Sunday, June 30, 2002

well. that was pretty. depressing. but. reasonable i must say. brazil WAS better. although 1-0 would've been alot less....crushing for kahn. but nevermind. i still love germany. i still love kahn. one man.... could do all that. he's still the best.

*cross my fingers*.
*hold my breath*

Saturday, June 29, 2002

aaaaaaaaaaargh!!! yeah yeah yeah go go go go!!!! =)

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Kahn is king of the keepers

FIFA have confirmed Germany's Oliver Kahn as the number one goalkeeper of the World Cup.

The Bayern Munich player, who up to the Final had conceded just one goal in six matches, was today confirmed as winner of the prized Yashin Award.

The 33-year-old's superb performances have been instrumental in carrying what many consider to be one of the worst Germany sides in their national team's history all the way to the Yokohama final.

The previous winners of the award, which is named after Soviet Union soccer legend Lev Yashin, were France's Fabien Barthez (1998) and Belgium's Michel Preud'homme (USA '94).

Meanwhile, the Belgian class of 2002 have won the tournament's fair play award. The Red Devils, who were knocked out by Brazil in a thrilling second-round encounter, received only seven yellow cards in their four matches.

Sweden and Japan finished second and third behind Robert Waseige's team.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Some Quotes..
'You were a crap player, you are a crap manager. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are manager of my country and you're not even Irish, you English ****. You can stick it up your bollocks.' Roy Keane on Ireland manager Mick McCarthy

'We are not here to have a great time as we have a job to do and, anyway, Japan is probably not my favourite holiday destination.' Assistant coach Michael Skibbe endears himself to the locals

'The first game is decisive for the rest of the tournament. We certainly won't underestimate them.' Oliver Kahn talks up Saudi Arabia - who they then beat 8-0

'It is like one of those crazy bouncing balls, those that you play with when you are a kid.' Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon gets his excuses in early

'We weren't lucky. It's the Irish who have a flower in their arses! What the referee did makes you want to kill him. He crushed us. And as for the linesman - he's got a spring-loaded arm.' Manager Josè Antonio Camacho after Spain beat Ireland

'Landon Donovan can play up front as one of our two forwards or underneath our two forwards.' USA's Bruce Arena talks tactics

'I was stunned by the way Cameroon played. It frightened me. I have never seen such a lazy group of players compete in a World Cup.' Franz Beckenbauer, for once not criticising Germany

'What would help the Ecuadorian side is if they could get a glimpse of the possibility of scoring a goal.' Graham Taylor shows his legendary motivational skills

'They've certainly grown, the Japanese. I mean grown in stature, playing-wise.' Ron Atkinson narrowly averts a diplomatic incident

'Brazil train every day with its reserve team and they are better than the official England team.' Brazil goalkeeper Marcos shows remarkable foresight

'My team-mate Cafu had told me that David Seaman usually moves forward preparing to take the square balls. It was a bit far, but I tried it.' Ronaldinho talks up his winner against England

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Dallas stands by penalty decision

Scottish referee Hugh Dallas insists he was correct to deny the USA the penalty that could have kept their World cup dream alive.
The Americans bowed out of the competition following their 1-0 defeat at the hands of Germany, who have booked their place in the semi-finals against co-hosts South Korea.
They claimed they were denied a spot-kick that could have forced the game into extra-time when Torsten Frings handled the ball on the goalline.
But Dallas believes he was right to wave play on, insisting the German did not deliberately handle the ball in the area, and has already been backed by FIFA for his decision.
He told the Sunday Mail: 'I know there was an incident in the game where the call was for a penalty to the USA when the ball hit the arm of a German player. Without going into detail, as FIFA rules forbid me from speaking about specific incidents, I had a totally clear view.
'We're taught to judge these incidents by watching to see if the arm moves and a foul can only be given if it is deliberate hand to ball and not ball to hand. If it's not intentional it's not a foul, no matter where it is.
'Even in the debrief with the FIFA inspector where we went over the major incidents he didn't have a problem with the way the game had been officiated. And that was reiterated at the main debrief in Tokyo which went well for me too.'

