Sunday, June 13, 2004

it's been almost a month.=) (oops?) so here are the highlights of end of may and beginning of june:

2nd last week of may
have been much more attached to astro..then i've ever before actually. i don't know why, just feeling more involved (is this overlapping?) and have been doing much more for the astro week activities. well it's good i'm getting hyped up about astro all over again. i guess it depends on..who. the j1s are really funny (and even more so after finding out more about them over the month)they're such dears=)

one thursday night
after running with bean and lijia i got a lift to 6th ave (as usual, "the safe corner"), boarded 67, and i met leeting!! after so long. she's probably in germany now (or maybe back from germany), for her choir competition. it was great to see her, she's still so nice after 2 years=)hmmm. wonder when i'll next meet someone like her, so pure of heart.

end of astro week was marked by an observation session on friday night. all the j1s disappeared, including yeeonn, to go play soccer... which incurred the wrath of hannah and gary, at least. such that they conducted an online scolding session..poor boy. i wasn't that pissed off. why? i think it's coz i don't feel the urgency nor the reponsibility once i'm "off-duty"...which makes me feel bad. last time i used to "sweat the small stuff" i.e.,everything...but now...hmmm. BUT i hope it's also coz i've learned how to handle crises better. rrrriiiight.

and i'm a chicken=(. it's no longer an..urge to ..well get to know. it's just an urge to prove that i can do what i say i'll do. but yeah i'm such a chicken anyway.

the saturday (still on the 2nd last week of term2, which i will miss dearly) was moelc rehearsal. serene was there=) so that's some relief. no one changed, so much for dragging all my stuff to bishan...and going up stage in shorts n tee. my speech was boring...and herr w was very eager to make it less he coached me to work on my intonation or whatever you call it, so that my tone will sound more sing-songish. made me a little stressed. and am supposed to meet him again, thursday after school, before dental. stressed. but he was right, one of the moe guys was an ass. one look at his face i wanted to punch him.
after that had lunch with kanghao..funny, i asked for it. because i had forgotten how it feels to be around him....uncomfy.... i don't know, he seems a really typical guy. i couldn't bear his explaining his project...but then again i'm always pretty sensitive about that, and there are so few pple whose manners i can stand when it comes to explaining things. (the current list includes bena, leslie, serene lee (no kidding! really!=)i like her), and harhar my faaaaavourite junior yeeonn!(ok he makes me feel stupid sometimes but i'm sure that's unintentional..)) just remember to think twice/thrice next time you're going to bishan ok sonnig?

last week of term 2, also last week of may (REALLY busy week)
tuesday: council investiture. xizhen n jennie were in the concourse in the morning, so 6 or 7 of us flooded the whole place talking excitedly. and we took photos during our break too, most of us. created this little corner in the canteen, of nonsense talking, reminiscing and gossipping (of course! with so much going on!! and so many stories to tell=) it was really good to see them, us, together. i glanced at 3f sitting at a table..with some 3f guys looking over in bewilderment and even disgust, and felt disgusted myself. made me very sick of them. the pure indulgence of rgs days of being silly.
wednesday: oo gp common test. heck lar. it's so easy to give up during gp ct. and ONLY gp. the other commontests you'd be pressed for time..but gp...there's so much of it. you only have to put down your pen and head and start snoozing for 90 minutes. i've always wondered what happens when you actually do that, hand up a blank paper...will be interesting. but i think nah, i'd never give that a try.
afterwards suddenly decided to go for rugby finals, coz shu mentioned it, even though i've done all my matchsupports. but it's good. in the spirit of the games and supporting the school. i love, to nowadays get wrapped up in the screaming-yourself-hoarse atmosphere. am learning to be very "heck lar!" nowadays. which makes me more decisive but at the same time brash...don't think before talking nowadays. but it's ok thankfully my opinions have been formulated on issues of not much significance or consequence anyway. i think it's coz i've been around some astro pple, like harold esp., and gary too much. they have pretty strong opinions, so maybe i've learnt that you don't have to be balanced and temperate all the time.
but yeah! rugby won!!cool man, 1st time in 7 years. although it was less exciting this year, the rj ruggers really held their ground. they've been training really hard, they really deserve it. last year it was more of a battle...really fighting. everytime the ac line advanced rj had to fight hard to get it back. but this year it seemed the ac attack wasn't as threatening, and we actually had a good chance for a try. but it was all up to penalty points in the end. but yay anyway.

