Saturday, December 23, 2006

und so wie es ist

ok so the holidays are here. woohoo!!
nah i feel the same as i did last week.
after my last paper on last thurs night i did go out though, not alot of pple were done with their paper at that time...but oh well. just to indulge oneself once in a while. i had a little to drink till i was actually a little oozy at the end. yes the jager is sneaky.

then fri sat...waited for junwan to be done with her final... sat night we went to bar louie and sorta had supper with nic.. it's his last day in champaign. it was on him. awwww. nice dude. oh well. they come and go. people in your life. i saw the myself some time ago in zhenhao... and feel happy that i've grown out of it, but at the same time that it's a pity i've grown out of it.
saturday we had end of sem gathering too... after which nelly dianhua zhenhao and min ah drove off up to chicago first, though their flight's on monday.
saturday felt very long though..mainly coz i didn't sleep much the previous night..and early sat morning we sent josh and fiona off. josh had alot of trouble with his flight...basically he missed it. and had to drive up to o'hare to catch his next flight. so screwed up. so sad.
that's why it felt like a long day, coz so many things happened.

early sunday morning i overslept by like an hour...panicked. chionged to sherman and picked nic up. afte rthat we were kinda late by like an hour and a half, way behind schedule. managed to reach chicago chinatown at 11.30...had lunch with nelly dianhua zhenhao min ah edmond, and eugene and dennis!! plus the 5 of us of course. =)))). shuiwah. then we had to chiong off to o'hare to send nic off. glad everything went smoothly. whew. it would've been disastrous if anythign had gone wrong.
after that we drove through lincoln park. and jon fulfilled my dream of driving down (although i'd have preferred up) lakeshore drive, and up n. mich ave. =) (nyc is my next target of conquest). so we walked along the magnificent mile... had looked forward to this day for the whole week before that. the rest shopped, i was bored harhar. i lined up for garett's popcorn again. then after that we got a table at the cheesecake factory. helmi yeelin and shirlyn joined us for dinner as well, on top of the nellydianhua zhenhao min ah edmond and 4 of us. sweet=)... awwwww. and we said our final goodbyes once again. you will be missed.
when i'm not so occupied hurhurhur.

the past few days have been eventful, still. i attempted my first dish on monday night. we had a cookout at dquek's place. alot of pple came... still so many of us left. it's not that bad. esp when the winter's so mild, instead of bleak and miserable and depressing.
tues night we went to buffalo wild wings. and wed night we ate at ui aik's (he cooked! it was pretty good too!). so there went... a few days. and suddenly i am pressed for time. crap.

last night a whole chunk of pple left.. well, junwan and jon, but felt like a whole chunk. for new york. sniff. and ahem others proceeded to a place where the sun shines brightly. i will miss the driving horribly.
but, in a day's time it's my turn to depart. pui. sian.
trust me, i'm better than i sound. just that something's always weighing on the back of my mind...i wonder.. (it's not rhetorical, i really have no idea.)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My EM Prof.

is the sweetest guy i've ever met.

he ran out during our finals to zap lecture notes. i found out because he came back and announced during the paper, "anyone else needs lecture notes 23?" (hint hint). awwwwwwwwwww!
did i mention he zaps 40 page lecture notes for every lecture, for everyone in the class (the downside of which is that i no longer have any folder capable of holding his notes. yes i've resorted to a plastic bag). and he made dicussions noncompulsory. and all our exams are open-booksnoteshwhwsolutionswhateverelseyouwannabring-.
i always feel so bad seeing him. on the rare occasions when i do attend lecture/have exams. he just said to me after my paper 20mins ago, have a good break, take care. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
it's just too bad that nothing he says during lecture ever gets through my (thick, perhaps) skull. still, he's a really nice guy. really.

however, he's not so nice for setting qtn 5 with parts abcdefghi. (can you believe it).

the good news is, i'll be getting him for EM II next semester.
the bad news is, i'll be getting him for EM II next semester.

a post dedicated to my em prof. harhar.
anyway i'd better grab a little shuteye before my next (and final) paper at 7. i caught the ui aik bug: can't sleep before finals.
i'm amused with the significant reduction in online time by everyone. finals week really = chaomug week. i feel the adrenaline rush man. if that's the right way to put it.

step back look up. so pointless. so bleak. so precarious.

Friday, December 01, 2006

2 more weeks and then..

well florida was nice. too fast though. the pace probably had to do with the fact that our itinerary was packed. came back tired, not just physically.

we were in miami from sat night to tues morning, we visited the seaquarium (which i really enjoyed), coral castle, everglades and miami beach. then tues morning we set off for orlando on a 4h drive, of course zhenhao and min ah's transdock sustained me through the trip. you have no idea how happy i am with it =). we stopped by palm beach and took a few photos.. luckily the sun was out, not like the previous day at miami beach, which was quite a big disappointment. it's been a long time since i've been reminded of how depressing beaches can get.
we continued up and checked into our nice house in orlando. perfect, except for the lack of internet connection, which the dismay of...well, everyone. =). we then took off for arabian nights dinner show. pretty.
wed we were at universal studios, and thurs at disney world. so tired by the end.
and fri morning at 3.30am we all had to start moving and packing for our 7am flight. but luckily we woke up extra early, due to some unforeseen circumstances.

so overall it was pretty nice. could've been more relaxing=P but my holidays are always like that, don't feel very accomplished if not much is done.

back to school, and two weeks left (now only 1) till finals. sian. this week wasn't even heavy and i'm on the verge of unable to tahan already. next week is the week from hell.
just bear with it.

i still don't get it... i don't get it i don't get it! hurhur.
at least i learnt one thing so far, to get over things quicker n quicker.
but i don't get myself either.

ganz gleich was passiert, sei's drum.