Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring. is (almost) here=)

for sure. i can smell it, it's just two days away. all that separates me from it is (are-_-), well, two days, an essay, math homework, laundry, and response paper one page long. that's all man. here i come.
let me talk of our absolut springbreak plan:
we're gonna drive around the midwest (ah, so sian, you think. but we'll prove you wrong!) starting off from home here in champaign illinois, go southwest a little to st.louis missouri. eat our way down basically. and we'll continue on to arkansas where we'll be staying in a haunted hotel (mommy!!!). after that we'll be driving as much as we can west, perhaps the whole of sunday for 10+ hours, hit tennessee, and hopefully by monday we'll start on some activities such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking (i hear it's not season yet though;( ), kayaking, gokarting.. we're staying in a cabin in kentucky as well. and after that it's head on home). i have a feeling i'll be pretty exhausted by then. but i look forward to long distance driving=) so that by next next week, the midwestern games week, i'll be fine as an interstate driver! yahoo.
speaking of mwg. don't feel too good about it.. the week after that i've got 3 midterms. and it's gonna take up the whole weekend. sigh. even in a normal week i have difficulty churning out all the hw due for the week. i guess i'm just a bit worn out by 9 weeks straight of school and work.
but i look forward to mwg, seeing friends and all. yeah;)
but i've had my fun during these few weeks too.
well anyway the past week...nothing much happened. oh junwan got her license yesterday morning. i went down with aldrich and her early in the morning, and i'm really proud of her to have passed. she definitely was much better than previously, alot calmer.=) good. but she still doesn't like to drive that much...
oh yeah sq allowed me to try his eclipse last weekend.=))). eh. first gear only. gimme some time man.
oh yeah and he and i have mailed in an application for motorbike lessons. -raise eyebrows-. -jumps up and down-. harhar. later on, end of april. see how it goes. hope i don't fall over.
oh yeah last friday we sorta had a movie marathon again. but a whole bunch of us watched ultraviolet, but after that most of them left and only joshua mark one of the exchange students and i were left to watch. -horrors-. the hills have eyes. omg. just thinking of the name still sends shivers down my back. it was...traumatic. yes junrong you should watch it because you won't Ever get to see this kinda things in singapore. traumatised. i could just imagine hon watching it and responding 10 times worse than me (i was crying and bewildered and traumatised and broken down. no joke.) no Don't watch it hon=S scarred for life. ok i realise i'm just tempting pple to watch it by not revealing enough. if you're emotionally and mentally weak right (i think i'm Ok lar, not that weak) i advise against it.
but i found it interesting that the plot and scenes were powerful enough to provoke such responses you see. hmm interesting.
ultraviolet was eh. the fight scenes were nice, exaggerated, but some were pretty original. but the plot was cmi. harhar. ah well, milla jovovich lar. that's the only reason.
saturday i was pretty fed up already, yes that was when i started feeling it. junwan joshua and mark were at indianapolis with janice, but i couldn't join them coz i had sth in the morning. anyway, so fiona and i were left. poor fiona doing her mp at everitt. harhar EEs, my heart goes out to you. ;) so she told me of her Grand Plan for Saturday Evening. girls' night out. we went to the mall, had dinner, shopped around, then to walmart (i promised her a walmart trip over the weekend;). on our way there it was raining so heavily even at the highest speed the windscreen wiper made no difference. so i stopped for a while. i had driven onto a small country road before that, it was long and going into the darkness. quite a pretty sight actually. and then you can see the flashes of lightning, almost perpendicular to the ground. harhar interesting, it was like nothingness, and out of the nothingness came streaks of lightning. but we were quite scared i must confess. so i stopped a while. after walmart we went to jarling's which is open! yay. fiona was just crooning over the strawberry shortcake snowstorm/blizzard (sth along those lines) harhar good that you liked it=). didn't really like the custard though, sorta blands (pales) in comparison.. anyway, it was a nice evening out=).

grrr. the duke boys are on holiday and are damn free (i keep forgetting that i'm not supposed to be free-_-). NvM. Soon it'll be My turn. at lots of things i hope.;).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

well i survived hell week (last last week).=). not very well but hey i'm here. kicking.
eventful again!
spent the whole week really just mugging. thurs tracy went out for bar crawl. what without me? harhar ok lar i'm not into bars. nor crawls. but it was tempting, just to get out.

fri afternoon i finally finished school, had to do some virtual reality demo at beckman institute. was pretty jaded and fed up after that. but luckily! joshua called me. he said he was at prospect. i happily rushed back and drove up=) -glee-. was just itching for a reason to drive around. need it to destress. then we had a leisurely dinner at allen with junwan fiona tracy as well.
then then!! then we went canoepoloing. bwaharharharhar. i practically ran through all the corridors to the pool. then i jumped eagerly up n down waiting to get into the water. =). i had fun, it was too short. but i'm kinda clumsy harhar. of course, canoepolo's about agility no? after that the girls, tracy eunice and i, chionged to the shower to make it to ....
mike's bday bash at joe's (before midnight, no cover). wah event of the week (every week got event=). but i was driving and i had promised fiona i wouldn't drink. so i didn't.
well it was um... ok lar. at least not so smoky upstairs..or loud music blasting my eardrums. pple getting drunk again. seniors. dennis almost got into a fight. HAR. imagine that! he was very...fierce. was very traumatised by him. but it was so hilarious, damn amused. he's so different when he's um.sober. that was avery interesting sight.
ended up staying there really late...and ferried pple home. made sure they were alright. good!=)
harhar seems like alot of pple sorta feel quite bad for me but i'm perfectly fine with it.

