Sunday, May 29, 2005


ok am back from nice nice desaru. had fun. (half of) the sky was pretty. (the other side was drowned by this irritating glaring lamp from the poolside). very thankful how kind dr chan and mr au were.
we did lots of activities. the quiz was fun. i made 10 odd mosquitoes full and happy.
not really in a mood to write. but yeah it was really nice.
applying lessons i learnt, Now.

vexed and snappy. post-holiday stress, possible.
als ob ich niemand? mit dem ich spreche kann, habe.
als ob ich nicht bedeute.

i'm suddenly quite stressed, short of time.

quick, i need a role model.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

dear all,
i'll be away from this fri morning to sun afternoon. don't miss me!

yuhsin left for taiwan today. (yes yes i will remember the photos. sheesh)

i overslept hannah shifeng yuhsin and my (collectively, "our") macritchie hike on monday. =S. but i cut in from rifle range and joined them after their lunch, after which we trekked all the way to bt panjang (hotness!) and went to yuhsin's house. then we watched 4 episodes of CSI-_-. yuying was home too. then i asked the zoo pple to come for dinner (jiao zi) at (my) home. so bena and xu xu and hannah and yuhsin came over and we all had dinner together. awwwww.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

oh my goodness. xiz says sagar is coming on 15th june. so so exciting!=). heheheh. can gossip with him again. awww.

yesterday i had NUS tea session. grace wendy and shifeng were all there. but otherwise i didn't recognise too many pple. (must always keep in mind what shifeng warns...NO negatives.) it was a lecture. we came out and ate lar. we told grace we were there to eat the food (and get away from the other side of NUS=P). we saw alot of rj seniors outside (eating the food), they're in med now. speaking of which, i am told med results are out tmr. GOOD LUCK to all of you. i eagerly await your good news.
after that grace shifeng and i walked alllllll the way up to yusof ishak house to go to munchie monkey for that delicious brownie, BUT it was closed for a function-_- for 3 hours at lunch time-_- which is inclusive of the time we reached. but nonetheless grace treated us to a tiramisu + a brownie. they were good, but urgh there goes my calorie allowance for half a day. (i am simply Watching my diet).

today=(. firstly, some of the girls are watching star wars without me. =(. but it's in the afternoon lar so not their fault=P Then. cai is gonna cancel our dinner date, despite her nick being "sixuan is free, date me".=(. and emily too. i was all dressed up lar, and nowhere to go. damn Sad. nvm i'll see them on sat.
tomorrow's harmoc concert, yay! with so many pple too. hannah, shifeng.. and i haven't seen chenglim in a while too. and hannah says its astro j2 farewell, so maybe we can pop by and steal food. considering we didn't have a farewell, they should change it to astro j2+3 farewell, and hence i believe we are fully justified to do so (steal food).
saturday's 412 at sentosa day. after that we're going to kai's. that'll be fun=) but i'm not sure yet whether i can stayover..hopefully. actually changing it to saturday was good for me, coz shifeng's concert it at 7pm. and since she lives at eunos it's alot easier for me.
i hope central catchment on monday is still on. yes hannah?
and next friday to sunday, desaru! yay=) so i'm still wondering whether zhen chang sent in his cheque. grace: "you're hoping he hasn't right=P". but she also said, "it's just coz when he's with teck tee". well i Certainly hope so.

and june is even Worse. hai. so much time gone by. i'm gonna miss this time.

ok yeah i'm at work. i came in at 11 today-_- but i asked my supervisor whether it's ok to come in late, he says it's ok=). or maybe i just wanted a peace of mind.. ok stop giving me that look, i've got good news =P. i have a "project"! ah finally. but i don't know where to start. at least i feel like there's a purpose now.=). bad news. i might have to stay long long.

yes weekend. komm schneller bitte!

when in doubt, keep your mouth shut.
don't be true.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

