Sunday, December 22, 2002

argh. i can't believe this.
jennie mag val jo and i went to pulau ubin early this morning. woohoo. so fun. we rented bikes and rode around half of the place, when we met these two middle-aged guys. one of them looked pretty pro, helmets n all (not to mention a $4000+ bike), the other was, very, dark. we had asked them for directions, after which we ended up following them around. well they were kind enough to lead us around. then came lunch=S. the pro-looking guy treated us to lunch. $75-_-. we would've paid for the lunch, as a treat to express our gratitude, but then we didn't have that much money. we rode around again after lunch, for a little while, over bumpy little gravel roads, during which mr. peh (that's the pro guy, the other, mr. lee) was shouting from behind "keep going, go go go!!".....made me feel like a spoilt little brat. ooo mosquitoes, eeee mud, oww aching legs... (heheh i'm not talking about you val=) oh yeah. she fell down while rounding a downhill band-_- scraped her elbow hand and knee. when we rounded the bend jo got off her bike in front of me, and i saw valerie sitting in the middle of the road with her bike sprawled next to her, and pointing at her bloody hand with a look that said "oh look. it's bleeding. i'm stoned"...) just that (oh look i forgot to finish my sentence. and i forgot what i was gonna say.) it made me feel very...sheltered and unrugged. so pathetic.
and, on our way back, he just had to pay for our ferry ride too.-_-
argh. i can't believe this.
it was fun. we actually found a beach/seawall on which we can fish. =)) there's still a beach, and some bumpy treks around obs land we haven't explored. next time perhaps=) mr. peh left his number too. (...) but now i have an aching butt and even more distinct arm, watch leg and sock lines. let's see if the skin starts peeling.

after we got back to mainland, (sounds weird) val accompanied me to suntec, where i got a new bag for new school term. .... nevermind.

sigh. there was something wrong with my connection yesterday =(..........and now it's ok again. weird. only saturday. hmm.

Monday, December 09, 2002

hmm. woke up early, got out of the house at 6...haven't seen such clear skies and bright stars since.....well. a long time ago. anyway yeah venus was like glaring down at me and i even saw the big dipper. the last time i saw it was....well coming back from one of serene's debate competitions. well maybe i'd see alot more stars if i stop waking up long after the sun rises.
so. we set off. my team went up and down fort canning hill 3x. -_-. towards the end they started..sprinting everywhere.....ah well still better than the rgs teams which sprinted everywhere, including to no.1. was tiring...but definitely educational. learnt alot of new things about the buildings the cathay building (used to be) being the tallest skyscraper (around ww2), the chijmes gate of hope (or sth like that) where babies were abandoned...hmmm.
silly enough i went for an 1.5h walk at night. ah well just that...the place is so dreamy. har its got lots of smooching couples. sigh still smooching after one whole round (that's like 6+ mins). today i saw a guy reading paper in one of the pavillions, and he seemed to have "san1 tou2 liu4 bi4"....then i realised there was a girl lying in his lap-_- seems to be the trendy thing to do now.
damn it. damn. -_- !%#!#$@#$!@#.
shall go to dad's office tomorrow. provided i can wake up at 0700.

Friday, December 06, 2002

hmmm. met an interesting person yesterday (051202), through xiz's southquest. she's an old (very) girl, graduated in 1995, studied psychology at murdoch (!! lots of hares to be run over during hare season=S) hmmm...lots of running over a hare....having my first drive...mosquitoes everywhere...nice cafes that were out of reach though....learning to ride a bike down the huge sloping brick pavement=S wattles. hmmm. well like i said, to everyone and everything you say hi you must say bye. well such is life.
we walked walked walked. walked some more. hmmm. next day we went for the youth challenge briefed again. went with val n serene to bishan to sell pens, during which we were subjected to. well. all sorts of humiliation, running after one cent coins (of course i didn't know it was only 1c until i approached it) in front of the person who just donated it, talking into pple's backsides... and the worst thing was that, the thought of "i-have-no-$-for-lunch-except-what-i-just-'earned'"....which was pretty miserable (20+). i couldn't just, open my wallet and see money inside. isn't that scary? i mean yeah sure i could earn quite alot in one morning but it's just the insecurity of it, the instability. i tried explaining to val she didn't get it-_- ah well expected.=P so mean.

i gave my parents this huge lecture about having growing-up kids. they actually "listened" (i.e. sat there didn't say much/didn't have anythign to say. since my argument was so perfect. ahem sereine.). anyway i said that when i have a kid i wouldn't be like them. i hope i can keep that up.
and then i went down for my walk in the cck park (mainly coz the other small one was flooded). it was nice n peaceful.....hmmm...had alot of time to think about stuff. there were trees/seeds imported phillipines.....har. don't think it matters that much, which is sad. ah heck in such a ... moody mood. nice dimly-lit paths with neatly trimmed bushes don't really help either.