Wednesday, August 15, 2007

every kid should have a dog

seriously, i think every kid should grow up alongside a pup. look into the eyes of an adoring and worshipping creature. have a taste of giving and receiving unconditional love. AWWWWWWW.

ok somebody find me somewhere/one to teach me boxing i need to exert excess energy and punch some bags. lalalalalalalala jump around.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

das ende.

so it is. glad i've weaned myself of some unwholesome addictions over the holiday, but i'd never know if jiu bing will fu fa. definitely feels like it would. feel like i'm on the brink of sth, in (unstable) equilibrium and ready to totter. in or out?

this summer's been quite least how i feel about it has been somewhat, drastically, different. met up with pple certainly..but slow and easy. too slow and easy hmmmmmmmmm.
stunning that i saw so many faces i knew today. and each that i saw brought a brief flashback in mind. recent meetups with girls made me remember what happy days without boys around were like... a dash of respect and Trust. i think the dearth/lack of those in recent times is prob what made me regress rather than grow as a person. sad. don't turn into them; jesterhood wears down the courage to even mention feelings. pothole spotted (too slow, as usual) engage evasive measures? abzureissen. zumeinembesten. fast becoming an expert at being a tough coward.
so i savoured and was touched by the trust, sincerity, and by flowing words in my presence despite an absence of a year. i'm so glad i met some of these girls. taught me alot about giving and receiving empathy.
but for some subconscious reason i keep reminding myself, really: nothing lasts forever. so you can't count on anyone/thing.

ichhol'stückevonmirab und setz'diewiederzusammen
brüchig, zerschmetternbereit

ach! onto a brand new sunfilled weekend. hope my bag's not too heavy harhar.