be back in 4.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

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stole from cornylamer. shhh

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

wed 110505
well i've had two nice days of rest at home=) so just now my mom and i met up with xu xu for dinner. well she's leaving, soon. i'm quite positive it's the last time we'll be with her in singapore, at least. (ok well, there's sending her off.)
tues 100505
hehe. $$! good luck to my student for her amaths mid year tmr.=S
then there was inter-research institute badminton. finals. as predicted, we, the girls' team won. but i didn't do anything lar=P
DSI guys. whoa. two lessons i learnt. don't mess with malaysians. don't mess with japanese. they are so...hardworking and deteremined. very impressive.
and it's strange, you know how you get a feeling when you first meet someone and decide whether you like him/her or not. for me it's too strong to deny.
mon 090505
i think i didn't do much at work... (minesweeper and msn. -looks to air-)
oh i visited the lab downstairs, and another upstairs. woohoo? just let me go home..OH YEAH. AND TOTALLY DISGUSTED.
oh yeah, plenty of pple had med interview. too bad i couldn't meet up with em and hon! was looking forward to it the whole day (the only thing to keep me going=P) but no worries, another time
sun 080505
went for the adler trio harmoc concert with grace. and alot of her harmoc juniors n seniors...=S. but she was so nice, always sat with me. (oh yeah and she got plenty of good news, am very happy that things are working out for her). sigh to ttt and zhenchang. who still hasn't sent out the desaru cheque. but i'm quite impressed with him (zhen chang). ttt reminded him that he owed me $, and that was what he did first thing, return me the $, when he met us outside vch. hmmm and something he said unnerved me (why he's going)... maybe he Is right. then i'd be sad..=(. speaking of which, wth is wrong with you. i'm gonna put that barrier up (as i normally do) between us from now on. back to square Zero. and so i'm not gonna be further bothered by the trip.

last week
sunday may 1st
eh what happened in the week before. -time has ceased to have meaning- whoa. scary=S.
well the thing i remember most clearly was class gathering on 1st may of course. 3f came over to my house. 20/26 were here=) (i just know 6 pple weren't present, but i'm still quite undecided as to whether we had 26 pple in the first place..enlighten me. how come i think it's 25..) it was nice to see everyone, and it was really great (i must emphasise again) how so many of us turned up and could celebrate eric hon xu xu shulin (she came too! and qq.) and...ah yingheng (may)'s birthdays, as well as, well, see qq and xu xu before they fly off back to china.
but um. funny season of. nottalkingness. -raise eyebrow-
some of them stayed over (xuxu hon bena yingheng hk), and we had breakfast in the morning. eh i spent very long studying m16 and "file formation". -beam-. i'm as good as a one week old recruit. -BEAM-. (and for the record, one more term: ND)(it's so interesting=(. too bad i'm not a guy. ok but all of them say i have um. an alternative view of the military which may not be fantastically veritable (correct word or not=S). i sorta believe them. but i still think an experience is an experience, not like my experience of bumming away and filling my adipose cells with triglyceride molecules..). ANYWAY. oh yeah qianli came over from camp, after his extra,(so that makes it 21/26 "present"!) in the morning for breakfast with us. (-looks into air. again.- i have my reservations. =) and we met up with jen at yishun safra. and didn't do much basically. harhar.
sat 300404
oh yeah, on the sat before class outing, i went cycling at ubin with shifeng. it was quite nice, but i really have to say, i'm not that appreciative of ubin's nature=(. mud and more mud...=S. i think it might have sth to do with that beautiful river in nz (see below. my first pic posting..yay-_-). but i'm behind all efforts of conservation. funny, how i had to jump down at Nearly the base of every intimidating slope to start pushing my bike up. on a more optimistic side, see, i know my limits=)
there was a dutch couple, plus the guide, plus us. the guide is from ri n rj (rj class of 92-93 or sth like that. so amusing. i am proud to say i am from a very modern era of 03-04, soon to be replaced by 04-05s. frown. anyway, he works for . err. i forgot what. not NEA and not nparks. environmental sth sth...=S. and he reminded me of lloyd (who now works opp shifeng's lab under a rather cute german from dresden=)glee.). i see shifeng furiously shaking her head away in disapprobation.
after cycling we had lunch together in ubin village. hmm...nice place, faces the sea, near the jetty, plenty of places to eat, wildboar somemore. and the irony was, we didn't go dutch! harhar ok lausig. like shifeng mentioned in her post about this, the dutch lady is a cat lover. my eyes almost popped out and my jaw fell as she took out a ziplock of catfood for this cat we met on the road. and she works closely with AVA. the rest i didn't catch. but she was nice. independent, tough, capable, not afraid to speak out, and definitely as intelligent as the next man. (i really mean man).
ok then i was half dead and i took the mrt home after we bumboated back from ubin to changi village.
fri 290405
harharhar. almost booted out of the conference room on the 22nd floor of defence tech tower b. "ok..any qtns? -looks left, looks right. silence- ok thank you for coming", 5 mins after i entered. ah well.
i went down to 9th to look for shengwei/zhengwei (i forgot already=SS paiseh) again. and i saw khoon kiat coming out from cpc. wth!. ok he wasn't as surprised as i was, fine. anyway cmu for comp engine, good for him! no sign of other guy i was looking for, so i went down to 5th to look for gerald. who made me wait. and wait. and wait. (but it's ok lar=) (there's radio music coming out of the lift well=SS i was quite freaked and hid very far from the lift lobby..). then he ran out with a remote control in his hand, told me, 5 more mins, and ran back in. so i waited some more. harhar it's quite amusing. he makes -shhhh..looks around to make sure no one looking- propagandistic videos! and he's still so tall...duh.-_-
so we had lunch at that place "with ok food but no aircon". very long lunch=S. but i really enjoyed talking to him=) as always. i hope you get your moe teaching and your japan, and i am in reverence of your courage "to do something different". i believe you'll find fulfilment in it.