thursday: jy leaving in the morning! for china...wonder what she'll do .. bore herself to tears in china=S
went to support the girls n guys hockey matches. unfortunately girls lost to a "huh huh huh what's happening, *plonk*" sorta goal. their attack wasn't really life-threatening to vj, but some of the rj girls played really well. and i saw hon play! that was like one of the most important things. and she dribbled past at least one defender, down the right=) and she almost got a nice cross to get a goal in...but the rightwing girl was forced too far down and couldn't make the cross..
and the guys' match! i've really only one word...beautiful. every one of them was...amazing! the speed, the reflexes, the strength, the control, the whacks...and siva doing that 180 degree thing.. gosh all of them had their own style, so distinctive and so good! undisputed champs=)

after that went to coro with em amos n jo (! the poor girl broke her collar bone=S couldn't recognise her at first), and waited a while for herr w. knowing how germans hate pple who're not on time (that's me! to be fashionably late...=S) i made an allowance of about 20 mins...and he came late........... and then we went to the bread place near the german market, and worked more on the speech. -_-. well at least i got the first few paragraphs stuck in my head. but he was .. just..satisfied. that's all. but i can't be like him! so..loud and flamboyant. and i told him i'm not comfortable with all the funny body language and hand gestures. na ja macht nichts dann. i offered to pay for his cuppa and my drink at the end simply coz i didn't know what to do..... but nah being the ahem gentleman he is he paid. and zoomed off on his motorbike. plus, looking forward to a month-long holiday starting tmr night. gosh it's so funny to watch him proudly (that's for sure) tell us of his holiday plans (every holiday, unfailingly). SO, after that i went for my dental at jurong west. took a blardy bus (the wrong one, there were 2 choices but i HAD to take the wrong one eh. always happens)and arrived about an hour late. "gee you're early" said the receptionist (go and die. you're pretty good yourself, make me wait at least half an hour everytime i go there on time) and THEN I WAITED ONE WHOLE HOUR for it to be my turn, for which she took 10 mins to unpluck those coloured things off my teeth and put purple ones (damn me for choosing that.) on, so painful, felt like my teeth were gonna be broken by her.. pincer like things.
pardon the temper, after a qa test (you don't know how free i felt after the qa test. the last test of the whole week!), 2 hockey matches, a speech session with someone i'm not exactly comfy with, taking a bus for an hour, waiting for an hour (inclusive of standing for half an hour) having the dentist do painful things to me, having purple brackets now...and knowing by the time i come out it'll be past 10 and therefore am unable to do the shopping that i had promised....was really quite enough. friday will be FUN, i decided. without a care in the world. last day!

