Wednesday, May 31, 2006

catchingups and more catchingups.

rock-climbed with jon and helmi last friday...disappointing! me. =(. then caught xmen3 with the other uiuc pple. =). but before supper i had to be sent back..coz it was too late. bleah.

saturday pangseh-ed jen for numerous activities=SS. slept through the day. (it's really following a patten hmmm). requested for work to be shifted to a week earlier. which means i'm starting on the upcoming monday. sigh.

sunday had lunch with teck tee and zhenchang, my two hormonally-imbalanced-incessantly-teasing-nonetheless-hilarious juniors. still the same-_-. then caught a movie with zhenchang; the child. don't watch it.
then met grace at night at imm. wah. she ambushed me from behind the escalator. waaah. we hugged. and hugged. and basically hugged x3. it was very sweet. did lots of catching up with her. am happy for her, and relieved in a way harhar. here's to her happily-ever-after=)

monday! met up with (part of) 412=)) we went to food republic (and i thought, gee, perfect for ooi!)...had a whole table of food and tucked in. there were..jen hon em kai peiyan ili val crys, anna and hweeying joined us later too.=) we hung around orchard for a while..then went to somewhere else for dessert.. =). missed them.

wed. met sixuan at 6+ in town and we pulled a last-min-put-things-together trick to get me ready for zouk later in the evening. whoa. almost panicked, the situation looked dire for a while there. but cai demonstrated encouraging and neverending patience (so touched). then met hon (HeHe, her first time clubbing too), dpoon. then we went to the toilet and took a while to make up hehe. it was quite fun. but i realise how cmi i am... "the pain we put ourselves through", as hon says. yar lor. life would be alot easier without makeup. hon put contacts on for me again, reminiscent of prom... but it wasn't so bad this time;). Finally ui aik arrived. we had to sit tight to wait for him since he just arrived from m'sia today and didn't have a sg no. then we split up to cab to zouk, but we waited n sos-ed val and kai, who were actually in zouk already. so they came all the way out again to pick us up. it was quite surreal in the car when they picked us up; kai was driving...val and kai looking glamorous.. and then there were cai and hon...girl talk (making kai embarrassed, mainly).. about them getting earrings for me, as requested.. oh man. i wouldn't have imagined it a few years ago. i told that to them, and val said, YEAH with you going to zouk. hmmmmm. harhar. that moment really hit home how much i missed them.

met mag ng in future.. she gave me a big hug and squealed happily, sunny! and we said at the same time, long time no see! =).. val and kai treated hon and me to a flaming lamborghini each. yay can drink legally. harhar. drank a Little (really, little) more afterwards... i...wasn't sure whether the reason for my not walking entirely straight afterwards was because of the shoes..or..... that'd be quite lousy. either ways dpoon ui aik and i brought the girls over to look for sq at zouk. harharharhar. damn funny. oops =P he was mamboing on the podium in a corner...looking happily engaged. then we found torance and zhixiu chilling in the corridor, who um...accused me of not dressing up in champaign. oops. and i sorta stumbled a bit in front of them and they looked quite amused and i think for a split second zhixiu thought i was gonna fall over. doh. don't worry this'll be my first and last time clubbing in sg liao-_-. but we didnt' spend enough time with them, i reckon, especially when we're the ones who jio-ed them. arrgh.
then hon kai val left after a bit.. for supper. sad sad to see them go. pardon my honesty, but kai is gorgeous, welltodo (and pardon my materialism=P learn from ahem, other pple one!), and on top of it all, Such a nice girl. so...;)
then cai brought me and her two judo friends over to velvet underground. hmmmmmm. call me conservative but i don't like oogling guys.hmph. -shivers-. harhar.
we were back in future...wah packed dance floor. hot. i felt quite urgh-ed. there were too many was badly ventilated.. my shoes were killing me...and there wasn't enough action. HeeHee. (i agree that singaporeans are conservative)
finally cabbed back with uiaik dpoon and cai. stayed over at cai's place.

life is getting a tad uniform, but i think once i start my attachment there won't be time for all these though. argh i'll have to wake up EARLY starting next week. very alien concept.

on a side note:
i just in...fully conscious.. aiyah hard to explain... of how nice my parents are. ashamed. hai. but determined to be nice to them.

another side note:
wah i feel like i'm getting stupider. -smacks face-. everything that comes out of my mouth nowadays just sounds idiotic. -smacks face again-. maybe it has to do with the smacking.

