Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the chicago bulls lost. -smacks forehead-. uncalled for.

nice weekend, very sweet and memorable. was surprised in the end. and very, very touched. overwhelmed and think i am not entirely deserving. a little uncomfortable with... i don't know what.
but i will remember All the well wishes, and each presence. and, you know how you receive sth nice from someone you're fond of, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

anyway, to further express my gratitude: -groan- -whine- -slap- WHY. ruin my otherwise nice weekend that went MY WAY. pui.

was a little sad. only a few pple from the past remembered. something's not right. too caught up in the present.

so joshua's letter describes it aptly (and sadly). many things change. and i'd better too.
for one, i shall refrain from complaining as much. i promise to try at least. harharhar. (hey you, i can laugh but you can't. pfft.) and two, to get off my bum and stop being a bummer. (this one's not coming along too well). and lastly, i learned not to expect things, esp of pple. all i have to do is bear that in mind.

time to simmer, mellow, keep to myself and resign to my fate. harhar=P
it is safer to be without opinion, jein?

Friday, November 03, 2006

the end/start.

time to start using my brain and common sense. i hope i have alot of those=S

it's finally getting at me. finally getting on my nerves.
but then again, everything and everyone has been getting on my nerves over the past few days. unusually ruffled, and -cough- b****, i feel. something's just not right.
(ok fine i'm just scared.)

many things i'm being forced to do even though deep inside i'm screaming no with all my might. and slapping with all the violence i can muster. harhar. i guess this is just a little prelude.
there is something that could kick me out of this mode.

going up to chicago after school today for the nba season opener. yay. esp since i'm going up with just joshua and junwan. solace in good company.
i used to be thankful for the weekend. but now i just feel that it's not good enough.
i am grateful for all that i have, but once in a while the gratitude slips my mind.

but for now i'll just be here.