friday! end of term 2..sadness. brought camera. mainly for moelc presentation later though.
was so determined to say hi! but .. chickened out, came back to gp half "crying". quite funny. half of the class was like "huh?" the other half was laughing. HALF. urgh. harharhar but it's really been very entertaining. but another term..gone.
and it was really relaxing, i thought i'll miss quite alot after i leave at 12.30pm, like 2h worth of chem tutorial, but alfie wanted to go support badminton so he quickly ended and even agreed to let us photocopy the answers (what an achievement=). gp was really relaxed, they played taboo while i left. class took photos, as usual, end of term habit.
i went into the canteen, couldn't find serene, whom i was supposed to cab to moelc with. but hannah and grace were around. grace was very reassuring. i was pressed for time and she told me what i should do. and then she read my script and...well she's a dear. and she helped me button my cuffs felt..weird at that time.felt very young (yay).
moelc: that mr rene yong was so nice...besides being trilingual...he spoke to the jap cup winner in jap, attempted to speak to me in german (his grammar's there!) and he teaches french. and he was very reassuring. he called liangsi me and the jap winner up before the whole thing and made us rehearse our speech (to time the ppt clicking). after mine he said in german, "you really dont' have to worry about anything, because your speech is really great, ok=)?" (*awwwwwwww*)
then my parents came (harhar they're so....urgh!). serene's mom came, xizhen's mom too. so my mom got to know serene's mom too (who was so sweet=) and as usual kept talking n talking. sheesh i vow to..not talk so much when i'm 40++. really. and my dad...climbed up and down the stairs..finally found a plug to charge the camera...SAT on the stairs(luckily he found one too). mr hodge, mdm teo (hod of lang) and the jap teacher, mr shioya!! harhar=)
oh but i think one of the highlights was that i got "pushed" to the edge coz serene was sitting in b/n xizhen and me (and talking sweet nothings=) so i was sitting next to jireh. at first before the thing started i practically had my back to him, and he was sleeping away, twisting n turning to find a comfortable position. well it was coz i didn't have anything to say to him and i didn't really know him either..but after a while we started talking, and he's really quite nice. well the arts/humans pple ARE really diff from the...(pardon the overgeneralisations) boring science pple. he's alot more sophisticated, well-groomed (for some reason, just get the feeling), and quite comfortable to talk to=) so there, another acquaintance made. i know it was rude to throughout the whoever-incharge's "annual" report of the moelc (which apparently was the same as last year's, according to jireh, and last last year's..and last last last year's.......) plus the "unser Ehrengast Frau Angela Ow"(guest-of-honour mrs angela ow. who's that?)'s speech, but heck, speeches are worth far less than an opportunity to make a new friend.

so prize presentation to everyone blarh blarh...long long time...then liangsi me and elisa (i think her name is..i can't quite remember=S xiz's classmate!)got the cups from the respective representatives of the french/german/jap embassies. the german guy was a herr heinjörg herrmann, financial councillor...who was 1.5 heads taller than me. (whom i get to talk to later so i'll save him for later).
then liangsi made her speech. and it was almost my turn! but i wasn't nervous. i was surprisingly calm. i went down next to the stage...gave liangsi a little squeeze as she came down...and then the emcee, "and the german cup winner, sun yi"..then i walked up..clonk clonk went my heels (i've finally come close to mastering the walk). i stood on the podium and looked at the crowd, knowing that every time i looked at the crowd herr w would've been more proud of me. i nodded in the general direction of monsieur yong and the technician, who unconvered the projector cap. "unser Ehrengast Frau Angela Ow (pause), der Finanzreferent der Deutschen Botschaft Herr Heinjörg Herrmann, meine Damen und Herren (making sure to go uuuuup), mr. hodge (which i added last min), werte Mitschüler (uuup), ich begrüße sie herzlich (doooown. whooosh).... ich bin sehr geehrt, heute hier auf der Bühne zu stehen, und die Chance ("shannnngce") zu habe, alle, die mir auf den Weg während meines fünfjährigen Deutsch Lernens geebnet haben, zu danken (whoosh again). (sorry not much to translate, just greeting everyone and saying how proud i am to be standing here on stage today and to have the chance to thank all who have helped me along my 5-year way of german studying)

