Friday, January 31, 2003

mag's birthday
(i actually saw her at lido, ran up to her and tapped her, hugged her, and left without saying a word)
hmm. got to bv station early....7am..and was waiting for cai who was a few trains behind me. i was waiting downstairs and amusingly, i watched as 1. my ogmate 2. baorong 3. my german classmate (in ac) 4. mag2 5. hon 6. cai all came down the escalator in chronological order. hmmm. interesting start to an interesting day.
hmm. so i got to school "early" and helped out backstage for the concert. (actually we just took out chairs for CO and stoned through the rest of the show) at the last part, the "presenting the backstage crew (etc)" part, i came out, and i heard "we love you sunny!" and looked whole class was in the gallery=) i was. very touched=) but!!! they lao1-ed yu2 sheng1 without me=S....=) there's always next year. it's ok=) and then i went to the zaecov and waited for everyone else to come (meaning 2 others+ogl) finally we had a grand total of 5 pple + 1ogl. we ate at ghim moh and then went to lido and bought 1500h tickets for 8 mile even though it was only 1200. so we. sigh. walked down to cine, sat at the cathay alley and exhausted our supplies of jokes and stories (our ogl had to resort to telling the never-ending pingpong ball story=S) and then we walked down to ps (in the rain) and by then it was almost 1430, so we took the mrt back to orchard-_- (and i've yet another complaint about my "..........")
yes the movie. i had a nice time trying to read all the chinese subtitles (i don't know how my ogmate managed. he can't read chinese). i think there was an overuse of "f***" don't you think so? (oh yeah i ran into ad and (part of) her og at cine as well. i was kinda glad to see her because i was feeling so.....hai nvm) some parts of the show were so...shockingly direct...and he's so good at giving that face..and the parts with his little sister were sweet. the last part was quite .. exhilirating except there didn't seem much of an ending. and i like his friends. hmm.
not bad an og outing. imagined it to be quite bad
happy chinese new year all=)..

Monday, January 27, 2003

generally i had a good day today. went for econs again. i'm very glad it's not one of my subjects because most of the time i don't get what she says. i don't understand why ad can just go "it's econs! no need to understand!".....
hmm. i think my class is really bonding. and the credit must go to the class bbq, mahjong cards and "bop it".
suddenly realised today, how much i miss everyone. sigh maybe it's just the blues. (quoted: "OH NO... hey u twit..are u getting depression or wad.. always looking so damn sad wif me.. or izzit just me")
3rd lang was...better today. took the mrt with xiz and her classmate (+another person..........). she's right. he's nice=)
i made so many mistakes today. first i talked to this german classmate, thinking he was from thailand, but only after a while did i understand he was from burma. and then on the mrt i met this j2 indian girl, she looked familiar (from cny concert) and i asked her if she's from malay dance. and 3rdly, i called xiz's classmate by the wrong name. urgh. this all happened on the mrt trip home. urgh.
judo here i come.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

got back from class bbq a while ago. i'd say it went really well. lots of food, lots of laughter..and a turnout that was more than 8=)) i was actually with the photography group, but part of our journey included stopping at bishan and taking photos of 3 ri guys. we ran into yingheng...and we took a photo of him and his friends (including serene's favourite). so i stayed there and waited for the rest with him and we went to coro...bought stuff and then went off together to bena's house all the way on top of the hill.
yh is so. hai. i'm so. impressed? nah not exactly the word. but. hai you know what i mean. he was arond the pit all the time, starting the fire, keeping the fire going etc. i cooked for a while, and realised my shorts were warming up really fast, and i suddenly recalled what mrs tan said about guys working in metal ore refining factories having problems with. reproduction. due to the high temperatures. i told bean and she was like...argh quick quick all the guys get away from the bbq pit!!
and then we played cards..bridge and co. but hk taught us the "indian poker" (while some of the guys were playing strip poker on the other side. baoluo came close to stripping but managed to redeem himself in the last, "sheng1 si3 ju2!") which was really funny. evelyn was next to me, she was almost rolling around on the floor laughing. it'd've funner if we were all untrustworthy and indecent. but. =)))
i was sitting in the "shells" next to the track in the morning. i was done with table tennis tryouts (they're choosing 1/6 or 7 of us btw) and someone was using my bat.. as well as not having anywhere to go until noon. i was watching the girls' and guys' softball teams. the guys were playing games, while the girls had their first training. i'm sorry to say, i really think it's a guys' game.
hmm. can feel myself making progress in getting to know lots of pple from everywhere and their names. quite fun. isn't it. suddenly i find the courage to break down the barrier(s) and start talking to pple i've never met, even though i may know their names. like i was on the bus home today, and i met carol, the rgs prefect, who boarded at kap, and we started talking =S...quite amazing i must say.

