Friday, November 26, 2004

i'm done, finished, the-ended.
the end of alot of things. *remember the first day of rj?all the banners and ogls. and that feeling of being lost*

so after the phys s paper in the morning i went out with classmates + hannah to holland v crystal jade. hmmm. it was strange, i didn't feel anything. felt like there was still some load on the back of my mind. i was more excited at the beginning of the week, when i had about 6 more papers to go.

anyway we then went back, to ulu pandan cc, for 3 hours of badminton. exhausting.. especially since it's been long (i repeat, Four months) since i've done proper exercise.
but i had fun. and in school i met teck tee and harold au coming back for oteam stuff (two years have passed...). that was after phys s. was very high for a moment then, told harold, who gave me a high5! yeah man! "4As 2distinctions (right) and A1 in gp!". how sweet.=)
at 5.30pm the chem s pple joined us. they played a while (thank god, we were so pooped), and we then left for "the incredibles" at cine. xuxu shu and wei li had left. something strange about that boy recently. but i can't put my finger on what.

well we were pretty much caught in jams along orchard, (but the xmas lights were pretty. i was more absorbed in the christelle-shifeng-grace gossip session though. it was good to talk, and laugh of course. we cheered up the whole upper deck of the bus. very good company. really sweet. hmm i think i love them=) and we were late for the show. and the next round was already fully booked. (is it that good?) so. awwww.
but, whose brilliant idea was it to go to cafe cartel? (that IS a qtn, not rhetorical)
the servings are gigantic (qian li was working on his rib for an hour), bread flow free, and only slightly steep. the food's good too. not too healthy definitely.
so it was almost midnight when i got home. (my parents didn't say anything. they're asleep)
i'm so tired but i don't care, i'm Gonna stay up whole night if possible.=)
but no one to talk to hor. even jin has to go to school=(. so really no one. can't even listen to her ramble. (wth. you really don't need this kind of @#$$#@ now. wth. sorry lar, totally qian gong jin qi.)

the bio s (and econs s and geog s pple=) (on the same day!! imagine that=S harharhar) and christelle is the slowest person in the whole world, or the person with the worst memory=) Nevertheless it was sweet to spend time with her. and shifeng. awww.=) pls continue to jia you. (i actually feel a little like i still have to sit for papers).

yes i love the girls=). harhar and grace. girlfriends are necessary. am glad she tells me stuff. very.
grace and i took 190 together, all the way to bt panjang. memories.

well that's also the end, of frequently seeing friends. i would've otherwise not felt much about this, but not today.
and it is also the end of the fire-proof (7 or 11 seconds, i can't remember which), water-proof, xiao bai cai hydrogen peroxide-stained uniform, and possibly the end of school uniform for my whole life.
the end of memorising endless bio facts, and cation colours...though i would love to retain them.

however, it is the start of...
a new life consisting of doing things that i want to do.
reading all the books that i've been wanting to read.
exercising till i drop
endless chatting
endless sleeping.
and essay writing.
sounds like heaven oder? the period between essays-completed to april 05 will probably be the only truly free period we'll have in our lives. can't speak for the guys though. (dec 10, that's ridiculous)
well i'm sure we'll all miss you, because when you come out you'll be a different people from the ones you are now.
and of course there are xu xu yanjie tianjiao and qq leaving.

reading doesn't help. on the contrary, it makes things worse.
and i actually don't like the sound of them. and it still accentuates the feeling of...hmm.

christelle's right, i won't know what i'm talking about two days from now.

and so it would be a stupid thing to do. it's too general.
but. .. dang, i am most likely wrong.-->it's too general yes.

to do, or not to do?

wah how damn irritating @#$!@#$. could you all just somehow, keep it to yourselves. we really are not interested. and i don't give a damn if it seems mean.

oy 11 days.! (and counting..=S)

can't wait to get essays out of the way, and truly start enjoying life. (will that ever be possible?)