and my voice didn't quiver. i had full control over my conscious mind. for the first time in my life. (but then again i've not been on stage many times.) usually i'd just switch to this 'auto pilot' mode and let everything run, fast and smooth (usually). but no, after all that work herr w had done on me and my speech i couldn't possibly "sleep" through this whole thing. gotta carry it through like he wants me to, at least a little resemblance... so i tried to speak with all the animation in tone and blarh as possible for the first part..
but when it came to the thanking part i didn't have to do much to convey my emotions. it's really been 5 years, and i didn't even have to TRY to sound like i meant it, coz i did. (by this time i was still warm and soft, and not cold and rigid. and the podium didn't feel so low and uncomfortable, not like during rehearsal)
i thanked frau heng, that made me pause a bit, coz i was looking all over the audience for her (finally finding her right on top, standing, behind xiz serene jireh etc, and she seemed to have been looking at me too..or was it my and then herr wittmeyer..but his part he has heard like 3 times, not counting reading and vetting my speech.. and then my parents...and then xiz (harharhar that's the funniest part. i paused again to look for her...the "speaking to the persoN" is always quite stressful, forces you to stop and think and look for the person, and hence break and possibly lose track). her eyes were fixed on the screen..harhar just before she was like "OH there's something about me?? *grin*" (she didn't come for rehearsal). yep so one whole part just for her=) of course, after going through so much. and then thereafter was the "Herr Ho Swee Haw" part. i remember during rehearsal, while i was just rambling on and on in german, with my head buried in the script, when i came to that part i couldn't help but slow down...feel the poignancy, and my voice did quiver and weaken, like i didn't have the energy to speak any louder... but this time i paused before that section. i looked at it, saw mr ho's name on the script..and had enough time to think, "all these pple down there, i really want them to know about mr ho and how wonderful he was. it's now or never, i can't ramble through this." so i spoke with the determination, to tell pple i wanted this to be set apart from the rest. although all they can do is read "Mr. Ho Swee Haw passed away in a biking accident on..." but herr w had said, i can still convey emotions through my tone of voice. so i did. hmm i know i'm rambling now but i don't know how to sort my thoughts out. you get the idea. its just amazing that, i had never been so clearheaded on stage as i had at that moment, that conscious moment of deciding to make that part good, and right.

after mine it was elisa's speech. but by then i had blanked out. after elisa finished she said she was cold all over. harhar the poor girl, her hands were frozen through. i remember that happened to me; when i'm nervous i get that.
when i came out of the auditorium(after phototakings etc) mr hodge, mdm teo and even mr shioya were there, having the "guests reception", and they each shook my hand. and mr hodge said, "your speech was good, it was very touching" and that meant alot. i told him what went through my mind on stage. mdm teo just smiled (as usual) she's very..funny=) and mr shioya, he didn't even say anything! he just ...did that nodding thing while he shook my hand and...*sniff* he's the type of person i just wanna cry when i see. you know about WWII and stuff....i just can't imagine him at a time like that. wonder what he would've done...

and then reception, the food was great=) german's still the best, both xizhen and i agreed readily=) harhar, reminded us of the hotel präsident. and then herr w came around so we spent most of the time talking to him (and missing out on the food! good thing xiz had piled her plate high by then=) and of course involving his proud, almost boastful, telling of his holiday plans (he was to fly off on that night!) and "the woman of his life" whom he met on an micronesian island one holiday and who lives in america..!!!!!!! so cute=). never knew such exotic things happen around me. sheesh it's just herr w.

oh yes, and then i was brought around to the guests side and i met the financial councillor from the german embassy. =( craned my neck. and my ears. and prayed he speak slower...he was going on at 200w/min (however fast that is, you get the point), i swear. i wanted to hide behind herr w coz only he seemed to know what was going on. at first herr herrmann (harhar=) spoke in english, until herr w said, "she understand german!" which caused him to go on rattling at..yes 200w/ inconsiderate! so i understood 20% at first...then he went on to talk about university coz i spoke one, fragmented sentence about how i will apply to germany at the end of the year, so that was much better, perhaps 60% understooded. yay. and he spoke alot slower too, after i mentioned it to him. i was imagining that moment, talking to the german representative, in german. and i had imagined the stress too. and i had imagined me calling myself, lousy pok, don't know what's going on, so undeserving. but it's ok i held out for a while. at least looked like i understood.
oh and before that mr hodge met my parents too, "why don't you introduce me to your folks" (he's so good at that!!). and before i spoke/listened to herr herrmann these chinese ladies were talking to herr w (i have no idea who they are...). one exotic looking one said "so is she good at german?". (dots.). herr w, "(dots as well. think he was a little taken aback. i don't think normal pple ask that kinda qtn..) of course!" (thanks...). lady,"ah but the credit must all go to the teacher! without a good teacher a student is no good eh!". herr w, "..........*weak smile*" in my words, "dam faaarrrrny". i don't wanna grow up like that. pls enlighten me to speak appropriate things at the appropriate occasions!