Friday, January 24, 2003

wed, 3rd lang. i feel sadder for herr with each passing lesson.
thurs, bena n me went looking for em's presents (everywhere) and then we went to her house for the .. surprise party which didn't turn out to be really surprising due to various sources of leakage.but i really enjoyed seeing lots of pple i knew/didn't-really-know

today. we got scolded during chem pract=P but he still gives me the impression that he's...actually nice, just trying to be a little mean-sounding because everyone bullies him. pe was alright too. the teacher reminds me of ms chew. very encouraging. it's quite funny, alot of pple i see in rj remind me of certain other pple, whom i can't put my finger on. oh and i've been meeting pple and saying "are you xxxx?" "how did you know?!?!"
but of course the best part was astro, the very last part, stargazing. everyone laid in rows and just stared up at the sky and chatted, and the soft breeze blew. nice=) and gettign to know pple was quite interesting too. and it was dark so i just went around calling out pple's name and stepping over bodies and asking them who they were.
i'm going for table tennis tryout tomorrow.= /. and then class bbq in the afternoon.
i heard a joke/several jokes from my og mate today. its a maths joke. what do you call a person who knows everything/knows how to do everything? ......


Tuesday, January 21, 2003

har. harharharhar.
physics lecture. val was sitting behind me, she passed me a message which said "see i told you not to cut your hair. now my friend's asking me if you're a guy". her friend really did think that. only at the end of the lecture when i stood up and turned around was she convinced that i wasn't.
we had an interesting gp lesson (again) today.....we were given 10 qualities and asked to rank them in order of importance, as qualities we look for in spouses. hmm. it was interesting. oh here are the 10:
sensitivity, age, physical fitness, wealth, good looks, intellect, compatibility with family, intellect, artistic/musical, religion
how would you rank them?
6 girls and 4 guys ranked sensitivity as no. 1. me excluded=)
and then the teacher rattled on about family structure, "social cultural anthropologists" ........ now i'm 99.9% convinced he was a debater.

oh and i discovered that rj students like to go jogging in their spare time. ...... we were supposed to have the double block pe lesson today, but the teacher wasn't around, so we were dismissed. but my classmates decided to go jogging around the school....
hmm alot of pple are in.....bad moods...hmm. and i think i've passed whatever i had onto other pple...
i'm using foul language alot nowadays. =S....s*** and bl**** h*** shoot out every now and then.=S......sigh.=(. har and it doesn't help when all my groupmates have done their physics tutorial except me.=) and of course...wretched proposal. -_-
hope ccas are starting soon. esp astro=)
feel something amiss.

Monday, January 20, 2003

today was a really short day, bio pract chem tutorial (which usually doesn't feel like anything at all, sit down, take out homework, go through two qtns, pack up and get ready for next class) and bio lecture. but extremely tiring somehow..
very interesting day today. i gave out my presents to all my mortals/angel etc, but my og mortal is down with chicken pox and won't be around for 2 weeks (oh man=S) the other one, i asked them to pass it down to her class during bio lecture..and watch her getting really amused and coughing/laughing violently. angel from senior class wrote again, now i'm sure it's a her, (not just because i've 20/26 chance of getting it right) also because no guy (no guy that i know of) would write "i'm gonna get fat!!" (i gave her kitkat) (she's so nice, she just wrote last..thurs/fri). hmm anyway, it was my mortal's birthday today...they were singing him the birthday song during their/our break...i caught the name and was like, that sounds familiar. and then someone brought a piece of cake over and said to pass it to xxx's angel (awwwww...i'm. so touched). and later on after coming out of chem tutorial i saw his class moving into the ts section (with the kitkat in hand) so i said happy birthday (he must have been wondering what was happening).
quite amazingly...some interesting things happen every day.... hmm.
well i ... really think that some pple are really scared of me-_-

Sunday, January 19, 2003

sat 18th jan
kevin's birthday (my point being, see how many pple are born in january? which isn't much of a point. but. heck)
always behind time. hmm school had cca fair, i signed up for 4 ccas (=S): astronomy, photography clubs, sea sports club and table tennis. how exciting. then we (cai her friends n me) went out to holland v for lunch...first time there (i know. "sunny?!?!?!? how could you?!?!!?!?!")....quite a dreamy little place...very out-of-this-worldish. and then i dragged cai back for faculty orientation even though i agreed to go home with her after lunch (she was sick and i was a little groggy). it was quite ok...the games were bonding-enough...but the last part was. ..

