 just now and went for my phys class. i got out and sth wasn't right. i was stumbling through snow that came up to 5cm above my ankle bone (that's 15cm for you), and pelting (pelting?) snow on my face, kinda like a white, melty sandstorm. crap, i'm so gonna be late, i thought. my 6min's walk's gonna be 12 mins at this rate. there was a guy who came out with a bike in the covered carpark, who eagerly ran his bike out into the open. then, everytime he tried to get on and start riding, he got stuck with no momentum and promptly tilted back over. HAHA. (oops). although i was behind him i could tell he was kinda embarrassed. so cute.

and when i made it to class...there were 2 pple standing in the corridor and one of them showed me the email sent at a little earlier than 9am by the chancellor about classes being cancelled for the day. "so saaaaaaaaad". it is! making me wake up at 8+ and trudging through such fury.

so i trudged back home and saw practically all the uiuc folks' nicks being somewhere along the line of "classes cancelled! woohoo!!". (i'm right, i don't know how they know it, but i'm always a little behind in realization).

one word: shiok.

oh, 4 more words: time to go drifting!

subsequently, crappy suggestions of snowmen and snowfort building shall not be heeded. going to make a hot cuppa (sth...i don't know what) and head promptly back to bed. or lab report.