and after that i FINALLY got a (actually, three) photo with herr w. =).
then i cabbed back, bring my parents along, to school for astro meeting. which i actually looked forward to, coz i wanted to get out of the moelc...was really yearning to do that, before my speech, and during photo taking. (oh serene's mom was really funny during this, she squeezed my arm and said i had turned very skinny harharharhar)

in the evening... astro meeting! whoa man. so exciting. i went in and they were all in a mr loh...serious stuff. but i found out later i missed the show! i missed weicheng's "damn pro (vice)chairing, in contrast to yee onn", i missed the discussion abt frank, i missed avinash (literally, pls.). and gary said "it would've helped if you had been around" which almost made my day=) harharhar. i would've liked to be there too. but the rest of the night was fun, astro is...i quote hannah, "looking up!" nowadays=))) havent' felt like that about astro for pretty long. woohoo. wait. it's my ...last session, formally.
ok so in the end they voted...frank out, choryen and weixun in. i was quite hesitant at first, about weixun more...but now (on this day i post) i am so much more pro-weixun than anything else. ok other than pro-harold for astro quiz, but that's over and boy what a blardy thing that was. so we had a night session. hmm i can't really remember what we did but we stayed till pretty late again. but it's ok.
and mr loh! he's being so helpful now..i was so urgh-ed of him last time, during the overnight..but i'm in the process of totally changing my perception of him. he's been doing his utmost to help the j1s...seems a totally different person. maybe he made a resolution over ..some period of time. "i will treat astro seriously, i will be humble and learn about astro whenever possible, and from whomever possible. i will be involved and really behave like a cca-teacher-in-charge". impressive. =) great! good to see him much more involved. i guess last time during my time avinash only "informs" him of things...not really discuss things with him or ask him for permission...but now it's different. which is one of the reasons why i'm so impressed with the j1s and feel so good about them. harhar there's loads more where that came from!

saturday psychometric test.urgh. was irritated to begin with. and they had to make us wait and stuff...and such terrible administering of the test. i guess i had a bad mood and attitude to start with. but personality was fun. realised i was quite decisive, shows that i'm clear about who/what kinda person i am?
it was sad after that, wanted to stay in school, but it was drizzling and i really didn't feel like staying..
dad's leaving on monday for china.
SATII is next sat.

1st week of june
oh it was gary's birthday on 30th. remember chatting with him and yeeonn on that day (past midnight of 29th). since i've began talking to gary about astro stuff (more like gossipping about j1s=) have added quite a no. of j1s to my list. at least weicheng and weixun. gosh they're so damn funny online. even weixun! that's when i began learning so much more about him. will tell him he's not "boring and unflamboyant". will write notes to them (....look at me..when did i start..) after term reopens, i.e. when we leave them to themselves. (awww..will miss them). and weicheng! every sentence he certain it makes me laugh. just his manner. which was also why i was a little hesitant about him at zheng jing!but gary was telling me how i missed his pro-ness during that decisive (and very sombre..)last day of school comm meeting. so there i trust his word. actually they're all wonderful pple (yee onn: "that's too flattering.."). they're so smart, just naughty. i know some pple can't stand them, i used to not be able to stand chenglim's manner. well and most of the risc pple too, always ra-ra-ing and playing soccer.can't get them to sit down and listen, no respect for authority. but i've found out much more about them over the past (2nd week) week, before and during their nus/ntu astro challenge. they're each all opinionated (which is not necessarily a bad thing. listening to them made me feel weak and like a crowd-pleaser), so sensible in a sense that they're conscious of what's happening..and they're all so unique, yet they make such a wonderfully bound and cohesive ri group.(it's a different type from rgs..but i can't say who's more bonded...). am impressed. am touched. oh there are a few who stand out, yeeonn of course, leonard i think, pity he came in late for interviews, i was pretty pro-him but we had enough candidates already, and weixun too. but i guess i prefer "guai" boys more that's why they "stand out". but yeah, words are beyond me to describe what i feel about the bunch of them. have never quite seen anything like them.

