Friday, March 11, 2005

i realise, a lot of adult males need to be idolised and worshipped. but sometimes, you've GOTTA think, "what do i have that's worth idolising?"
no wonder a quarter of rgs girls don't get married. i really don't think it's their/our fault.
and i have a fun time imagining what their wives are like.
(sorry dudes)

hai. i'm not so strong after all; i've logged on to e-messenger at least twice=(. harhar heck. and i have seti@home to accompany me throughout the day. all the spikes and noises. at least it's colourful.

heyhey jennie quah's out tonight! and hon's at mt ophir right now. or on her way, with the odac pple=) wow. hmmm, christelle leaving on sunday night, jennie for hongkong on sunday morning (wah! have fun).
i had a long day at work, as usual. ok lar it was effectively 2 hours shorter than a normal day coz i came in 1.5 hours late and fridays end at 5.30=). and then i went for a ntu astrophotog talk with hannah and yenyeong. i just got back. tomorrow's exciting. did i tell you i'm starting on my first drum lesson? =) yuhsin is (really) joining me. AFTER WHICH, i'm having an inter-RI (research institute, yes i thought it was -that- too). oh not yet. competition is next next week. but instead, badminton training for upcoming inter-RI competitions. next week's table tennis competition. (harharharharhar.har.) about time. i've gained almost 2kg. ($%^%&#$^%$#&^*&%)
and hopefully i'll be meeting jen sometime between drum and badminton. =)
i had a relatively bad day but i've kept my spirits up!surprisingly. it now takes me....hmmm. 10 mins to get over unpleasant events. not bad eh, big improvement.

yeah i've got nothing more to say. work ar? a big mess. alot of things going on in my head, i can't keep track of all of them (all of what i'm supposed to do), so many questions, so few answers, so many junctions all of which i try to walk through to the end, AT THE SAME TIME. i can't express it in words...too many things happening at a go. oh well. patience.
hmm personal life? nothing interesting lar, as usual. not as interesting as somebody. pple still pissed at me are still pissed at me. when i'm back from work i sit and rot in front of the comp/tv. explains the weight gain. and the oily food at nus business.
ok i apologise, i REALLY have nothing to say.

bis sp├Ąter! ciao! (certo, vedo, mi dispiace. vielen dank yuhsin)

Thursday, March 03, 2005's 9.50am 4th march.=S. get to slack at 10 until 11.30, which is when i'll leave nus and join the 412 girls at bishan. *cross fingers* wanna go for astro tonight.

well i'm horribly stuck at work (122 fatal errors). now i know why the tall bald heavily bearded arab doctor (harhar thank goodness he's on the other side of the room) keeps sighing heavily. i just did that.

wanna hear about new zealand=)? jein jein? harhar too bad i gotta go. and i haven't finished my journal on the trip either.

hello hon! hello jin! hello h!=) my only 3 viewers. not even sure about the last, right?

astro astro here i come!!!=S.