Tuesday, February 21, 2006


hey all=)
i know i still owe a winter break post. it'll be up. um. soon. (i started a draft of it end of last month!! so you'll see a post appearing out of nowhere before this).
now's not really a good time for me to blog but just to update briefly.
yay! last tuesday i got my driver's license. kudos to my shi fu sq. started from scratch. he really gave me pretty good instructions and knew what i needed as a student.=) i thanked him with plenty of haagen dazs and choc cookies, the least i can do bro;) so i've been driving around n around n around. everyone tells me "you're gonna get sick of it soon". harhar let's hope soon doesn't come. (but i've had my fair collection of little horror stories already=((( and now my friends think i'm a lousy driver harhar)
besides that nothing much interesting. dad is coming to texas some time soon, i said i'll meet up with him in chicago if he doesn't come down to uiuc.
harhar i hope ooi comes over for his spring break. hor,hor. then he'd stop complaining about his place being a ghetto. but chicago would be a nice place to visit for him=) that week of mine's relatively free, but too bad it doesn't coincide with my spring break.
speaking of which, i'm gonna join my 3 dear cool favourite seniors on a roadtrip to. nowhere. that's my idea of a spring/thanksgiving break man. two of them are graduating and sq's doing his fall 06 term in UK so.. yeah i really look forward to it.
and on the last weekend of our springbreak we're heading up to ann arbor for the midwestern games. plenty of friends to see=)! christine junrong selene lihao... harhar it's been a pleasant surprise as to how often i've gotten to see them. see, nothing's impossible, especially what you think is.
hmm, we had cny celebration, a dinner at the ymca. it was nice, to have all the singaporeans around. the food was pretty good too! =)
then last friday ui aik and kokhao organised a belated vday dinner for the freshmen, and we have present exchanging. (we drew lots). they got roses for each of the girls too, so sweet. turns out joshua and i exchanged presents. he wrote me a nice card=)
after that this whole bunch of us (always logistics/transportation problems when there are so many of us, but at least we have enough cars now=) went for movie. we split up, some watched firewall and the others (including me), eight below. which was nice. after that we just went into another theatre and watched pink panther harhar. oh yeah did i mention we bought 8 tickets for ahem, neun leute. ;) oh and after that i drove on the highway for the first time, while getting back. =SS. but i should do it anyway, i intend to drive for spring break's roadtrip (to virginia, sorry not exactly to nowhere=P however a spontaneous trip is still need to plan a bit laar)
so weekends are wonderful man. just going to walmart is therapeutic, i insist. so now we have this girls-to-walmart-then-nice-dinner-then-movie routine for weekends harhar. often followed by mahjong which i refuse to take part in. life is, pretty good.

well things are taking a turn... it's a little strange... but ah well yet some other things that i've learnt in such a short time. making new friends.. (and losing some inevitably.) cheerios.

busy this week, midterm today tmr and on fri, essay test on wed, essay on fri, ... so on so forth. every monday i look forward to The Coming of Friday. whew. yeah it's getting tougher, but i know i can tahan! mwaharhar. possibly playing canoe polo on fri night;) there's always so much to do on weekends, besides plenty of homework.

ciao, bis the next post! (harhar check back a month later. but maybe this weekend i'll chiong the winter break post. i'm only on the second day..but got alot of photos n stories one... cannot rush=P)