Sunday, November 18, 2007

i've figured it (x 2) out!!

i think.
i dare say that men and women only interact in a few ways, and the love that a woman has for men is only of the following: fatherly, son-ly, brotherly and romantic. there is no such thing as pure friendship. come on. they're mysteries to each other to begin with. so they're better off seeking friends within their respective genders, who'd make much better friends. hmmmmm....i guess there's still some figuring out to do...
i've been engrossed with an idea without knowing the reality of things and like growing up it is so difficult to wake up and be told you're wrong and having to let go of what you dreamed of.ouch.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

i think anna is a lovely name btw.

well all that uncertainty is all over, and the plans are set in stone. looking forward to thanksgiving more-_-

talk was meant to be consoling and hopeful, not further traumatizing and depressing. i'm not ready to hear about the realities of life although the largest part of my ;( comes from knowing (but not admitting) that there's some truth in whatever i hear... i think over the past few years how i learned was to hear a little of things i don't like, whimper, run back to my hideout, poke my head out again, etc etc. but i thought about it this time and i'd like to take a deep breath pluck up my courage and say No, i Disagree. but that's only after scrutinizing and questioning what i believe in (once again; a rather frequent exercise nowadays), which is difficult at times because in certain areas it's still very amorphous..
like, can i kick out everything/one that i'm not liberal/forgiving enough to accept? pleasepleaseplease?

anyways. shifeng dropped by last (+last?) week! ok fine, she came all the way down harhar. i brought her to curtis orchard..hmm...of course brought her to all the good places to eat at.=) it was really very short..
xu xu is coming by this weekend too! and we're going to the amish community together with the ssa... yay...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


i got closely acquainted with the polishing table today. At first she was unyielding, but with the help of my fleetfooted friend acetone i managed to make her come clean. after like 40 mins. erps. what a waste of time.

well yesterday i was walking down lincoln again and near the silo/cowplace (they stank but hey, i don't mind them, give the weather some face) i saw a man and a huge...i think it's a mastiff cross st bernard or sth, except it was totally white. the man took a detour so that he wouldn't have to walk past me with his dog for fear of my chasing after his dog/his dog chasing after me (i can't decide), so he ended up in front of the row of feeding cows with their necks all kiap-ed at the fence. i managed to get a closer look at the dog..he was the loveliest thing i had seen in a long time... his shaggy but clean white coat dangled and bounced, while his curled up tail unfurled a little and furled back as he leisurely, gracefully trotted at his master's side... the sight of him was enough to make me feel one of those moments of peace things. (ach, art199 again).
another interesting happened... as they walked by the row of cows, the latter stood to attention nervously and stared at the dog as he trotted past them, inspecting them, causing a whole row of kiap-ed cow heads to turn in unison. harhar. then, down the dirt bump that i shall call a hill, came thundering a bunch of...i assume, bulls, towards the edge of the fence where the dog was standing outside of. the dog made a rather ungraceful run for it (away, not towards). harhar. the cows looked alert. on the further side of the dog (which is my side) another row of cows had gone back to chewing their cud, all but one, who still stared curiously over. reminded me of me... coz i had stopped and stared too. oops.
on my way back it was kinda dark already..i saw a black lump nestled in the i went forward and realized it was a cat. so i meooooooooowed to it friendly-ly, but as i got nearer it stared, stood up, arched its back (at which pt i realized i should back off a little), turned its hindside to me and continued staring. pffft. so there you go. cats. atrocious.

the rest of the night was halloween night. kids knocked on our door!!=) and said nothing but expected candy-_-. kids nowadays. sheesh. the house party went pretty well. i was happy. (ahem.) but how come alot of pple don't get happy=(? getting better at taps;) and ripped the demon hunter's hair out, causing him to shriek like a girl in front of the mirror at his new ribbon (hey i made effort to make it look nice hor!) which in turn made me slump to the floor aching with laughter. i almost literally rolled on the floor laughing.

embarrassing outburst. but i still stand by everything i said, to me on a bad day/a day i get a little more time to contemplate, it is all true. what is the Meaning of ___________???

lighter note. "i'll do anything" by jason mraz has been hailed the first song that makes me smile to myself amusedly within the first 2 lines.

a Little late, but happy halloween folks.