Saturday, July 02, 2005

now, thursday. i was out again. for what i can't remember. oh yeah, the inter-ri sports prize presentation thing. dropped by imre first to go to biopolis with all of them. of course, i would call on diane=). pity joshua (lim) was out doing his visa stuff. but diane seemed to be enjoying every minute of her work, although teasing her about getting off at 6pm was still a joy for the rest of us=). (seeing her whiny=)
so we broke up into two groups and took cabs there (beekeen the perfectly spoilt girl=P)
when we got to matrix 4th floor the rest had started on the food. short presentation. ok, whatever, food. and even after i hung around alot...and... hmm.

friday, there was the oic meeting for the performance. tough. but i think if we break the group down it'll be more manageable. and that's what we intend to do on saturday evening.
it was a pretty eventful meeting. oh yeah before that we (yun and i) met up with josh (tan) manfred and junrong for lunch at moe.
after which, i was Driven to town! by yunlei!! first time. and she was such a smooth driver.
we met emily at lido, we ate and she ate Some More. i realise, it was the first time i met up with them simply just to hang around, eat etc. it was interesting=). yun vick josh etc were mahjonging at night! so fun right. they've done alot of things together=) happy that everyone's having so much fun. would've liked/would like to join them but it's a little stretchy for me. (and parents actually)

saturday (today), went to swim at yishun safra with jen and hon. like we used to. it's been such a long time since i've seen both of them (properly), jen esp. and we've only 4 more weekends left. after that met the song/instrumental group at city hall mrt. then we moved off to the rooftop at the esplanade. which turned out to be a good/bad idea coz ndp rehearsal was on. so many planes! helicopters, planes, jets, and many more types whose names belong to a department of vocabulary i am sorely destitute in. but it was touching to see the flag fly past. i stood up and watched it as it did so. and jumped up and down in excitement at all the other fighter jets doing acrobatics and climbing at 45degree angles into the clouds.
oh yeah. meeting. it was good! 1st rehearsal for girls at my house 9am wednesday. (this is a reminder for myself)

oh yeah, sagar left in the morning (6am=S). i didn't see him yesterday... was waiting for him to ring but was sorta occupied too..

on the 4th book!
thought i could keep my head up and my vision high and far. but slipping away! down.
am trying to be an introvert (=keeping things to yourself right?). i am half half. i figured out what this half-half means for me. not what i hoped, the "moderate and balanced" type, instead, the "extreme in different conditions" type.

i am going to sit back. relax. and wait.

it's tough to deal with feelings of insecurity (latent in the act of meeting new people). it's tough to feel, and take it within your stride the fact that, some people like you, and others simply don't. i guess you just have to... live with it. be thankful for the connections you do have, and don't ask for more.
versuch immer, eine bessere person zu sein. (aber nicht zu schwer)
you could be so much better, you could be so much more