sat met up with dennis torance and sq for our springbreak planning. it was hilarious. i was there about 30mins late =( . (had capt's ball training before that. Watch Out Michigan.) i ran up to sq's apartment, knocked on and then opened the door. no one. fishy. there was curry cooking on the stove, slippers lying about. hmmmmmmm. fishy indeed. so i called them, and finally torance picked up. "where are you guys?" "we're in the room what". at which i walked towards sq's walkin closet, and opened the door, getting ready to scold. but then they jumped out at me and i still jumped. despite the xin li zhun bei. hilarious lar. my seniors are so young at heart. i'm gonna have plenty of fun during springbreak.
after that we chionged (back) to PAR for games night.

and then it was the start of another week.
tues - accompanied junwan to her interview after lunch. since i have one class on tuesday. i drove her there, was happy to accompany her. hope it went well. she'll hear in a while.
then we went for irish dinner in the evening, coz it's mardi gras. dennis sq two girls joshua and i. ehhh. it was expensive. and didn't quite live up to expectations unfortunately.
then at 1130 we all gathered at yeelin's apartment, and we gave bernard a surprise bday party! it was a good party, it was pretty smart. they baked a -lousy- (ok it was quite good actually) little cake for him. then 5 pple turned up and zhixiu said, eh sorry ar, so last minute, weekday, can't get many pple to show up. apparently bernard was a Bit crestfallen. resigned to his fate. then we all popped out with a nice dairy queen "happy birthday cdf!" cake. yumyum.
thurs - i went to the gym!!! congratulations. in how many months. paiseh. with fiona some more. everyone just laughs when they hear this. met sq and janice there. janice asked if we wanted to go for dinner the next day, probably prospect. =) of course! bwaharharhar.
after dinner with junwan and fiona and sq i went back did a bit of work before picking sq up to go to dennis' for our spring break meeting again. good stuff, got most of it settled! yay. getting somewhere. byebye west virginia though.
after that we went to busey evans for some late night. scones what not. haagen dazs of course=). listened to them gossip!!! bwaharharhar. now i know Some stuff. hmm.
although i had work, i was just itching to drive and go walmart laaaar. harhar my weakspot. so i drove the 3 of them to walmart, they were gonna shop for the apartment crawl stuff tmr. snacks and alcohol. i was talking to dennis as he bought his funny. a few months ago at the beginning of sem i remember coming to walmart. in the same car, driven by torance (his car) though. now.. things have taken a turn. i'm driving my seniors to walmart. he said, harhar yes how things change. so funny=)

fri - yay! tgif again! it's unofficial st pat's day. the whole campus was drunk by night time. everyone was green. very interesting. by noon there were bunches of pple on (coincidentally) green street hollering and singing and being drunk
slept my afternoon away first. ahhhhhhhhh. bliss. then got a call from janice and we met at 7 at her place. lots of pple were there, joshua drove tracy and junwan and dom from their florida meeting at helmi's. i had picked fiona up, then picked janice up. and raymond was driving too. and jon was too! harhar "singapore entourage all for me" - janice. we were at red lobster but the wait was too long. so ended up going to ruby tuesdays. which had an equally long wait-_- but has superb dessert. choc tallcake. yumyumyum. new orleans seafood wasn't alot..i shared with tracy, but it was good stuff. ah dessert. still a sucker for dessert.
as a consequence of a long wait we were rather late for the apartment crawl. missed fangping and rachel's. picked joshua and mark up, joshua wasn't gonna drive after all. and then dom and lalit too. they were mostly gone at zhixiu's apartment...i was...well...well i had two -shots- of beer. how strange harhar. with aldrich and jon! harhar aldrich was like..drink drink drink!!! he had alot to drinnk during the day. but his face wasn't red! surprisingly ("good genes") and he seemed pretty fine. so they were doing silly stuff, like taupoking. damn funny. and just jumping around and singing and... drinking a shot of beer every 3 mins (when the music changes) and a shot of vodka after every 3 shots of beer. oh man.

after that i drove to torance's, some pple. when i came back for a second round i pulled up along daniels' hall. jon and lalit spotted junwan and me, they eagerly piled into the car, and jon was like.. you... are the best. damn funny. i'm so amused. but i'm pretty um...surprised at how crazy the singaporeans can get.
so it was more drinking at torance's. -raise eyebrow-. the flip cup game. at about 2 i got joshua and mark and yinyi back, and the girls too.

and then dom called. bernard and eunice's car was towed away. ... -Raise eyebrow-. so i went to rescue them. and we ended up sitting for an hour north of the highway. it was dark and scary=(.

sat. went for capt's ball training. let's just was an interesting day. alternatives. but pretty demoralizing.
ah well. good in a way.

so do you or not.

i didn't know it was so bad. get well soon.