Wednesday, December 22, 2004

hello my dear friends! i must confess. i still haven't gotten my xmas cards. damn.
i got a really nice card from sang. i was so touched.
and congrats to jennie! i am still very wow-ed. lieutenant quah. i look forward to that. and i will miss you during your bmt+ocs.hmmm. it's funny. i know i ahem. love you. but i never say anything to show it=). (oh damn so scandalous)
and on (any) troubled friends and juniors=(...don't be troubled=(... that's the best i can do. same goes for myself actually. so i shall bring out my well-said phrase: you get over it. you get over everything. (now remember that sonnig)just depends on how long it takes..

i've been really busy. busier than i've ever been in my life. ok the first few weeks. the first week was totally taken up by shopping, for prom. ah prom(5th dec). it was fun. boring other than photo-taking. but it was pretty sweet. stayed at mandarin after that, with 7 classmates, courtesy of bena('s mom). that was pretty nice, i always like the outta-this-world feeling after staying up a whole night.
and after that we had the qq gathering, i just went to bena's house and came out again. we went to kbox. harhar qq sings well! really well! damn stylo. but i was half dead. lack of sleep.oh yes i had sleepover+bbq (her house went up in smoke, we considered crawling on the floor) at cai's too=) that was nice. i didn't sleep. and we swam on the next day too.

oh yes i tennis-ed and swam at safra with jennie and hon too.well basically my first week was occupied. and so was my second:
we visited ms neo and her baby, zechariah, on tuesday (after qq's outing). i had wednesday free, to myself, but thurs i had to pack up and go for the nus stayover, during which i had loads of fun, all thanks to christelle (refer to her blog, for 9th dec. very comprehensive=).

... hmm. =S. patience. and let's see what fate has to show. (let's play a little game=)
on my nus attachment application, he (the person i am corresponding with) says decision's out in mid jan. and i have a pretty bad feeling, he'd say "well thanks for your interest, but you should apply with the rest in march." =S. and i think i know why i want it, i mean it's a really good experience but it also dictates ...something! damn. i'm done for. "all things will ultimately work out for good!"awww i'd like that. thanks ad.
i know what i'd like for christmas.

and there are those irritating applications on the back of my mind..perpetually. i can't totally relax, or let go.

well i also sent xu xu and qi qiong off. well i admit it, i didn't feel sad at all. i didn't feel much! maybe i know i won't ever lose touch with them, that's good then, isn't it?

and yes some guys went into camp on 10dec. harhar they seem to be having it pretty easy, for now. i was very tempted to apply for a military scholarship too, so that i can get the bmt=). that'd be good on you jen!

hon and i accompanied her (jen) for her interview this monday. yes the plenty of crapping before your interview did help i think, at least it kept your mind occupied and your jaw muscles warmed up. we found outout hon has some motor neurones missing: she can't consciously contract certain muscles, e.g. calf muscles.after that we went to safra again, hon jen and qian li as well, swam, and then we pool-ed. harhar i must develop more confidence! and then jen got her good news. and everything of the future flashed before my eyes. hmmm. was a little sad, in a way.

jen came over to sleepover at my house, that was nice=) though she slept really early (and slept ON Both her blankets) sorry my house was so boring.
speaking of which, 15 pple of 3f came over last saturday for the 3f xmas gathering! (sorry my chronology's all messed up, just saying what comes to mind) it was quite nice=) hope you guys had fun. and i think, we'll be meeting up pretty soon again.

oh yeah, bena gave me ear piercings for xmas. that was after val her and i had fish n chips for lunch on friday (before 3f's sat 18th dec gathering). ouch!! nvm, i'll *remember you forever*.
i suddenly announced to them in the fish n chip shop, look, we're going out as friends now! purely as friends. not "classmates and friends" or "exclassmates and friends". do you get it? do you see how beautiful it is? (i was very touched at that instant, at this realisation. not surprisingly i got the "huh" *lifted eyebrows* look from the other two.)

oh yes! obk pple going off this sunday!! woo! damn exciting. sigh=(. ok this is about all i have to report for now. till the next time!

at her request and insistence (not to mention, whining and =(((((s and hmmphs) i am here, to blog. about her.

(one paragraph=)) ) harhar okok. she's ok lar. she's my junior from rgs (sec 2 when i was sec 4). awwwwww. rgs. (rambling. sign of i-have-nothing-much-to-say-ness) now we're trying to recall when we first talked to each other. oi stop arguing with me. ah but without that, and without all the gossip, how could we ever have grown to known that .. we love each other.=). (that *space* in my heart is still open btw, for a guy too).

anyway i'm really immature around her=) bad influence. i always used to think i was so old talking to her, like i'm preaching/nagging/etc. but i guess she's finally brought me down to her level. oh yeah! she took german too. but she refuses to speak to me in german. grr.she's err..funny. yeah really. she's witty. i suppose=). harhar no, really. and she's deep. mmm. and i've gotten to know her much better after...ironically, she left singapore. i guess it's because we talk SO MUCH online, even during my As. (gawd gimme a break jin! ok lar she was kind enough to be light on me during my exams. but blew me away with her obsession and rambling afterwards=S) but i don't know, it always turns out that pple with whom i get along easily in person are hard to talk to online, and the vice versa is often true too (i havent' really tested it out) but i suppose i won't meet her for pretty long. awww.

she's an expert on makeup, specifically lip gloss/balm (wth is the diff). yes girls, she's the one i always proudly mention to you guys when we're hovering around makeup counters in espirit before prom-_-. she's very vain=). look:
Kristin says:walao i so ugly
Kristin says:dun wanan show u liao(referring to photo)
Kristin says:i swear in not so u gly in p e rson

i still maintain she's a rather controversial figure. well some pple are just cut out to be=). (i really don't know what i'm talking about. but she insists on 5 paragraphs. how nice and considerate=P oh yay i'm at 5) and well, (drum roll, grand finale) i wish you a merry xmas and a happier 2005. fraught with fewer problems to say the least. and yeah, learn to give up, man! it's not always bad. and YOUR resolution for 2005: be nicer to sonnig.ENOUGH lar. i'm so sick of writing already!!! (oh yeah she's my singlish-practising partner too.)

grr. ok she's not satisfied. (what are you gonna give me for xmas, for writing such a nice passage about you on a popular and widely-read publication?? my maturity and gravity back=(? i miss them.)
so i must clarify a few points. she's not as desperate as she sounds in this entry. ok, she's not desperate. she's just...cute=) (-_-) yes chief editor ms liu what else do you want me to say.
oh yeah, she's pretty, smart, presentable, .. i really can't think of anything "better" to say.=). harhar she makes me laugh. quite alot, when she's in a good mood (which often reciprocates my mood of course). and we gossip alot. =)).gossip really bonds doesn't it. and she gives me pretty good advice (occasionally)despite the age difference/age..inversion. but sometimes she's much more mature than i am. wow right. i guess she's a more..realistic person...but i guess we always have things to learn from people we meet.

i'd love to help with your business, but i can't! wah she's so good with her "=(((((((s"
but it makes me determined to ..resist! and not give in!(i have my principles!) let's see how long i can last-_- she really knows how to make life difficult for me. i think i will resort to crying to fend her off.