yes sorry, back to the whole first week thing.
well it was spent studying SATs..maths i did one paper=S..was a little worried. physics i couldn't finish, was studying furiously on friday night, and slept only 5 hours before the test on sat morning 8am, writing i spent the most time on, but hadn't written a single essay...the only thing i could do was pray for a good topic on sat morning. gary was a bad influence indeed. gary,"if i get a bad topic on sat i'll just stone through the 20 mins." me, "gary no!! that's not the way! no matter how awful a topic you get you mustn't give up, you must give it your best shot! fight! and don't be such a bad influence on me...". yeeonn, who leisurely reads our conversation, "lol". ....

so came saturday..was almost late! coz woke up late (miscommunication with mom), took 190. it rained..ran through the drizzle to the starhub building. good thing xuxu told me which floor etc. just ran in. so many familiar faces! almost half of them were rj pple. xuxu shulin of course (they all sms-ed me to tell me where they were!!) huangsha, joseph f, old man fish, his friend whoever, christina (212. !!), hm. some more. and i sat next to ina right in the back row (and was in charge of applying a little pressure on the door to make it tightly shut everytime someone came in..) yep good to see familiar faces.

writing...essay: pple's lives are a result of choices they make-or fail to make. ..what the...ok i managed to crap something up but i only did half of it when 20 mins were up. so i decided to let my head rule, and go on to the mcqs..the sentence /grammar ones were very tough=( had like 7 uncertainties. the rest were ok but i had no time to ponder over them again. by the time i finished the mcq section i had 5 mins left, so i quickly went back to essay and gave up resisting the temptation to write "on the other hand.." and finished everything! bishbishbish. anyhow whack. that's the spirit man.
then i did maths next. i had some time left but i wasn't much in the mood for checking. was so sick and tired of maths by then. which is a big booboo i know but...i tried a bit.
physics. was exciting! and challenging (a little). i liked it alot. 75 qtns made me rush a little. xuxu and i went out for lunch after that (posh lunch! always with her, after SATs=) so sweet)and met weili at orchard mrt, who finished after only FORTY minutes. nutty boy. but then again he's always so damn fast. i'd never go to him for an operation. dunno what he'll leave behind in my brain.
so, am hoping for the best, to make up for the writing=(.
but hey i can finally talk about SATIIs in a past tense, sit back, relax, and wait for my results. my advice to the j1s, during the 2nd week venus transit, was that they should stick around pple who concern themselves loads about SATs, then they'll get wrapped up and sign up for loads of SATs too, just like what happened to me. i didn't even know what was happening 2 months ago, just signed up coz xuxu kept reminding me about the deadlines, and actually planned out for me what i should do. so, prost!
it's actually quite easy for fantasy talk to become reality. just go out and do it! (har.)

ohohohohoh. after that i went out to kino 1st, then borders, after failing to find anything astro-related in kino, to hunt for a pocket book of stars/constellations. i found one in borders that i fell in love with, except it was $34. i looked the whole two columns of shelves for a cheap(er) yet one that i was in love with.but it was just the DK one...then i walked off to the other end. was tempted to walk out the other door too. but i turned that shelf...and went through the entire two column agains. actually some others were around the same price, or even more ex, but not attractive enough. in the end i clenched my jaws and bought it. bwaharharhar. felt good walking out. this is inspired by the purchase of foa actually. will read it one day. i will. if/when i do physics i will take up an astrophys coarse. i will bring foa along to wherever i need to.=) am in love.