Tuesday, June 25, 2002


hai you see the way the gooooooose guy goes around criticising everyone. just coz *miraculously* they're in the semi-finals.
i think this world cup has been totally wasted, because it was meant for politics. this world cup has been total crap.
poor ollie will have to wait another 4 years.
and poor seaman's like..........sigh
and so many others.....
wasted their 4 years man. and 4 years to an athlete is like..........sigh.
crap. bullshit man.

well let's thank whoever's up there...that this has only been a waste of 4 years of lives of pple.......millions of pple die because of wars, because of politicans....and what happens in the end. sign smile handshake.

damn it help. everything on audiogalaxy's unavailable now.

i thought spain had only one which was truly....yuan1? the other one was coz morientes was offside first?

politics has infiltrated our lives.
like ad says, "its too bad soccer can't be enjoyed purely as soccer."

it's all about politics. all of it. sure maybe conspiracy and bribery's too big a word...but how about international recognisation of an asian country? how about shang3 lian3 to the host?
well it seems perfectly logical to me.
home advantage's not only just about the whole stadium cheering YOU's not about playing on familiar grounds. it's about having an advantage because of politics too.

i wish germany luck from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Monday, June 24, 2002

Fair play, please
Jeff Powell in Gwanju

The great game robbery goes on and on, clouding this World Cup spectacle with dark suspicions of fraud and conspiracy.

The South Korean phenomenon can no longer be taken at face value. Something sinister seems to be lurking beneath the story-book facade of this odyssey of the underdog.

Romantic though the Red Devils might appear and refreshing as their whirlwind football may be, they have no right appearing in tomorrow's semi-final.

The Koreans have been beaten twice in everything but name. That, after being given more outside assistance towards an earlier victory than an old man in a wheelchair would need to climb Mount Everest.

They have made history not on merit but by some mysterious intervention which, if not divine, has to be dubious.

Once can be an accident. Twice could be coincidence. But South Korea have benefited three times from decisions which, when viewed together, give the impression of being as biased as a crown green bowl.

The Portuguese claimed they had been cheated. Then the Italians. Now the Spanish. Sour grapes? Not after the most grievous injustice at the weekend.

Portugal had two players sent off. Italy had a valid golden-goal winner disallowed, and now, most grotesquely of all, Spain have had two good goals, any one of which would have prevented their quarter-final going to penalties, and probably a normal-time penalty ruled out.

To make it all the more sickening, Spain had begun to look like the class act of a World Cup in bad need of quality superseding surprises in its final stages.

The term upset has taken on a different meaning from when it was used to describe the premature elimination of Argentina and France.

Not only are the Portuguese, Italians and Spanish upset but also everyone who wants to believe the global game is as honest as it is beautiful.

FIFA has received almost half a million angry e-mails and no doubt more are on their way from Spain.

The writers mostly suspect that influences even more powerful than the rabid Korean crowds are being brought to bear on the referees and linesmen.

Although the most common accusation is that the World Cup organisers want an Asian team to prosper to keep public interest here alive, the protesters may have an unexpected ally.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is himself talking critically of the officials. In so doing, he may be taking an oblique swipe at one of the richest and most ambitious power brokers in Asia.

Chung Mong-Joon was one of the most outspoken opponents of Blatter's re-election. He is also thought to be using his positions as president of the Korean Football Federation and co-chairman of their World Cup organising committee to launch his political bid to become president of the country.

To that end, Dr Chung is riding the wave of patriotic fervour by using such words as 'emancipation and liberation' to describe how 'football has been the catharsis through which we have discovered that we are one people again'.

The question is whether the means are as noble as those ends.

The Korean people dismiss doubters, especially the Italians, as bitter whingers. But if something is amiss, they would also be victims of a terrible deception.

England rigged the 1966 draw so they could play every game at Wembley and there will always be a vigorous debate as to whether the vital second goal in Geoff Hurst's World Cup Final-winning hat-trick really crossed the German line.

But we have never seen anything which looks as blatant as this.

Now, unless everything about tomorrow's game in Seoul is transparently fair, we shall find ourselves in the contrary position of rooting for the Germans.

maybe i should go for this one.........

Which PPG are you?

serene where do you get all this stuff-_-.

Which PPG are you?


but then the part about you being as tall as a 5 year old girl ......... hmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday, June 22, 2002

harhar decided to give it a go as well.

I'm Dear Crabby, who isn't so very crabby a-tall.

Actually, you're not crabby in the least. You're just pretty damn stupid and downright obsessed with names.

Niche: You belong in a cave with cavemen. You're basically that primitive; there's nothing substantial to your whimsy character. Your sense of humor is great, but only when people are laughing at you. Basically, you say stupid things which turn out being funny later. By the way, I love your name.

Upbringing: Nobody knows exactly where you came from. Probably some Alaskan forest where you were raised by badgers. There probably aren't badgers in Alaska, but I bet that's what made you deranged in the first place.

Aspirations: You want to move up in the newsletter society. Ach Mein Gott has been unsettling for you lately, so you need to move on! But I'll be damned if anyone else will hire you.

Quirks: You don't have it in your heart to hate. Your only funny quirk is your obsession with names, especially those meant to be offensive to you, such as "Nuke the Crabby Woman." You just don't get it, and that can make you downright adorable.