ok afternoon there was tea session but i went to 4th floor of centros, BTI, to bug shifeng.=) so nice of her to entertain me=). All the Time.

ok everything else before this is unrecallable. my short-termed, detailed memory bank is just like my long-term one: it's of a fixed size, so i have to keep shifting it forward to the latest frames and erase the previous ones which have been moved out.

and, i don't write well=( (but i certainly write long!). darn how to improve.
sigh. it's not smooth sailing at all but i can't complain (i just sigh). i'm very fortunate. (quick say yes, both of you. i wanna be more fortunate if it's not too much to ask=P harhar okok i will not push it)
i have this funny feeling that i'll have to start choosing a set of personalities to face what's up. hmmm.
oberflächlich! nicht!! remind yourself.
if you can do it to all them you can do it to me too. sigh i don't know. i wanna run, i wanna hide. but it doesn't seem possible. but it's alright, you learn something from anything you go through.
anticipation, apprehension..
I Really Don't Get It. how could you POSSIBLY have. that was really poor judgement on your part. disappointing.
does it always have to be like that. you only aspire after those who don't treasure or respect you. and if you wanna be treasured and respected, you always have to compromise with that certain something gnawing you at the back of your mind/heart.
harhar entschuldigung. alot of things cannot be stated explicitly..that's why the blog's only ancillary to a record of my life. and ESPECIALLY what happened to ahem. read feng's blog on "be careful what you blog".
and it's not always about a guy=). (like the "you always make me laugh!=)" in my msn nick. it was about emily!=)


Sunday, May 08, 2005


=) -bows-

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

will update on week. later. =P

courtesy of kristin:

Name: Sunny
Birth date: Nov 4
Birth place: Tianjin
Current Location: Singapore
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Your heritage: Chinese
Shoes you wore today: barefooted.
3 things i did today: go online. eat. eat some more.
Your fears: height.insects.growing up (and pple getting engaged....)
Your perfect pizza: not crazy about them


Your most overused phrase: "oh sh*t."
Your thoughts first waking up: "oh sh*t. it's morning."
Your best physical feature: =) give some suggestions. i sorely lack ideas.
Your best time: 1-3am
Your most missed memory: friends in school.


Pepsi or Coke: neither
McDonald's or Burger King: burger king
Single or group dates: single (but scared.)
Adidas or Nike: shoes nike, apparel adidas
Lipton Tea or Nestea: no nestea here! and i don't like lipton.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

Smoke: no
Take showers: jawohl
Have a crush(es): eh. not for now.=)
think you've been in love: no
Like(d) high school?: yes, quite alot actually.
Want to get married: not at 18/19..
Get motion sickness: yes. reading smses in the car/bus makes me so
Think you're a health freak: health conscious.
Get along with your parents: yes. except when we shout at one another.
Like thunderstorms: yes
Play an instrument: yes


Drank alcohol: no
Gone on a date: no
Gone to the mall: yes
been on stage: no
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no way..
Eaten sushi: no
Gone skating: sheesh you should extend it to the past SIX months. no.
Had a tan: YES! i went cycling at ubin with feng=).
Dyed your hair: nope.


Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
Changed who you were to fit in: perhaps...
Age you hope to be married: 23. =). bet you didn't know that.
Children: eventually
Describe your dream wedding: small. fast. (get it over and done with). not too ex=P but Must be romantic and memorable.
How do you want to die: i don't. (kristin's. harharharhar). mine: peacefully and knowing people around me are sad to see me go and will miss me but that they are glad that i've lived my life so well and so full. and that i deserve the break.
What do you want to be when you grow up: lots of things.


best eye color?: sparkling blue. =P but back to reality: brown-_-.
best hair color?: brown/black
Short or long hair: SHORT PLS
Height: >180
Best first date location: cosy and comfortable. and food. and music.
Articles of clothing: not too little.=S


Number of shoes: about 3 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of sandals. one for each occasion=)
Number of bags: sports bags, backpacks, one petite little handbag that obviously doesn't hold much stuff. so useless.
Number of CD's i own: uh. 10 or so.
Number of piercings: 2
Number of tattoos: 0

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High abilities
Never give up
Sharp thinking
Thinks forward
Always thinking
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Loves to be alone
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Well-built and tough
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Can become good doctors
Less talkative but amiable
Stubborn and hard-hearted
Fine and strong clairvoyance
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Does not appreciates praises
Thinks differently from others
If there is a will, there is a way
Hardly become angry unless provoked
Knows how to get secrets out of others

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