after that went to mac's at ghim moh, was supposed to have another hands-on session, so that the astro challenge j1s will be better equipped during astro challenge (which starts on monday). rotted away. haven't felt quite so relaxed for a while, sipped milo while reading a book for 2.5 hours. thought i saw weixun...but i took off my specs. so i didn't recognise him, till hannah came in and pointed at two of our tables across the room. ok ended late again. but it was fun, weather was good enough to see at least jupiter. or at least teach the j1s how to set up, align etc.

j1s having astro challenge at ntu! hope they packed everything in the morning.

went to school, played tennis with val (woo exciting),then went off for harry potter in the evening, with 1/3 of 3f (1/3's always the magical proportion for class outings eh). it was ok, rushed. and um, the other things were quite exciting, for e.g. weili watching 5h straight of movies..and the unexpected (for me, although i'm quite slow, should've expected it) appearance of hon before the show. =)))) grrrrrin. bena's so gorgeous =).

oh i've been playing table tennis with ms poon, val and grace in school, at least twice now. the other day grace ms poon and i jogged a few rounds on the track too=)

at night.. it was slightly amusing but of course maddening. before most of the j1s got home from the "practical round" gary told hannah and i what happened in the morning: dev turned up. !%$FV@QT$#CXREWQ%$@. ~!#DC$!%$#@QT$#XWAEREG$WY V%#W%#@!#@$D!#%. damn you lar. gary and i were very concerned, and worked up about this issue then, before the j1s came on. but when the j1s came on this didn't seem important anymore...compared to the immense and overwhelming injustice they had suffered under the hands of the bloody "red-shirt guy" at ntu throughout the day. yee onn especially needed our ears/eyes, and the rest of the guys were "complaining" too. funny ways, how they expressed their anger and indignance. kenneth is so..."no point lar, give up lar, we're not gonna make it" yeeonn, "tomorrow we just press buzzer for everything ok! it's all or nothing guys!!" chenglim, "sigh. yeah they xxxx-ed us, and then they xxxxx... ok i gotta go mug". for that one fleeting moment we were all for rjastro. but really, just listening to them made me so angry, at the ntu nus pple. and they kicked our team 2 out! although they're team 2 i believe in them, i believe they were alot better than some of the teams that qualified. it was really unfair. just because it was a prelim round, and not much of an audience, plus mr loh was on course, they think they could kick us around and manipulate us and our points. all because of a bloody last minute change to the rules. they can do whatever they want. but they ain't bringing us down. you can all do what you want to hinder, cripple, impede us, but we will come out like champs nonetheless.
it's so hard not to be sore=(. but at this we pledged our support for the finals on the following day (tuesday). and gary and i were so sore we stayed up really late to discuss what we'd say to whatever-adult-there-was-in-charge of nus astro. but hard. we were also planning to compile all the injustice and write a letter to the organisers. (but hard too..). such acts call for confrontation! such acts guarantee retaliation!! die you evil #@!$#!@%!@#$!#@$. bish.

oh yes, a smaller highlight=) h was online! after um..30 days i think. 31? harhar msnplus helps no matter what. he's in xi'an...talked to him for .. 10 mins altogether? at best. but so busy hor. nvm lor. next time! (which might be after his

