Wednesday, February 02, 2005

many things have happened. harhar that doesn't help=)
if i can blog all abt them (don't worry i write everything down=) before friday night, good for all of us. if not, wait till i come back from my holiday on valentine's=) ("mwa i will miss you too" to all those who will miss me, esp on valentine's=) all girls harhar. wah such a good mood dunno why.)
tena koe! um. something oreo ingarihi. and the cute boy/girl one.

ok briefly then. i've been going out with friends..swimming tennis rollerblading. mainly jen and hon. oh yeah jen went in. awwww. harhar=) hon and i visited her last sat at safti. nice=) not so nice to her. i swear, if only i had two lives. i'd spend one of them in the military. and during once of the rollerblading at east coast, with ili and sya, i visited chin yong! that was fun, but quite an ordeal, to rollerblade all the way down to sparkc. but getting better, i become 10 mins faster every single trip=)). but i got a pretty bad...bad .. sth. it's not an abrasion, it's just that the skate was pressing on my leg and there wasn't blood running through so there's a dead patch of skin.=S

well i've started my attachment at nus. it's the tenth day i'm ready to collapse thank you thank you. (save me) i spend about at least, 7 hours in front of the comp each day. by the end of the day i have a headache, am frozen by the surely subzero aircon, and the toilet is my 2nd home. no link but who cares. and the more i probe, the more qtns jump out, (and the more i need to probe etc etc. great. great!=) (heyhey rmb not to take things for granted? yeah. don't)

on a darker note, here's what i've noticed so far:
assume stupid until proven smart
assume attached until proven single (awwwwwwwww dam.=( . anyway i haven't really met any dashing nus hunks=P harharhar=) oh. i got another warped theory about hunks and their character. so fun to ppleobserve and overgeneralise=)
assume bad until proven nice. still assume bad.

so far, i've had lunch at nus with eve (at arts!) shifeng (at business!) and grace! (dinner at arts). yay. met grace just now actually, she went to pgp for harmoc pract. hmm good to see friends. really. i love my friends. (resolution no. er. 6 was it?) perhaps i'll have lunch with telle tmr after her work at nuh! woohoo!
tmr's my last day before i go off for my holiday too lar. so it'll be really good.

oh yeah and i went for grace's (+several others') harmoc concert last tues! t'was very nice, just to see friends was very indulging already. i was with hannah and jiahan. gay punk! no offence=)! cool dude. but concerned/freaked, don't be a player! but actually doesn't affect me much i realise, no matter what a pro player he becomes, he'll always gimme tips (for free!-_-). nice buddy. and i had nice flowers for ttt chenglim (3 blue roses! harharhar blue is nice, i agree.) shireen and grace of course (oo i gave her 6 red roses. the guy selling was rather disapproving. heck). it was worth all the trouble carrying them around, worth the being late, and worth beng a little extra (sonnig how old liao. in jin's words-_-) to have sth beautiful to give them at the end of it all. nice. and then i had supper with chenglim and gang. hmm that was nice, i thought, i'll probably never be in that situation again.

ohoh and there's a dr. mark auch, who's...korean. but grew up in germany! and studied in germany! as i was leaving his office (i just happened to be there; it's a little complex) i talkedt o him in german=))) he was SO nice!!!. harhar from my no. of exclamations you can tell how excited i was. but i've only seen him one other time. aww. hope to run into him more often (at LEAST)=). and nobody pronounces his name properly. i went for a safety training course (then all the nus final year project students ask me, so, are you a postgrad? i used to take it as a compliment, but nowadays i just take it as an insult to my appearance/age. -grumble-), this student popped out of nowhere, said he's under "mark. err, dr. ouch"-_- what the. i wanted to teach him=P
about the identity part. i'm so boring i realise. during intros, all i am is just "i just finished my a levels. waiting for my results. yes i hope to go overseas,depending on how i do...." same over and over and over. that's all i am right now, a schoolless little kid (and not that little either..) stuck in the middle of nowhere, not having gone through anything (i can see from their looks when i tell them i just finished As. "har! small fry! hasn't gone through Anything."). seems like anything before undergrad isn't counted as an education. =P "so, you went to imperial?" "yes i did my phd there" "and before that?" "i did my undergrad at manchester (or sth like that can't rmb)" "oh. -sonnig doesn't dare ask anymore, e.g. what jc are you from. that would surely make him laugh-"

yees happy feng? i have my principles ok, no msn no email checking no blogging during office hours. pro. groan. drop by nus again soon!

well the reason why i'm so jittery is probably coz of friday. alles gute! hmmm. hmmmmm. -scrunch-.

hmmph. don't wanna talk to me.FINE. (i'm sorry=S.=(.=S.) i'm not bothered. ... to be cont'd.../furnished with details.