sad. missing illinois. losing touch. tell me why i felt more comfortable in my own skin back in champaign.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

home!. (and stifled)

not just the weather. (i Will complain. pffft)

well. since the last update, i've had my exams. which i was kinda sick of by, well, not really the end. i don't know if i regret it but ah well it's over.
joshua tan came to visit, during his post-exam and pre-summer period. i had organised a little state park (with the cute name of turkey run) trip (for eunice of course) again, on thursday. but we couldn't do any canoeing because the river was flooded becvause of the heavy rainfall. but the 4 of us, fiona, eunice, joshua and i, did a little hiking, got a little lost, took a number of pretty photos, and in general enjoyed the atmosphere=) and as usual, i enjoyed the driving.
post exams fun involves lots of drinking, as usual. but it wasn't as wild as i had envisioned it to be.
eunice and co. went off on friday night, headed for glorious yellowstone (sob). we had the house party at torance's, during which i took many nice photos which (to my utmost dismay) i found to have disappeared. coz i lost my camera. ;(.
slept very little over that weekend. and packing on sat morning was hell (over and over). but joshua did so much more. sigh.
so saturday afternoon i zombily moved stuff to our summer storage garage, and to jon's place. the rest of the evenign was spent preparing for grad lunch. lots of pple came to help=)
then joshua and dominic left early on sunday morning. missed them coz i slept through it all.
but it was good coz the next morning everyone else was too knocked out to get up, so i went off to grad lunch venue. grad lunch was really sweet. the seniors lined up on the stage, all in their robes, and looking so radiant. awwwww. and i took photos with dennis and torance of course.
then spent the next few days bumming and helping others pack. and by wednesday it was my turn. i amtrak-ed from champaign to union station in chicago with all my luggage (died. and went to heaven). was at cracker barrel with junwan and fiona (who are staying for summer) before that, because i insisted they try the strawberry shortcake=), who then sent me off. awww. fiona was like, no sun yi don't go! junwan lock the car drive the other way! harhar so cute.
after getting to chicago pretty late at night, i took metra (instead of the cta which is ...let's say, has a certain degree of risk, at this time of the day, according to many sources) and got to the northwestern campus in 28mins (instead of 1.5h) . it's a little more ex (just a little) but definitely an alternative to consider. well i got to the davis station, and xu xu arrived with her senior, who drove to pick me up. awwwww. then the most paiseh thing. i remembered who he was. doh. i should've been nicer at mwg=PPP
so i spent two days at xu xu's. thurs i went downtown and shopped for a few hours. got there at 11am and started going back at 2pm. i'm a lousy shopper who obviously doesn't enjoy shopping.
harhar after getting back i made full use of xu xu's room phone;)
so constipated. :/ ;(.
had dorm dinner (-makes ugly face to match the taste of the food-), met a few of xu xu's friends. took an evenign walk around campus like last time round. marvelled at how pretty the campus is.
woke very early on friday morning, because xu xu had an exam downtown. we got there before 8.30am.. i was left on my own, so traversed downtown on foot for about 2 hours. walked along lake michigan for a while, enjoying the chilly breeze the bluegreen water the beautiful weather. will miss it. feel more at ease here/there actually..
after xu xu finished her exam we headed north for some dimsum, and afterwards a suburban hike in the middle of nowhere on a quest for best buy to look for a new camera for me. we found it, and the prices sucked.
then we went back to noyes and xu xu treated me to dinner at the -best chinese restaurant on campus-. harhar it was good (all but the portion size). it finally ended with the da vinci code at the campus theatre. but we went in a little late, on time actually, and it was entirely filled. so we sat at the very first row and what an experience that was.
back in her room i got my things ready.. went online.. talked a while on the phone.. and waited for 4am to come.

so i scrambled up at to the airport at 5am.. checked in by 6am, and discovered i was 2h early for my flight. but i got shifted to a 7am flight to LA, which made my transfer time even longer in LA. but thankfully by the time i was checked in very slowly, i only had about ..hmmm.. 3 hours to wait for my connecting flight out. and since it was saturday, i had the luxury of being entertained/entertaining aka "the meaning of my life"-_- for about 2h. i'll miss this place though. harhar hope i'll missed too.
so off i flew for singapore. reached sunday night near midnight.
and i slept through most of monday. tuesday i finally re-emerged... sent dad off.. and went out during the afternoon. met honlyn in town =)) then we met sixuan. and spent from 4 to 9 catching up with them. harhar one year's worth of news. they're still the same=) but many things have happened. anyway would've met jenniequah but she's on exercise! i called her and heard the water of the malacca straits sloshing: /. it was nice to see them. then at 9+ i went off to buona vista to meet jon, who picked me, joshua and kristine up and went to chomp chomp to eat. helmi dquek kejia joshua jon kristine and i were there, and we bumped into joel too! let me see, we had charkwayteow, satay, carrot cake, stingray, horfun, sugar cane, ice kachang, almond jelly...=)) HA to all you summer school pple. ok i deserve to be slapped harhar. but what the heck;)
then slept most of today again-_-. and got a call from telle in the evening. she's flying tmr though! i'll wait till her return next month to catch up on more with her=).

not ready.
macht mir auch sehr traurig. you have no idea.