Saturday, May 31, 2003

another week has passed, drawing us closer to the holidays...
yet another interesting week.

mon 260503
waited for serene (by going out for lunch/dessert with class. hot brownie with big scoop of ice cream on top.........gaaaaaaawwwwwwwd), then we met jennie at bv and went to bishan together. a journey filled with fun and laughter. 3rd lang was..depressing...i was really dead and unresponsive. they were playing some "ich kann etwas sehen, dass ihr nicht sieht. das ist aus...." (i can see something you (all) can't. that's made of......) we were doing the "environment" chapter you see, and learning how to say "it is made of.....(glass/wood/plastic etc)". was really down. probably had something to do with, only me, being there. and had to go home alone too.
wed 270503
gp common test. everyone was rather freaked before that, especially me (c.f 1so3f blog where i went "!@#%!#%^Y@#%!$!3"). i answered "does the UN have a future" but somehow....more focus whether it has a future would've done some good. the compre..."was a killer". however, i would say it was rather chickenfeet compared to the practice paper (which is, unsoothingly a prelim paper) we went through.

yesterday i called the embassy, and we're through! deutschland! looking forward to the trip to changi airport. can you imagine the excitement? i can't. man it'd feel like being let out of a cage. and it makes me thankful that i'm a healthy individual. i can just bring a bag of necessities (including a credit card=S) and go anywhere i like, do anything i like. i can communicate, i can get what i mean?

after the common test i went for 3rd lang, took 156, got there about half an hour late, but i had already informed herr w through msn..during my gp lesson.=P it was better this time...and i needed not go home alone, coz xiz was there.

thurs 280503
astro stock taking. i'm such a klutz. someone protect me from myself. i'm not aware of my, parameters and the consequences of my actions (not just physically). i kept spilling things, tripping over things...i need alot of space, but that's exactly what the storeroom doesn't have-_-. gosh-_- i shall not be the one taking the stuff out, in order to give them longer lifetimes.

fri 290503
ah. last day of the week. went for rugby support...was sitting with serene on the bus...=) it's good to be around pple whom you're comfortable with. you can, laugh and talk about things, knowing that your friend would offer his/her true opinions without thinking otherwise. making friends was so easy, yet .. if it doesn't come just can't force it along. in sec 3 and 4, i was so comfortable it made me forget about how hard it is to make real friends.

rugby. #!@$#@#$@#%^#$^%&$^!@$!@#$#. --> wasn't really about the loss to ac: 11-13. (last second conversion missed). i mean, it was pretty obvious, they were better. they didn't have to look around for their teammates' support, they were much more agile, it seemed they could get the ball out and into their hands again in any situation (when bodies are piled high). on the other hand, the rj guys had to look around for their teammates, during the short period of which, at least 4 or 5 bodies rammed into him and piled on top. but their passes were quite accurate and they had the advantage of size (big and burly, each of them are), whereas the ac guys were all quite "scrawny" as i'd like to put it.

ad you'd like to know: at one time one rj guy nearly got into a brawl with an ac guy, (grabbing each other`s collar) and more ac guys came down to pick on the rj guy, and it seemed he was surrounded by 3 or 4 ac guys all of a sudden. xxxxx quickly ran up, removed the ac guy's hand from the rj guy's jersey and dismissed the ac guy, and signalled delicately, like "shooshoo, remove yourself from this vicinity and don't disgrace yourself", to which the some of the j2 guys yelled "well done xxxxx!!". see you missed it!

alright here comes what bothered me the most. yeah sure, i know the councillors don't get it easy. pple don't like to be on about match support, i mean it doesn't concern them, so why cheer your heart out. they're just here for the match support point. therefore it is up to the councillors to get the crowd going. but hey, if YOU're not concerned about the game then what's the point. i was standing on the stand, it wasn't very high, and there were some councillors on chairs in front of the stand, right smack in my view. what do they do? they look down the sidelines at each other, watching out for signals so they can tell the crowd what cheer's coming up and they turn and face their backs to the field. what rubbish is that. at one point i shouted, WATCH THE GAME LAR. and i was telling jennie (who stayed after the sa-hc match) i wanted to shout at the one in front of me, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WATCH THE GAME GET OFF THE CHAIR AND STOP BLOCKING THOSE WHO DO. i think it's really disgusting. especially when i saw that some other councillors could get the crowd to cheer, and it was obvious that it was because they really wanted to cheer the team on. sheesh. it's really true, votes are wasted on those "who know nuts about the rafflesian spirit".

as you can see, i was pretty worked up. my throat is now hurting, and my voice kept cracking yesterday. until it was lost when finally rj scored the .. "touchdown" and the crowd went wild.... pple around me didn't really like to cheer. but i guess it's just up to different pple, on how much they're willing to involve themselves for things that don't really concern them... some would say it's a waste of energy (like my parents) but. isn't it rather....sad? what'll happen to passion?

anyway. went back for astro after that...(oh. a bunch of ac guys walked past the group of us and sang a little tune: "when rj lost to ac..." to which i violently responded............) not many pple were around, even though it was astro night. ah well. seemed to do things all wrong, or rather, wrong things, last night. very depressing. or it could be....

saturday. at home. i think i'll quit photog soon, i.e. stop going for sessions. but maybe i'll go a few more times, because there's this really knowledgeable j2 and i really like to listen to him talk about photog.

must i have a good impression of everyone?