Friday, January 17, 2003

whoa. ok let's see,

30th of december, fishing with cai n loo at east coast. caught quite a few fish (such an inaccurate expression), about 10. we fished for about....5 hours, during which i discovered that i really lack the virtue of patience. as looling kindly/irritably pointed out. so. cai took home the fish, but later looling found out that the water around bedok jetty was contaminated soon afterwards....hmm so. fish gone to waste. but that's ok. it's the quality time spent together that's important, jein? (...) after that we took a cab to changi airport (because we couldn't find the bus back) and there we really spent QUALITY time. quality time in a quality place (with air conditioning and a great view of planes taking romantic. i took photos of lots of planes taking off....and i took a photo of the schedule for 1600-1700h=). -_-) hmm yeah i thought it was a very nice day.

31st december
went to em's house, about 9 of us....had the countdown there...happy new year..................a bit late.

2nd - 8th jan 2003
school starting/started (2nd), and i slept at....hmm...2? so sehr smart. orientation was....wet muddy games involving physical contact (like the apple one, we had that as well...and the tennis ball passing.) (some of which i found extremely uncomfortable/totally gross-outing. frankly i'm quite surprised no others feel/felt the way i do/did-_-) etc....hmm my group's quite a fun bunch...hmm....very fun for, certain divisions within the group. but oh well, it's ok i'll find my place somewhere (maybe i have). went out for dinner with them on the first and last days..hmm. we went to watch a movie on the last day, gangs of new york. i shan't comment much, i might get sued.
ok it was. nonsense. but what was more interesting, was that, a guy was speaking very loudly during the movie, sounded like he was on the phone. it was very irritating...everyone kept going "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" but he went on....hmm. and then the other rj orientation group pronounced very loudly that they were gonna move into the front-est row and claim a refund later. finally after an hour or so, a big burly guy behind us shouted "shut the **** up man!!" several times. (i felt like shouting at him instead) so, the guy who was being cursed at got up and stared back (it was dark but i could feel it) "you got a problem is it!?!?!" and then he came down the steps (thankfully down the further aisle) and they stood face to face, chest to chest in the dark, while the guns n knives on the screen rattled and flew everywhere...with puddles of blood on the streets of n.y. hmm. (the story was quite good but just....bloody=S)
"get out!!! GET OUT!! and take your stupid friends with you!!!" (he was almost screaming)
hmm. i think what happened in the cinema was more interesting.
hmm. tues. 1315. somewhere in the void deck of a hdb flat in ghim moh eating lunch/finishing lunch (just in time to catch the watch at 1.15). hmm. how exciting.-_-
hmm. on the last day we attempted to break the....chinese whispers record-_- we got to 310 before, the councillors decided we should start cheering...sigh. few hours of sitting on the floor reading the same magazine...while guys next to me sprawled around on the floor......-_-

thurs 9th jan
started lectures class seems quite alright, not exciting perhaps but definitely decent=) i can't wait to get to know all of them. hmm. unfortunately not all share my sentiments...(no not referring to my class...) hmm. i don't know what i can say to help...i don't think i can do anything.....hmm.
i'm not gonna lose control. i'm not gonna lose control. i will not lose control.
ok maths lecturer no. 1 - ms "here-in-this-case" (110 times according to serene's classmates)/ya know (man that was mean. but can't help it. had to say it)
chem lecturer hmm. quite young, male, funny (slightly). um. compulsive blinking though. at least his voice's ok, so i just try not to look at him.
our form teacher/civics teacher looks quite...fierce though=S i miss ms neo. hmm. don't know who mr chia is yet. =) can give presents to him to pass to ms neo.
hmm. done. yay. i should be more consistent in updating. sigh. -_-

