Saturday, February 22, 2003

og bbq at east coast was. er. hmm. no comments. felt so. constipated.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

monday went early for 3rd lang...but the moelc's network was i attempted to recompose a letter for the sec 3 enrichment camp.....but as i was finishing it i realised the net was up again. sigh. i ended up having a chat with herr w.....he's really quite a typical...hmm...caucasian. diving, holidaying everywhere....he wants to go to western australia (to some place i've never heard of) to dive (yes it's always diving) and to see whale sharks. cool. had dinner at lot eins with xiz, as usual.
had lunch with my class, though only 7 of us were there....but it was pleasant, as usual.
skipped training entirely...and didn't even msg to explain why i wasn't there. but then again they probably didn't notice.

tues finished relatively early, 5...due to the mock physical fitness test. i actually enjoyed 2.4..looking back now. running in the rain was cool....not only did it take my mind off things and being cooling....i thought it was very..peaceful.. mainly because all the others had retreated to shelter from the rain. yeah....feeling the rhythm of the rain...the rhythm of my feet...hmm. haven't been so close to nature since a long time=~
then walked to the mrt with xx (it's not xx, it's xu xu) and hk...took mrt home with hk....had a(n intellectually-stimulating) conversation (yeah right=) with him. oh and the test didn't turn out too bad....finished within half the time frame...then spent the remaining half trying to figure out one question......while hk and weili breathed heavily next/behind me, sounding stressed........that never happens in rgs. you don't hear your neighbour's panting or sighs or nostril-flaring (not that you can hear them...) during a test.

wed ... training. hmm. wanted to go out with whatever is remaining of my og. they (about 4 pple) were going out to get a present for this guy whose birthday's today. i had to leave early again....and go to bishan alone=S...ah well. the only bad thing about that there was nothing/no one to keep my head i sorta ... fell into depression again. mostly about......hmm. not very happy there.
i have so much outstanding (quite misleading isn't it) homework.(well done) and i actually stayed online for..............should've spent the time doing other things. ah well. and now i'm always so tired during the day.

thurs. today. ended early, 2.30, but still ended up getting home at 6..
i hope astro's on tomorrow...and on in school, and not at east coast park.
hmm. bbq at east coast park on saturday..sigh finishing at 1pm....what am i gonna do till then. (work duh)

Thursday, February 13, 2003

monday was quite sad. we went up to german class 15 mins late yet we were still the first. and herr w had to say "shut up. it's very irritating" to some of us. damn sad isn't it.

tuesday stayed back for band concert (from 4.30 to 7.30) bingrui was really nice. he and sylvanus sat with me in the canteen. but i didn't get much work done. my mind wandered off everywhere. and the canteen's so nice and breezy....too bad the sun sets on the other side of specs gal. sehr romantisch. ok other than the softballers whacking away at the tyre (i was imagining my ogmate suddenly going..mad and running after us with the bat and whacking us like the tyre. not too pleasant a thought. but i'm sure he's. fully capable.=S). and kumar came over to talk to me before his training (har i'm touched). hmm there are some really nice pple in our batch. and during dinner shifeng sat with me, since she didn't have a section (only double bass she was)
hmm. concert, crystal and juinyan came, looling came (!!) and i could tell cai missed her alot. i found it very sweet...somehow parting can really make the heart grow fonder, whereas proximity might not. i've always thought distance matters alot...that's why i always looked up to xxx because it seemed he didn't believe in it. nvm shouldnt' talk about such an ahem..issue..

concert was nice. sad to say i fell asleep during the finale. but encore was really nice. very waking-up-ish. (abba. mag was trying to recall the steps to rgs workout (e.g. change to high-impact)). i was very. touched again yes. the tickets were supposedly sold out, but cai showed up in the canteen during our break and handed me a rumpled ticket. *sniff*. and i just wrote to my senior class mortal today and told him (truthfully) i fell asleep during the finale.

wed went out early morning despite it being a public holiday. deutscher verein meeting. hmm. i realise it's gonna take alot of iniative from us to get things started. finally, i'm getting into a stage where i wont' just be a participant, with everything ready for me. as i grow up and experience more things i realise, all these things i take for granted, lessons, lecture notes, camps and activities, they don't just drop out of the sky. takes alot of coordination and $$

afternoon went out to meet bena and lijia at orchard and we walked n walked n walked.....and they shopped n shopped n shopped. while i was totally kaputt. but we didn't accomplish much during the time i was around.
hmm but i took 174 to orchard with xiz n two other german/ex-german classmates. i thought the talk we (xiz n me) had was quite. nice. hmm and i think it's good that finally we're starting to communicate more freely. i mean. 3 years and no interaction at all. blame it on the anti pple. (-_-)

