Friday, November 29, 2002

hmmm. alma mater. was actually quite boring. food was..pretty lousy...skit was alright, and i like singing at the end. sounded very sincere. actually the dinner was just one whole eat+taking photos session. but we have the right to! and then yes the disco was totally pathetic. it was very sad...only a few pple shaking away while the band played away...very sad indeed. and then wandered around orchard (ouch)...played cards, taught sixuan how to play cards. (i bet jennie was ultra bored, without her skills being challenged=P but she slept after that anyway, all the way till the morning. missing out so much=P) and then we were talking and laughing and talking n laughing. had so much to talk about, even though there were only the 4 of us (awake, namely sixuan grace serene n me). hmm yeah.....and we sat through so many movies....including one in which harrison ford had an affair with a married woman (!!!!) who he met on a street. -_- ewwww. but i reckon the woman had a great, weird sense of humour when she talked to her daughter. oh n harrison ford happened to work on a dangerous assignment with guess who, not surprisingly, her husband, they tried to steal some document from nazis and got caught blarh blarh fled blarh blarh the husband almost died (fell "off" bridge) but harrison ford rescued him (if you die on me i will kill you!) and then "i gotta turn around walk away, and you mustn't look back. go straight into the room and look for the man who loves you so dear" ... interesting huh. that's as much as i caught, on n off, through laughing talking n cards (the whole night). finally we checked out and dragged our stuff back home, victorious from the battle. oh yes, of course special thanks must go to kevin's mom for the wonderful makeup. man she's pro. and the other kevin for the jersey. although wrong country. but it's ok. ooh ms neo ms ning mrs cheriyan and mrs kwan were there=) those are all i saw. but yeah....i have yet to be stricken by the sad truth. it will come. sooner or later.

Monday, November 25, 2002

bbc reporters are so biased. they're so rude. they have no respect for anyone. and they're a grouchy bunch of old, old, spinsters and bachelors. just like... -_- i'm pissed.
on a lighter note. what lighter note.
to think i should have learnt my zahlreiche lessons about irc by now.
i'm talking Unsinn (nonsense) and i've edited this post so many...zahlreiche, times. WHAT am i gonna do for the hols. WHATWHATWHAT!. ... nothing.
i still think harry potter's...sad and scary. doesn't anyone agree with me?? heck. didn't anyone wanna cry when dobby ironed his hands??? you....heartless pple-_- only concerned with flying broomsticks and owl-ish spectacles. -_-
that feels much better=)

Thursday, November 21, 2002

mission accomplished. now for the shoes, and a few dozen other things
potter was scary.

Friday, November 15, 2002

-~Which SUNSET are you? (v.2)~-

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You are the good ol' classic sunset. Romantical and serene, you're genuine nature will guarentee you an incredible amount of pain in this life as you realize how many phony hypocrites are out there. Sooner or later you'll decide to stop hating them and start helping them. Don't expect anything, give your love without abandon and you will reap countless rewards. You are not greedy. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to compromise. Yeah you can be stubborn, but for the most part, you're willing to hang loose. Know this...that no matter what, you are loved.

awww..i love sunsets=~

Friday, November 01, 2002

hmmm. i realise this is the first time i'm completed/'ve completed a phase of my education in ONE WHOLE COMPLETE school. kindergarten in china.....too bad i missed out on the first few year in primary school....and then one year in language school in perth...and then 3 years in public school....2 weeks in pioneer here, 1.25 years in xingnan. and finally, FOUR years. yeah man.