so tuesday. gary and i met at cck, watched him get worked up on the journey to nus, and scolding "singaporeans!" and rolling his eyes on the train..and inviting funny glances...but understandable. he actually postponed his ns checkup for this. yay was very happy about that. so we got there...the j1s seemed alright. yee onn was mugging. the rest playing comp games on the laptop...chenglim stood ON THE TABLE talking loudly. no wonder they hate us. they brought a soccerball. bc dribbled the ball up and down the back of the auditorium, after we got in (50 mins behind schedule). and that red shirt guy (who was in a grey shirt today) was really a bastard. ok sorry to be implicating his parents but he is. what an ass. unfunny pple shouldn't try to be funny. i'm sore but i'm not gonna laugh at your attempted jokes.
so..we got 3rd.saw yeeonn and jychee looking frustrated during buzzer round, for not buzzing in first. after that they sorta relaxed, (but still didn't buzz in first) i was a little worried...they don't know how to answer? but after the buzzer round they came up (it was final, they were 3rd) and said they knew how to answer almost all the qtns, like they only didn't know how to answer 3 out of the 30 buzzer qtns. well good, what relief. so they've resolved to train their new j1s on buzzing skills=)was sitting with chenglim during the "grand final' between the jc winner (PJ!!!, then NJteam 1, and NJ team 2 lost to us by half a point..=) they hate us. oh but heck we hate all of you too. actually they were all quite pro..esp. PJ..kept buzzing in first, and kept getting the qtns right. grrr. "worthy opponents" indeed.)and the sec school winner. (rg had 2 teams apparently, but they were 4th n 5th.... i heard one of them was attached to NASA for a while. ms ning never had such good deals for us back then!=) anyway, chenglim. was very impressed. harhar he's so cute i almost asked him, chenglim why's your head so square!!? he's really different from what i first thought of him, obnoxious. he has a really good attitude actually, guess he's settled down now. and he insists that next yr the new j1s should participate in the quiz. see? impressive right=)? even though they're so good at it they're that's the spirit of raffles. it's not (all) about winning. so proud of them. they were good. even though PJ/BPGH said some insulting stuff about rj, and the grey shirt guy had to go announcing to the whole auditorium, "oooooh i hope rj didn't hear that! rj did you hear that??" asshole.arschloch. at that time bc placed the soccerball right on top, and prepared to lob it down right onto that guy's head. he made a run. i shouted, nooooooooooooooooooooo. then he faked a kick.-_-.

so after that we went back to school for venus transit, gary had gone off for his checkup, hannah went back to school to help choryen set up. weicheng weixun yeeonn dev (that guy...keeps sticking to yeeonn.) and i missed the first n second contacts. but as gary put it, "it's just a black dot in the sun..". and the next time's 2012. i probably wont' be dead by then.
school..argh hot. tan.. grace was there! yay so glad to have her company. and the most memorable was when, after bball (gerald came! i shouted, "harold! gerald!" as they came across the netball court. grace looked at me and her eyes widened. harharhar) when we all squeezed under hannah's umbrella, weixun weicheng yeeonn grace and i..and were just talking crap, sorta like a msn chat but just in person. that was fun.
and guess who was around!!!!! studying in the canteen. wonder if he came down to see what the commotion on the semi-d was about..i prob wouldn't know since i wasn't around so much=P oh and after the j1s left for harry potter..i migrated to the canteen. (and he was still around!) it was like the perfect setting for my bold endeavour. but keeping in mind cai n serene's wise advice i was..severely impaired. if they hadn't said anything i would've just went ahead and..."whacked". but=S. oh but actually it was less than perfect a setting...coz there were pple.

the rest of the week of not very successful studying in school. ran with ms poon and shane one day, in the evening, jelita route. and then thurs night i was checking out the sky with shane. was so excited about identifying each star and constellation (brought my dear little book) i jumped up and down and started tugging shane's shirt. he was in a down mood, i knew not why. but he cheered up after we started busily identifying the constellations (which was really, so exciting and gratifying). apparently yeeonn dragged harold out at midnight on thurs/fri, during their stayover at ccal camp, to look at the sky too (they didn't find it that exciting..since they had no book!). oh saturday they broke camp and i talked to harold for 10 mins before his parents came for him, and that MADE MY DAY. my day was pathetic. it was really like the most exciting thing of the day...

yes so a new week, a 3rd week. oh did i mention miaomiao's grandma came to stay last wed? all the way till yesterday (sunday). whew. am so uncomfortable with someone else around the house. am glad we don't have a maid. would never be myself with someone else around.
a new targets to be fulfilled..i'll try.

that was really, really long. i think i always lose audience by either 1. a long draught or 2.super long narratives which can be off-turning. but it's ok it's my record! and better than nothing to talk about. so, if you've come this far, kudos to the patience and attention.