Tuesday, August 19, 2003

friday's guitar concert was great. i just couldn't bear leaving. and it was really nice to be there supporting my classmates.

saturday. stayed at home. was so tired. (training started...)
had some guests over. my "nephew". was fun, getting to know him. but had to constantly think of things to say. glad that he didnt' seem to have felt as awkward as me. but honestly, was exposed to some refreshing views on money. but then again, i think it's just a guy thing.
had so much to do, but just couldn't get down to it/them. (like gp essay for e.g., and german oral prep)

went to theatreworks on didn't start on my part till monday afternoon, but was glad helped weili with his, coz it sorta broke some ice.
met only gj and melanie im Chatraum, in the midst of my gp essay. (which i finished! at 2am! from 7pm-_- i cant' believe it. i never knew i had so much patience for something)

enjoyed tennis alot, i think shulin and i played very well=) the boiing sound was abundant.
went to theatreworks again after school. was a bit sick...had a terrible headache through bio lecture and various air-conditioned lessons. the cab was worse. eric was so big, he squished weili and i to either sides of the cab, yet he still had to compress his shoulders to fit in. and they fought over the "mr. taxi" tv thing, that gave me a worse headache. AND to top it all off. (topping!......=(. nicht lustig, oder?=P) the blackroom in the process of becoming a whiteroom gave off a horrible toxic smell. yeah i dont' understand, it's just cutting and pasting, how come it took so long to settle weili's board. i settled mine in 10mins, left the rest to berny, borrowed $10, and took a cab to 3rd lang. i had 75C left in my wallet...so altogether i had $10.75. i didn't make it in $10.75. (if there hadn't been extra charge i would've made it...) but the driver was kind enough to let me off with $10. but i gave him all i had, excluding the 5C. and got to 3rd lang at about 6.50pm. but glad i went, they started on konjunktiv I. am starting to get stressed, about german oral. =( haven't prepared. have no inspiration for a topic to talk about.

as hard as i tried to fight the Zmonster....i could not stay awake.

i can go for obs. but dad just issued a warning on sat, that if picked, am not to go.

sigh i just realised how much i take things for granted. but then again, it's only human.

as i had promised xu xu, i'll not sms from today onwards (till the end of the month=P). will ground the phone. =P can i? i'm sure i've overshot (for a moment, "overshooten"), say, 500. but.

alles war so ploetzlich.
ich begriff nicht.

Bist du nicht ueber dem Stiller..

es waere gut, wenn ich noch andere Sprachen sprechen koennte.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

=) hello! i'm back and i'm happy. i dont' know, guess i just got over it, although past 2 weeks were horrible. maybe something else too?

well i've started to record daily thoughts into the fish! calendar....quite amazing how the past week has been cluttered with thoughts....but i guess at least one lesson i've learnt is that, everything's always changing (wechselhaft, ja).
as Harriet Beecher Stowe said, "When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
am not a quotes person, but that just sticks to my mind.
but i realise that it's when you're down that you get most of your inspiration to think about life. think about how, sometimes minor problems that come hurling in a lump can really be a little difficult to handle...

went to school in the afternoon. and had dinner with cai in the evening that was really nice. although time was a bit tight and felt a little rushed to finish dinner, it was still a nice feeling, buying bubble tea and walking around her neighbourhood. too bad she didn't bring missy and napoleon down. we were going to walk them along the road to chinese garden mrt, where i was supposed to meet hannah for the mars watch thing.
but was still fun.
the sky was so overcast, there was absolutely nothing to see. but walked around and listened to the owners talk about their scopes, so that was quite interesting. though not everything was useful, but did learn some new things. and we climbed the pagoda at chinese garden..it was dark and when i climbed up something was at the window next to the stairs so that was quite. ........ and some boys were making weird sounds when they were going down, such that the sound was spiralling up to the top-_- and was spotted by an ex-pschoolclassmate. that was quite exciting, seeing her. but it just reminds me of how long/short it's been. she's in sp now....can't get that into/out of my head. we were in p5...
although observation-wise wasn't very fruitful but other areas, yes (=) )

went to fort canning with 5 classmates, gonna do com service for theatreworks (i have no idea how, now.....in 15 days we're supposed to get it done since it's an exhibition)
3rd lang!.......the trip back was quite amusing to me.....very. interesting. those who wanna be psychologists, should've been there. i mean, when you read into something, it could be so..funny. the way things are.

long day....but some relief.
chem o was interesting. it was quite scary how....*that* bunch of pple sat down there, and you observe and wonder what goes through their minds (maybe like "yeah. i know that. and that too. so easy.") but dr. chan's interesting. not exactly the standard A level teacher, but interesting enough. i like the way he explains things. and his way of seeing things, and trying to drill into us that science is never absolute. sorta takes my mind off things like "there are 7 factors affecting the rate of diffusion of a particle across a semi-permeable membrane" or "1st step: find the tangent of the graph at t=0...." OR EVEN "'as science advances, the importance of religion will decrease' How true is this statement. Discuss." (am intent on doing animal rights qtns, but somehow can't get this qtn off my mind)

sigh someone dropped the big scope, so now doing a report on it. er. and today we brought it down to the science centre to get the guy to look at it...was quite interesting..although some fellow astromates got a little pissed off by that amusing guy.........but well great that leslie's back, we can now, complete, together as a force (against the evil) withstand...the pressure.=) and he seems to know everything so it feels alot better to have him around....we've been so .. tortured... esp the ignorant little qms.

was late for 3rd lang. (was almost late for school this morning..sigh) talked aobut "politics" today, quite interesting, the topics he gave us to discuss. like ours (xiz, me) was "should there be more female politicians, or are men better suited for politics" (we considered it two different issues but he said it was "absolut Gegenteile" (absolute opposites) ) ... and other topics the others discussed included "should other countries follow germany's example of having "the greens" being representative in the parliament" (something to do with the environment), and "has SEA changed much since the instalment of female leaders in this area" which were all quite interesting ja?
but he accused us of being boring and (trying to imitate us,) "should work towards a balance..." & "so that they can compliment each other (sich ergaenzen!)". because "in germany, the youths would say, 'politics for us! the older generation should get out!!""
and we are sooo "vernuenftig" (reasonable) =).
the only excitement was when xiz and i purposely pitted ourselves against him by saying there should be more female politicians (of course we had a very mild and neutral and constructive view at first, but he heard it when we were discussing and was so disgusting. so we decided to put on a good show and be extremely feminist....but our classmates (who all happened to be females today) joined in and debated against him furiously, losing out only on the language and not the ferocity. mmhmm.)
have i mentioned he has something against women? yeah he does. -_-

harhar (the "harhar"s look more and more fake nowadays, though of course i dont' mean it. but it just looks like it sounds jaded doesn't it..and so mian3 qiang2), is it that easy to read my mind? is my mind that transparent? i doubt so. so no, "c'mon lar i've known you for so many years, i know EXACTLY what you're thinking about". and i'm not that deep either.
another quote,
Will Rogers--"Never miss a good chance to shut up."
it's too true. for now i think, i will definitely regret some of the things that have been said on impulse, but i will never regret the things that popped into mind but weren't voiced. i'd be thankful.

and to appreciate what you have, think, what if you didn't have them.