Sunday, July 28, 2002

they're replaying the germany-brazil match=(.......*sniff*........refusing to watch it while my mom's ooooooohing n aaaaaaaaaaaahing away outside.
soccer matches really evoke intense emotions man.

Saturday, July 27, 2002 bored......i've got nothing to blog about.....i didn't get any presents=( i don't have anything to show off=( i don't feel suicidal=(
ah. but wait. i DO have.......some interesting new-news. err.
m*t*h*w *n* has officially risen in stature to the no. 1 spot (woohooo!) on my list of FAVOURITE PPLE. (yes! he has made it past old man fish!) hmmm....actually....when i voiced out the injustice at the quiz.....i wasn't really...err....well......directing it against him....but when grace told me about how he insulted them, well, us, during the acjc quiz......i was ..........PISSED. again. so. to hell with him. and the other....short guy was so....pissed looking throughout the final round, just like during the rj quiz as well.....what the hell's wrong with all of them?? =P so i'm .... more glad...that benita-looking guy's team extremists there at least. but kinda....awfully....sorry about tchs....heheheh......for taking away their hope of getting 2nd. they were pretty fast n alert all the way=)
awwwwwwww. don't hate me serene=) heheheh.
ah well.....a sad end to our....quiz career but....hai.

oh sad.....
Jancker wechselt nach Udine (excerpt)
„Er wird in Udine sein neues Glück versuchen“, sagte am Mittwoch auch Trainer Ottmar Hitzfeld, in dessen Planungen Jancker nicht mehr die Rolle spielte, wie in den vergangenen Jahren. Und Thorsten Fink fügte hinzu: „Ich hoffe, dass er sich durchsetzt und viele, viele Tore schießt.“

translation=P (i translated myself k....shall not rely on lousy altavista anymore)
Jancker (Carsten) changes to Udine
"He will try to find new luck in Udine", said BM coach Ottmar Hitzfeld on Wednesday, in whose plans Jancker no longer play the part he used to. And Thorsten Fink added: "i hope, that he (errr.....) will prevail, and score many, many goals."

hai. tian xia wu bu san zhi yan xi.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

dear ad: the only thing you can probably prove is that stupidity/gullibility varies directly with height. =)
no wait.....pple who are 188 are not gullible nor stupid.
alright. it's a straight line graph (with a positive gradient) up till 187.5=) (after which it'll be at a low low constant level of....0.5?)

AND. i say. sanity is directly proportional to height.
hmmph ad.

aaargh. i'm so damn sick of everything.
(and i don't intend to translate that.)

Thursday, July 18, 2002

hoy: Te amor
je t'aime
ich liebe dich! (which i believe all of you are very familiar with now)

credits: (-_-)
Illuvioso/Nublado/Ventoso/Tormentoso/De mucha nieve
(some more words there for you)

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

ugly font nay?
aaah, but it's called berlin sans.

walao isn't there a bloody font size in between minute n huge??!?!?!

i hate hair. how the heck do you live with all that hair crys.
and i believe jennie's so wu2 di4 zi4 rong2.......she's changed her blog site. heheheheh. but she's still going on about..........................
and she gets to skip school tomorrow. sheesh.
hoy: no es justo
(yet another faulty translation by altavista i presume. even the german translations're going haywire.)

yeah n i love my Lexikon.
yeah n i hate geog-_-

Monday, July 15, 2002

15.07.2002, 12:51
Kahns Handschuhe in Brasilien aufgetaucht

Oliver Kahn wird die "Unglücksbringer" wahrscheinlich gar nicht vermissen, aber immerhin ist das Geheimnis um seine verschwundenen WM-Handschuhe nun gelüftet.

Ein braslianischer Fan namens Anibal Pereira hatte sich die achtlos weggeworfenen Handschuhe im allgemeinen Durcheinander nach dem Finale in Yokohama geschnappt und präsentierte sie nun in der Heimat den Medien. Auch die spanische Zeitung Marca bildete den stolzen "Räuber" samt der weiß-blauen Handschuhe mit der Originalaufschrift "Oliver Kahn" ab.