fri 10th jan
loo's birthday (and lizhu)
one lecture today. physics. did absolutely nothing. hmm. but next week the full force of school will hit us. i'll be ending school at 1.10 on monday...i've to wait till 5 for 3rd lang...
Orientation Night - was sitting in the dark...singing and dancing (couldn't really dance). our og leaders cried=S...and they gave us some nice souvenirs. went to mac's and we ate and talked, but the guys sat themselves at different tables, so it was totally segregated. (but i don't mind, of course) and one of our ogls did some card tricks (which were quite impressive) though he did alot of preparation work behind his back most of the time. hmm. everyone was so impressed, the girls started calling him "shi fu". oh yeah we got some presents (or at least, they got some presents) for huifen and raymond.
oh yeah we did run into mr chia today. he walked past and i said to bena and shu, "is that mr chia?". he paused a bit and looked back. after that we shouted his name and he responded, and we said, "say hi to ms neo for us"

sat 11th jan
sonya's birthday
went out for the srp briefing. hmm. met xizhen, looling...all those from hc....after that went to jurong east and had dinner with xiz loo cai serene n kevin. we laughed alot and gossiped alot=) heh especially about poor serene. but we had alot of fun, seeing one another again.

sun 12th jan
crystal's birthday
we (ili jennie kevin jy crys ad kai val) went to a little german restaurant in suntec and had lunch there, once again we, laughed alot...and ad did some tricks which, ahem, to my dismay (and distress), i took a considerable duration of time to master. val got a nice jigsaw puzzle which she pieced together and framed. hmmmmm. then we dropped by the arcade and played some banging and pushing games.
tomorrow's monday again.

mon 13th jan
went for 3rd lang. listened to nena's 99 luftballons over n over n over because we simply couldn't get the words to do the worksheet. herr wittmeyer looked so...disappointed in us. he's totally different from frau heng...i think we've alot to live up to. hmm. kinda like a good day to be pissed.

tues 14th jan
grace's birthday.
we gave her the dog xizhen and i bought after 3rd lang yesterday. =)

on a not-so-happy note..i lost my phone today. there go my pinky n brain, simpsons and powerpuff ringtones.

wed 15th jan
i've typed so many "finally caught up"s (and deleted them as well)
jennie called me last night and gave me the number of the guy who found my phone. =) i contacted him during a break and met him after school and got my phone back. i'm so touched=S yeah think i'm really lucky. beginning of sec 2 i lost my wallet on the bus and a few months later it turned up in the office, returned by a "mr K".
anyway jennie came down to ghim moh and had lunch with us,
had 3rd was much better. but got home quite late..and haven't been sleeping enough.
we had an exercise for gp today, a worksheet which asked us to scout for things in the library. one included "search for a 4 or 5-letter word whose meaning has evolved over the centuries.". which word? har.

thurs 16th jan
leeting's birthday, if i remember correctly
another normal day, except i was late for school and had to sneak up to the hall when the principal was halfway through his speech.
day ended at 2.30 but spotted ad n cai going into the lecture theatre while i was coming out, so decided to stay with them for their econs lecture. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i've....not much to say about that, except thank goodness i don't take it for the exam.
went back to rgs with val em and yunlei..hmm. we met ms neo and i ran into several other teachers (ms hoo ms ning mrs yap), including my sec 1, 2 chinese teachers (one of whom actually scolded me during her class=S) and (ex)cca teacher, to whom, surprisingly, i had alot to say. harhar she suggested that i should go back to teach after As, and that she'll recommend me if i wanna teach chinese.......(harharhar. i refrained from blurting out that my aspirations don't really have much to do with teaching=) and i can feel my chinese going, going.........) but well. hmm. i told her that my during my first chinese creative writing meeting we met these 2 ex-rgs girls (who came back to school). they said that it was as if they had their black name tags only yesterday. now i feel exactly the same. the yellow tags are sec 4s's been a whole cycle, except we're out. it was weird walking into the school (em was so thrilled) familiar, yet we don't belong.
mrs cheriyan broke her arm=S..and all the rest of the teachers are still there except mrs kwan. they all seem to have less work now....i asked mrs yap what classes she's teaching, she said only sec 1 n 3, ms neo's only teaching 311 312 313 and 412....hmmm. and my cca teacher's only teaching sec err. alot less compared to previously. and she said 1/4 teachers is new. (oh and there's a mr. sa...something who looks.....a bit like....ahem. i checked his photo.)

fri 17th jan
i got a ride from em/her bro to tchs bus stop where i took 67. guess who i saw on the bus AGAIN. my ex-classmate. the same one from the other day................she. was. telling me about her classmates AS WELL. and she was talking in chinese, just as gentle, feminine and meek as before=S...she said i changed. she said i.....seem more. quiet. and mature. ahem. i was very amused.