Saturday, May 24, 2003

getting more pro at climbing the gate already! it was really funny, when i was climbing over denny turned in the other direction and looked nonchalantly and a tree, "is the fruit poisonous?". man, he's so xi4 xin1 and considerate. kind of like yh.

so. 10.5h in school, and luckily i got another ride (so embarrassing: "hello, again, uncle") to manage to get home, now. it was considerably more fruitful except many are gonna get screwed. ah. better not say anythign else here. approach me for more details.
i really couldn't believe my ears.

sad. sat night already. one day left.

Friday, May 23, 2003

whoa. just got home about an hour ago from school, astro. whoooooa. so many things have happened, unbelievable.
at least i spent some peaceful time doing maths with br between end of school and dinner/beginning of astro. very interesting astro session today, meet-the-p session was. loooooooooooooong (so so much, very interesting as well). from about 10 to....12 yes. but you know, it helps develop team spirit... "through thick and thin". had to climb over the was quite...embarrassing. but well, practice makes perfect, ja?

anyway, leslie's going to MIT for 6 weeks. quite sad that alot of others dont' get in...whereas alot from rj do. but i guess that's just..rj

i managed to get home at 12.30 thanks for a lift from gary..but still.... look on the bright side, got to know more about pple, and definitely lost weight through the loss of appetite and dis-eating since 10am.

sad that j2s are leaving. no more fun, slack (and too cool) seniors, no more seniors to rely on, no more seniors to share the burden with us, no more seniors to nod in agreement "i understand how you feel", or "xi guan jiu hao" or "****". no more jumpy little tricias=S.
almost no more.

i've never met someone so intimidating and make-me-wanna-cry-ish.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

ach. another week. and june holidays are drawing nearer. so are common tests and end of year.

saturday, triple date with class! bwaharharhar.

things have been pretty good for me, i don't know why, it's really working out as if i'm riding a wave: sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're falling and sometimes you're at the bottom and everything good's just so far away. anyway. still get sad. but only for little, nonsensical reasons. losing control ventures near me every now and then, and i struggle to run ahead, away from its grasp. felt even more so coming back to class after that whole period of "season".

ah. peace and quiet for the past week. =) and more resolute yes.

for once i found myself available to stone at moelc before lesson starts. but the canteen was so quiet...only the sec 4s were around. so i was there all alone=( so one came...finally serene and xiz showed up and i felt more alive. but there was alot of time for me to catch up on the lectures i missed. and to think, and to let my mind wander=S (a dangerous thing)
lesson was fun towards the end, just that herr w was evidently a little. outraged, by the action of a certain classmate.
as usual when we emerged from the room it was dark and we had to grope/test our way down the stairs, and identify various home-going pple by their lun2 kuo4.
xiz and ningki were going back to school (gosh) for a i said, let me take 156 back with you guys (then change of course). but during the ride the meeting ended, so at sji/scgs we got off and took 190 home. maybe we should take buses more often. trains are more..."public".

ah. maths lecture test. chem test was yesterday, so after the test today i could officially breathe. really makes you feel better, when you're relieved of the stress=) but then again. gp common test next week. hmm.
boring day.

interesting day! i finished very early, was supposed to meet jen, but she was going out with her friends so i decided not to be so. in-excess. i actually sat around for the (@#$@!%!@#$) photog meeting, during which they were talking about...mops. hai. i thought i was a half-member. should really involve myself by half.
oh and i truly felt, "you never miss the water till it's gone"

i left at 3.30 and since i was gonna meet xiz at 4.45 at hc, i decided i had so much time, i should do a little exercise and follow the route we took last time, to sixth ave, except this time to hc. and so a little exercise i did. felt really, adventurous. it was quite exciting, felt, independent and free.=) yes i'm easily fulfilled. and i managed to read through the set of (thin) meiosis notes during my walk. although i think not much was retained, with all the stumbling and unevenness of the ground. but i felt i had alot of time. i glanced at my watch, 3.35 when i left, 3.45, was near jelita...walked down that road, just my breathing, meiosis notes, the rocky, narrow path, the cars rushing past while i carried on at a leisurely pace, watching a yellow butterfly flutter from grass to grass... and i really appreciated the part of the journey, between the two tchs bus stops. i was between the fence and row of trees and bushes. could really smell .. nature. and there was a big spider web with a big spider sitting in it. not a single person in sight along the whole stretch. and i still managed to get there at 4.35.

