Monday, September 22, 2003

seems that if i sit in front of the computer and incubate long enough some essay will pop out. (but i'm cheating=P gp essay was about zoos and animal rights and so will my oral speech be)
staring at empty pages it seems that my daily garfield strip is the only thing i can look forward to nowadays.
just let me groan in peace.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

has been a surprisingly eventful weekend.

breathe in, breathe out.
i learned a new word. "stocksauer"=pissed. cool huh. (i'm way better at it now. it's ok, just hold it in, you won't die)
(reminds me of, xuxu's perpetual (for 7 years now) "guten morgen", yanjie's perpetual "ich liebe dich" and bena's perpetual "scheisse". each has their own interest.)
oh yes and "cool"="geil" which also happens to = "horny".

i feel pretty bad about friday...for the constant ... denial. wah damn i feel bad. but it's really not

i slept 2h on monday morning. i wanted to do an essay, but you know, once i go online...*poof* goes everything.
but it was quite amusing. but i felt really bad at the same time...i'm not lying, but...i'm just "retaining certain facts". bad enough. hai i don't know. i've decided i shouldn't care.

but the other day i had a really good conversation with a friend. it's strange, the more you make the effort, the worse it is. often it comes spontaneously. but that's not very reliable is it

bwaharharharhar. i feel NOTHING. dafuer bin ich gluecklich.

Monday, September 08, 2003

holidays are here!

but the weekend was quite bad, was sick through it. stress stress, everyone's stressed.
going back to school which means i should do the tutorial right? dang wrong. =S. what a terrible attitude!
i have once again resorted to talking to myself.

actually i like getting sick. makes me all weak and nice and amicable. and patient.
oh yes so i missed the big walk. which is a pity coz i was really looking forward to it. but nevermind, there'll be a bbq on wed=)

i'm very happy=) i was really angr-ied on friday during lunch, but all i did was say "i'm so pissed" and complained *a little* to shifeng, with whom i was having lunch. and i deleted my less-than-friendly reply to a more neutral one=). i mean, once you get over it, it's nothing. there's nothing that can't be gotten over. i'm sure i've said it before.

i think it's quite dumb, but on thurs i got home quite early, so i was watching for tv (waiting for 5.30 show, sabrina the teenage witch=P heheh paiseh. but it's quite nice. esp friday's episode. she was gonna get married to some aaron guy, but she knew he wasn't her "soulmate" in the end she walked out of the church, and there was harvey waiting for her *awwwww*. i think that's the last episode of the season. ANYWAY) and there's "chicken soup for the soul" at 5. i was watching it, there were 3 stories. it's dumb, but i really felt very touched.

was really stressed on friday night and saturday morning, coz the chemo selection test was at 10.30 on sat morning. last minute cramming. i've experienced the same not long ago, for that ionic eqm qtn presentation. rather exhilirating i must say. esp when it's over. i did q1 n 2 (there are 4 altogether), started on 3a when dr chan said, stop! oh well.
hung around with serene, waiting for her mom to pick her up. after that had a nice solitary, relaxing journey home. hmm. BUT. yes fell sick.

ok i've run out of things to say. nothing interesting has been happening. -_-.

oh. xuxu and i went for this dartmouth talk. though in the ivy league i've never heard of it. but the photos in the guy's presentation were really nice. the snow...the dorms. the guy said he's in his 3rd year, and i felt really sad for him. (he has to teach for 6 years, here...danach)

ok gotta do bio tut!