thurs finished early. Sigh no training=( I was looking forward to it too. I asked Donald in the lecture theatre whether there was training, he was like “(duh) no. you brought your stuff? Wah good attitude man!” (tank you tank you) man. It’s the only time I can make it yet they didn’t have.-_-
so after school I went out with bena (again) and we scouted for pink shirts for our class. We. Signed up for that for tomorrow. -_- (what the..)
and honlyn got pink friendship bands for the guys in our class, and they’re supposedly getting something for us but i. Wouldn’t’ count on it=)

fri at sentosa. sigh i can feel the heat emitting from me now. even though i DID wear sunscreen. anyway. 1st thing in the morning, bena swam and i ran (felt never-ending. the direction-givers kept saying "not much..not much" when i asked them how much longer). she came in one of the first few...but unfortunately while i was runnign alot of pple overtook me. oh well. then we had the volleyball competition, it was elimination so we were out after losing the first round. hmm but i did play more with grace n hannah n xu xu....and i even joined grace's class when they were playing. (feel kinda bad..i'm getting to know way too many pple from her class........which is not good i think..hmm. nvm). hmm. we had the sandcastle building competition. ours was pretty impressive. but we only got 4th. (and the guys tried to get baoluo to strip. nvm) xiaohui ee sang evelyn and i went to the float(ing thing/pontoon) after the whole thing ended. we tried playing bridge on top of it..but unfortunately xiaohui's cards weren't very lasting (now we know why they're free. they're pathetic) BUT we ended up hiding under the slide on the pontoon (coz it started drizzling) and we played REAL indian poker (we could paste the cards on our foreheads)
we messed around but in the end got tired and just laid there under the sun (which explains the burn). after which we changed and 10 of us left sentosa at about 4pm, got to tiong bahru, bought (9) tickets for 6.30pm catch me if you can and had dinner. (hon lost her $50 note=S) the most memorable thing(s) were that qian li had hot noodles and ate till his face was red and he was sweating (too bad. he said "aunty yao4 la4 de. la4 de") and we asked the dessert lady to make us an extra extra large ice kachang, which the 9 of us shared (and took a photo of too). hk came up with the idea and we were persuading her to make it. bet she was amused. should've seen her face. i think we're mad.
then we played some arcade games before the show, we also met bena’s og coming out before we went in. the show was nice, intelligent, but not too brain-racking. What makes it even more unbelievable is that it’s based on a true story. But for a case like this, millions of other cases are tragic. Not that there weren’t tragic parts, but they weren’t elaborate. Guess they wanted to keep it a light, hope-ful show.
Hmm. I’m glad I was there with them, because I’m convinced I spent the time well in getting to know certain classmates better. Though my parents were a little disapproving (but they’re always disapproving anyway).
I should forget things and start loving my class.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

sigh. my inequalities are in a mess, i don't get to see alot of pple, i literally have to leave halfway through table tennis, the trip home from bishan was ultra-long today, i'm starting to fret about results, amongst other things, and i've just found another mystery to solve.(2 actually. probably won't ever find the answer out) and i'm giving slightly too many damns while other pple aren't (like me replying immediately while pple go on "away" after 5 mins of silence and always ending up talking to myself). oh well too bad.
but, i do enjoy the trip to school every morning, meeting/running into (sometimes literally) pple i know, amazing how chance, and destiny perhaps, work. i like walking to school from the mrt station even when .. ahem. certain others don't feel as excited and talkative as me. and having pple shout "wo ist das Ding?!?!?" at me (during the last part of cny concert 2 of the guys from lion dance were in front of our row and discussing about translating the "dong1 xi1 zai4 na3 li3" ad to german french etc and i now i've got this guy hollering "wo ist das ding??!?!!? issh...isssh....www......" whenever he sees me)
german's getting better, i think as long as he sticks to the textbook we'll all be fine. but he says to write an essay every week. or at least fortnightly. that's not so fine is it.
i agree with the gp show today. i think "withdrawal" from a relationship, anything, is the terminal stage. jein? nvm i'm not in a very coherent state of mind today. shit i hate not having things to say to pple and trying to make conversation out of nothing. oh and i never realise how valuable something is until there's competition for it and the scarcity is revealed. don't ask me what i mean or hound me for scandals because i dont' know what i'm talking about. speaking of which, pple from all faculties should update me. but then again,it's quite sad, i'm beginning to believe, it's just scandals which bind us together. no right? but somehow it's too convincing to resist. i'm..drifting...drifting.......being anti.....and i don't know what i'm talking about.......oh and i think i'm really gonna blow up very soon, if. arrrrrgh. aaaaaaaaaargh! i realise i'm still quite, the way i felt in sec 1. sigh and i can't really...speak my mind these days. so constipated. (just look at the fullstops) so sad. i'm so. explosive. even though i look and feel quite calm. and this isn't really helping.