lesson was even more interesting. a situation, and we did role play. although herr w .. was rather violently opiniated. (he said the word again!) but it was fun, a "discussion" in german. cool.

thurs. 22nd!
had gp makeup lesson. i don't know if it helps.. but at least what mr. khoo said was quite reassuring.
"imagine you were to have your chem common test next week, the full A level paper. how would you feel, how do you think you'll score?".
"but we haven't finished the syllabus. maybe...15, 20%?"
"that's pretty good isn't it, 20%. it's exactly the same for gp. you're going to take the whole paper, but you haven't learnt all the skills yet. so don't be too, unduly worried"
yeah. it's not time yet. just give it all you've got.

waited for cai after that. luckily, after much bothering, she agreed to go back with me.

lots of work. tutorials...ipw..(which would be conducted online i suppose. which is bad. very bad).(proposal due tomorrow. we just changed our topic, question actually. but i think i feel more excited about the new one.)

eh. 22nd.

oh. and it's american idol night. drat.

Friday, May 16, 2003

wah. being half a month since i last updated.

alright, last week (a very sloooooooow and looooooooooong week)...busy missing tutorials and tests, for table tennis. so intensive, from tues --> sat matches non-stop. but not like i played. girls' team had been breezing through the prelim rounds, guys had a tough and rather miraculous time: tues they lost to AJC, so thurs they had to beat HC to get into quarters/semis....beating HC had a....0.1% chance? but they took a chance, split the doubles up and paired the strong singles with the stronger of the doubles, so that their whole force was concentrated on the 2 pairs of doubles and one single. if they lost any of those, hope of getting into quarters was eradicated. but guess what? through tight sets...(all about 3-2) they won! amazing isn't it.

monday 120503
girls beat TJ, up against Vj on wed for finals
guys lost to NJ, up against TJ for 3rd.
after that left for 3rd lang...and went home. =)

wed 140503
girls beat VJ 3-2, rather tight for the 2nd doubles game (we lost. ... ), although if everything had gone according to plan it shouldn't have involved the last singles match. -->gold
guys beat Tj 3-1.-->bronze

had been busy snapping photos for the semis, (=( .... sniff. "£!$!"££%£"$^"£^) but finals i thought i'd better pay full attention and give full support, so i asked cai to be the photographer.

then skipped 3rd lang and went for dinner with team at parkmall fish & co. there were some seniors there....there was 2 was so sweet. she bought 12 pink roses, one for each of us.....awww......hmm...and she smiles so sweetly and kindly. awwwwww.
when we were coming out i spotted the sailors, and bena was there too. and when we CAME out i ran into someone else i knew. "practically half of rj was there", to quote bena.

thurs 150503 vesak day ("u suck day" .....har.har.. har.)
met up with astro pple....were at taka scouting for presents. then we went to annex, and poor gary had to accompany huileng and i through bead shops and pink shops full of bags and earrings. amusing.
but we were quite efficient. impression of leslie is . improving. we were at orchard waiting for everyone to arrive...and hui leng asked about hybridisation...and he explained it to us. he sounded quite confident, and, at least, i me moi, understood. so. good ja? (although i'm still a little uncertain..) hmm. interesting.

fri 160503 (ooo........ooooooo.)
went out to jelita with bunch of pple to get food for astro. farewell party today. quite late. hope ms p won't hate me.=) getting wobbly knees at the thought. of her. astro was good. other than the main part. quite a difficult to entertain pple isn't it. but i enjoyed the, working-together, getting-to-know-one-another .. interaction etc. every time i hear ms p speak i get quite..inspired/motivated. hai. but she makes it sound so easy..."anywhere you wanna go, as long as you're willing to pay, i'll ask the school to subsidise, and we can go. we can visit observatories all over the world. we can go to egypt, cruise down the nile and look at the sky at night..." (i gasped when she said cruise down the nile. so romantic=) so serene....ah...........)
hmm. busy busy weekend. so much to do.=(...tired.
"zhui1!", in table tennis' words. oh yeah. presented the trophy to the principal today. oh and photos were out. so while we were lined up the bunch of them oogled over the albums. most of the photos are blurred....either they moved or my hand wasn't steady. but a few came out nicely. ah well, it's good (according to photog seniors) to at least have one or two photos out of 2 albums which i can say i'm proud of. but it's difficult, and i don't like to take photos of pple. you've to wait for the right moment, you have to know SOMETHING about the person...because it takes time to react and click the button to capture the right moment...sometimes pple don't like to be taken shots of (like....monday.) especially if. urgh. and yeah, for a sport like table tennis i think it's alot easier to take good shots than, say, softball. you're up close, just that the speed is a little difficult to capture. basically i don't like pple-_-. but then again, it's a different feeling when you hear them say, "when did you take this? how come i don't know?"...that's quite fun. and "hey donald there's this REALLY nice shot of you........" or "i want this blown up can?" (...though i didn't take that photo)

photog tomorrow. shall. leave halfway to join class at PS for show.=)))