Pereira will das wertvolle Souvenir so leicht nicht wieder hergeben. "Ich will sie behalten. Wenn jemand allerdings 200.000 Dollar bietet, kann ich sie auch verkaufen", sagte der 39-Jährige. Keiner habe bemerkt, wie er aufs Spielfeld gerannt sei und die Handschuhe mitgenommen habe. "Einer hing im Netz, der andere lag auf dem Boden." Oliver Kahn wird den Verlust verschmerzen können. Immerhin war ihm mit den Handschuhen vor dem 1:0 durch Ronaldo der erste Fehler des ganzen WM-Turniers unterlaufen.

Autor: grö

translated: (pretty literally. so irritating they translated Kahn into Punt.............and i had to translate everything back-_-)

Kahns of gloves in Brazil emerged Olive Kahn will not miss probably at all the "Ungluecksbringer", but the secret is now ventilated nevertheless around its disappeared WM gloves. A braslianischer fan named Anibal Pereira had snatched itself the eightless thrown away gloves generally disorders at the final in Yokohama and presented her now in the homeland to the media. Also the Spanish newspaper Marca illustrated the proud "robber" including the white-blue gloves with the original label "olive kahn". Pereira does not want to again give the valuable souvenir so easily. "I want to keep it. If someone offers however 200,000 dollar, I can also sell her ", said the 39-Jaehrige. None noticed, how he on the playing field coagulated is and the gloves carried forward. "one hung in the net, the other one lay on the soil." Olive Kahn will be able to hurt the loss. It with the gloves before that 1:0 were nevertheless by Ronaldo the first error of the whole WM tournament occur.

ooooo ad 200000. =)

sigh. the things we have to do to draw a little attention around here. yes. i'm talking about youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-_-.
"i misssss my ********* soooooooooooooooo much !!!!!! boooooohooooooooooo soooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
argh so ........ damn......... it................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
i had to sit through 12x10mins of whiny/monotonous tones whose owners were all too nervous to even say thanks when i wished them good luck........and i had to listen to each n everyone of them going "it's not fair......" in all sorts of whiny tones (if you were wondering....that WAS the first sentence of the passage)
according to ms yeo today's was the toughest of the lot.........har.HAR. hmmm...yeah it was pretty ridiculous......4 girls from.....dunno which planet from dunno which system from dunno which galaxy from dunno what group from dunno which corner of the universe. and oh yes from dunno which era. dressed in gross stuff strutting around on a "star parade" stage.........n i was listening to all of them going "this is.......a picture........of..........4 girls..........................*breathe heavily*..........". "they are probably from the .... 70s or 80s...." *breathe* ".....and the one on the left is dressed in....a low-cut polkadotted blouse. the girl is of...medium-built....." *breathe* "............and the one on her left, ....... has.......a....scarf draped over her....... left.........shoulder......"

and i was so blardy fed up doing the bio tys...........aaaaaaargh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. urgh.

more Fremdsprache anyone?
today: ayúdeme
i hope that was espanol from the right country.

hmmm....look at this interesting article:
Why Should You Study German?
by Brian Zahn


I just got back from a Goethe Institut workshop and there was brochure there titled "Go Global - Select German" Here is some information from the brochure: (some info paraphrased)

Learning German helps students get better SAT and ACT scores At the University of California, more majors require the study of German than other langauges (German 56 majors, French 43 majors, Spanish 21 majors, Japanese 7 majors)

Among many academic programs requiring or recommending German are: anatomy, art history, biochemistry, biology, biomedical physics, botany, chemistry, design, engineering, film studies, genetics, linguistics, logic and mthodology of science, molecular biology, music, near eastern studies, philosophy, physical science, physics, physiology, religious studies, zoology

