Friday, August 27, 2004

today was great! i mean great after phys pract. but phys pract was alright. my curve readings were very funny, all over the place, but managed to come up with a curve at the very last minute. so good to see all the familiar faces during exam time, like mr chng and mr wong. even though you have to pretend to be nonchalant.

so, after phys pract, a whole bunch of 3f pple went to the hall to play badminton! and grace and her junior too, (weehian?) it was very entertaining=) (i was standing with grace at the side, waiting for a turn...i was just talking to her and then i hugged her,and she hugged me back. felt really really good.) but soon the hall was flooded. and kenneth came strolling in...the way he walks, so funny, sorta like a...troll. gliding along. and biwei (so cute=) gosh he's so cute), their bunch. they took up the last court. (never really noticed there were boundary markings on the hall floor!)
i played with various pple, it really made my day, to play a bit of table tennis with harold (it was quite pok so paiseh), badminton with yee onn (whose smashes are v nice...but...hai. it's different, we're different. it's pretty obvious he's like my favouritest junior, even after getting to know more juniors, but...), against ren yu and his friend (oh that part pretty much made my day. and ren yu remembers me! and my name! but he's intelligent it shouldn't be unexpected. but i'm touched nonetheless! maybe he's not dao, maybe he's shy. now there's a discovery=S), and badminton with cheng lim as well. that was fun too. so basically i finished at 7... .. and val, never got to play badminton with her, but i hope she had fun, and that her wish was fulfilled for a while! (saw aaron! gosh so stylo. so..... so.......)
very pleasant! oh and xu xu wanted to play table tennis, so i let her play with harold. and i said, this is xu xu from wuhan, this is harold au from...singapore. (oh yes played table tennis with matthew sng too, he's so whacky, and his surname IS really "sun" as well) and then i said, "meet xu xu, one of my best friends in school. meet harold, one of my favourite juniors in astro." .. i was a little delirious. must've been pretty embarrassing for the both of them.

and wei li is hilarious.. and sweet.

anyway. neglection, thanks man. but it's just unreasonable and inconsiderate me.

it shouldn't, but it does!!
i've got something to say, but i dont' know how to say it, i don't know where to start. so might as well just halt's Maul!
say only the good stuff.

not worth it, i've got so much to be happy about. look at all these pple in my life. look at the 3f video. in wei li's words, "so mushy inside"!

it never works when you wish for something too much.

blue, blue, blue!

Monday, August 23, 2004

hello! look new layout! and a tagboard too. (in the process of doing all this wrecked the class blog's template.......)
i've forgotten almost everything over the past two months, but ah, i've not forgotten that it's sixuan and serene's birthday today! 23rd August. so, happy 18th birthday=)

and how are you all, jennie xiz crys ad? good luck for prelims. jiayou jen! and the rj pple too. i think we'll need it.

since we were/i was on the topic of birthdays, here're all those who turned 18 (or 17 or 19 or ...30 sth). in june we had, chin, somewhere i can't remember=S never knew actually, then there's yee onn, the unfortunate 28th-er (1st day of common tests!), then there's h on the 20th=). july there's bena of course, 13th, ili 4th july independence day. oh and, my cousin, 1st july, whom i cleanly forgot about=S... ... end of july and beginning of august, the heavyweights: jennie 29th and kailyn 1st aug. and now 23rd august. serene got a big sunflower today, cai, will get something from us soon=) (uhoh.)

june: holidays..went to school to study. pretty good. the only place where you can get plenty of time into work. i like school at night anyway. so tranquil...all the grass and greenery...smells good. and evening jogs with friends, or tennis or badminton or basketball. to top if off, as a further treat, sometimes you get to see pple you wanna see in school=) i'll miss mt sinai. and rj. and the canteen, though it would be more pleasant if the canteen aunties are less....zhong nan qing nĂ¼-_-
but the last week i didn't go, couldn't be bothered to make the trip down.

so end of june, beginning of july, common test week! whew mad rush. came out alright, mostly, much more to be desired for chem and well let's just talk about the brilliant d for bio. har. harharharhar. damn funny. i'm gonna die.