German is a key language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe

Germany is America's largest European trading partner with more than 750 major American firms doing business in Germany

1100 German companies do business in the US

More than 25% of all foreign tourists visiting the US come from German-speaking countries, spending more than $37 billinon annually around the world

In a 1994 survey conducted by the German-American Chamber of Commerce, 65% of all respondents stated they were looking specifically for German/English bilingual skills

German companies in the US pay German-speaking employees premium salaries

The German speaking countries are among the most popular destintations for American travellers

Many people don't realize that German is the most widely spoken language in Europe

American history has been shaped by Germans (General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Carl Schurz, Heinrich Steinway, Johann August Roebling, Levi Strauss)
Julie Baird


Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1997 The European Ltd.
WILLY BRANDT, the former German chancellor, once said: "If I'm selling to you, I speak your language. If I'm buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen."
Hank Schwab, Indianapolis, IN


NONE of the G7 (8) countries speak Spanish. While they are BOTH important world languages, an enormous amount of material is made available first and sometimes only in German in academic fields such as banking, engineering, the sciences, ANY humanities field, medicine, social sciences, etc. German companies and research institutions are world leaders in many of these areas. (Try to think of the name of a Spanish-speaking multinational with representation in the US - then think of a German one - it's easy...VW, Mercedes, BMW, Bayer, Adidas, BASF, Mentos (!), etc.) In the US when you talk good-paying jobs and $$$ people listen. The world is only going to get smaller and German is NOT just a regional language with cute Volkslieder.
Tim Madler

wow. Mentos!!

Sunday, July 14, 2002

sigh so that the worldcup's over there's nothing to argue about.........any gossip anyone? sigh...............
oh n for pple who bloody can't's K-A-H-N. -_-. or i'll give you a shellacking. No es cosa de reirse. -_-
urgh. quick. got nothing to talk about...............
risis was fun. and to quote cai: "ironic". all those pple work with gold the whole day round....and when they go home at the end of the day........
hmmmm. true huh.
i've gotta do timing on monday.........otherwise i'd go n get a haircut ( i really need one) n go borders.............URGH. =(.
hey ad budd wanna go out on wed? hope you don't have chess.=)

Friday, July 12, 2002


Thursday, July 11, 2002

for xiz:
'Dr. Seuss pronounced "Seuss" such that it rhymed with "rejoice." '
harhar you were right=)

yay. i'm back.......
got nothing much to say though.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

well. something to be cheery about=)

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Kahn lands Golden Ball award

Germany captain Oliver Kahn today became the first goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball as the World Cup's best player.
The 33-year-old was given the award despite being at fault for Brazil's first goal in Sunday's World Cup final, which Germany lost 2-0.
His contribution in helping Germany into the final has been widely applauded, with most making him their top goalkeeper of the tournament.
But the Golden Ball success comes as a surprise, given that Brazil's Ronaldo scored eight goals including both in the final, while Rivaldo also shone with five goals for the new world champions.
The award is voted for by members of the media at the World Cup, with Kahn pulling in 25 per cent of votes, Ronaldo second and claiming the Silver Ball with 21 per cent, while South Korea's Hong Myung-bo surprisingly came third with 18 per cent to take the Bronze Ball.
Full list of results:
1: Oliver Kahn (Germany) 147 votes - 25 per cent
2: Ronaldo (Brazil) 126 votes - 21 per cent
3: Hong Myung Bo (Korea) 108 votes - 18 per cent
4: Rivaldo (Brazil) 93 votes - 16 per cent
5: Ronaldinho (Brazil) 54 votes - 9 per cent
6: Hasan Sas (Turkey) 26 votes - 4 per cent
7: El Hadji Diouf (Senegal) 15 votes - 3 per cent
8: Roberto Carlos (Brazil) 12 votes - 2 per cent
9: Michael Ballack (Germany) 6 votes - 1 per cent
10: Fernando Hierro (Spain) 5 votes - 1 per cent