end of july, we went to kai's house one saturday to celebrate her and jennie's birthday. their present shopping, oh man i nearly died. but well seems like they like it=) it was really sweet when everyone sang kailyn her birthday song. ah perfection.
on my way home from tanah merah i met this middle-aged ... middle-east man, from dubai! in disjointed english we attempted to communicate. he's a traffic police officer to visit his dad, who apparently is in NUH. it was very interesting to talk to him. and brought back good memories; he says the dubai international airport is now in a new building (or sth along those lines, couldnt' really understand) and sounded very surprised, and disbelieving when i told him i've been there before.

oh yes july! guessed who dropped by! WHAT a surprise. =). really makes me think that the world is just so small. ales dropped by too, with his girlfriend, but i sms-ed him that's all.

august, national day celebrations, end of s papers (sad! actually...sitting in lecture theatres with friends and groaning. ok that part i did not enjoy) and i actually did the last 2 physics s papers, for the first time=) here goes nothing.
august also marks the start of prelim, practicals. (this friday!) what am i doing..go back to work, stop sitting online. ah i just finished "life of pi" today. quite funny, pi patel (or yann martel, i think pi) has a really good zoology background, very pleasant to read about his descriptions of animals. but really boring when he's on aobut the technical details, or about how lolling the sea is...and nothing exciting really happened with the tiger YET it's such an in-credible story. but some parts the language was really beautiful, "midway to Midway", "by dint of dinting (the turtle's shell)", and his description of killing the first flying fish..of bringing the hatchet up and freezing his hand in the air .. thinking of how a life is inside the blanket, wriggling. that part actually brought tears to my eyes. very powerful.
and when he hit ground, mexico to be specific. oh and i "read" him grow up. at first he's just a .. little indian boy, who makes his father's zoo his life, all these little facts he knows aobut animals, about animal behaviour. when he's in the lifeboat there's so much uncertainty i have about him, he won't know what to do. so much doubt. but after a while his surprisingly resourcefulness and innovativeness becomes less surprising, and i place a trust in him in any new situation to know what to do, to know how to survive. he grew up alot over the course of 227 days, esp. when the japanese "interrogators" visited him, and called him "mr patel" all the time.

really couldn't resist the temptation of finishing the book even though it's not that addictive. but just felt that i need a little humanity and depth right now.

oh yes august there was also astro overnight!! it was really nice, the weather was pretty good. took me so much to beg my parents, and bearign with their constant sighs and cold stares. and it was worth it. i didn't sleep the whole night. and i must thank weicheng! i asked him whether he had a portable cd player in the morning, he said he'd check, and he brought it at night! =) was really touched (8 size sth batteries! they were huge. and there was so much condensation everywhere..) and i'm glad pple, (little) boys enjoyed my music. (oh yes new song recommendation: something about you by five for fighting. it sounds pretty bad at first but the chorus is damn cool. but don't listen too much gets sickening. ask me). and i had a great time talking to yeekiat and gabriel. gabriel's so mild and softspoken, we had lots of fun talking about obs. actually he really is a damn nice guy, i know we'd be really tight friends if only there was more time to get to know each other (and if i had more things to say to him....). oh but yeekiat, he's a great boy too (sorry can't resist saying "boy", that's what they all are!). he was telling me all about .. oh no who's that. herr wittmeyer's hero. that 1870s guy who reunited germany. who!?! the chancellor. argh. Anyway. very impressive. and yee onn was supplying us with topics too, about queen mary who was beheaded by queen elizabeth. hmm. qtn mark. and cheng lim was good company on the way to pasir ris (with so much company it didn't seem so long after all), as were kenneth and biwei. hannah and zhiqiang unfortunately only provided material for the boys' incessant teasing! oh dear. harharhar. the only thing i can say is, i'm glad i wasn't it=).
so, i'm even more fond of the new astro pple now=)

how about class. i played badminton with some classmates yesterday. stupid thing to do at this time. but we had fun. i... hm. am not comfortable. have been studying in school with friends, 412 pple.. spending more time with hon, think that's really nice.
applications=(. help! with the personal statement! there's alot to say but nothing really makes an impact. so it is with USapps too i think. so much to be done. sigh.

met up with sonya and ivy. sonya has left again. we watched fahrenheit 9/11, and had lunch. =)

ok gone. am in bad form.