* * *

Find your whimsy character


as you can see i am just crabby. and not to mention head-strong. so forgive me if you find my comments about your respective beloved teams offensive. i've tried very hard to cover up the meanness for those teams which i think don't deserve my puny insignificant opinions. (but it's another story for one team-_-)
i'll be fine.

Friday, June 21, 2002

did you see the english guy flicking the brazilian's hand away? did you see the english guy shouting and refusing to give over the ball for the free kick? did you see the english tapping their watches at the referee? did you see the english ramming the brazilian out of the field?
time to go home.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

i can't believe someone accused my blog of being insipid. -_-
would you like me going round cursing everyone? or......perhaps................reveal your little bit of secret to make a piece of juicy gossip? *wiggle eyebrows* not bad an idea actually. heheheh. YOU yes YOU.

Die Prinzen

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch.

Natürlich hat ein Deutscher „Wetten Dass“ erfunden,
vielen Dank für die schönen Stunden.
Wir sind die freundlichsten Kunden auf dieser Welt,
wir sind bescheiden, wir haben Geld,
die Allerbesten in jedem Sport,
die Steuern hier - sind Weltrekord.
Bereisen Sie Deutschland
und bleiben Sie hier,
auf diese Art von Besuchern - warten wir.
Es kann jeder hier wohnen,
dem es gefällt,
wir sind das freundlichste Volk,
auf dieser Welt...

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch.

Nur eine Kleinigkeit ist hier verkehrt,
und zwar das Schumacher keinen Mercedes fährt.
(Mercedes fährt...)

Das alles ist Deutschland (ohh),
das alles sind wir (ohh),
das gibt es nirgendwo anders,
nur hier - nur hier.

Das alles ist Deutschland (ohh),
das sind alles wir,
wir leben und wir sterben hier.

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch.

Es bilden sich viele was auf Deutschland ein,
und mancher findet es geil - ein Arschloch zu sein.
Es gibt manchen der sich gern’ über Kanaken beschwert
und zum Ficken jedes Jahr nach Thailand fährt.
Wir lieben unsere Autos mehr als unsere Frauen,
denn deutschen Autos können wir vertrauen.
Gott hat die Erde nur einmal geküsst,
genau an dieser Stelle wo jetzt Deutschland ist.
Wir sind überall die besten – natürlich auch im Bett,
und zu Hunden und Katzen,
besonders nett.


Wir sind besonders gut im auf die Fresse hauen,
auch im Feuerlegen - kann man uns vertrauen.
Wir stehen auf Ordnung und Sauberkeit,
wir sind jederzeit für ’nen Krieg bereit.
Schönen Gruß an die Welt seht es endlich ein,
wir können stolz auf Deutschland
(Deutschland, Deutschland...)

Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein.

[Refrain 2x]

it's like a tongue twister.....

sorry the-rest-of-the-dudes=)

Friday, June 14, 2002

hey!!! at the special request of my compulsive-crap-blogging friend here..........i've decided to write ...whatever i can as well.
first things first.
i haven't seen any shows. =~ sniff.................(eh really i'm sick again......=( )
i haven't re-read 1984 and do not intend to in the distant future. hmmmmmmm i had alot to say about it but.....yeah well that was then. now is now=). it's just crap. so stop debating about it=P.
and damn i'm lagging again. and my palm is itching like nuts and i've no idea why it feels like ... being pricked by a caterpillar or something not like i ... remember i've been pricked by one argh but what the heck and my keyboard makes a really loud noise when i type............and it's two in the morning. *whew*.
and somebody wants to french kiss someone and someone else is not over someone. and someone claims he's cute..........harharharharharhar
gee this IS complicated.
and i'm hungry.
and i've FIVE BLARDIE days left till thurs 20th june.
and i didn't know serene lives in a MANSIONETTE...............such a cute name...

world cup.
"we will be heroes! and we're gonna win! no matter what you do we're never ever giving in!"
for those who know what i'm singing about.
hey finally they're starting to show the matches on channel 5. my mom's gonna be ecstatic......she's been so upset over the past few days not being able to watch. =)
and well...owen....was cuter last time.
and barthez is........i didn't say whether he was cute or ugly but he's cool.
yeah i'm real sorry about france n argentina .... awwwwwww..............

hey you know what. i think i should write to lizhu and ask for her opinion on....the....bi3 xian1 thing. it's kinda............coming true. but only half the description's true. heheh here's the gossip you wanted serene. though definitely not gossipy enough for you=) yeah but i assure you it's zhen1 cai2 shi2 liao4 man=).

yes. and i'm jealous.
having weird mood swings. ah well too bad.
oh yeah my niece is here...
that's all i gotta say for today Volken=)
ich muss ein bisschen deutsch üben auch=)
oh recently after i came back from the goethe institut i fell in love with this song called "deutsch" by "die prinzen" (oh man so gross a band name) and it's .... pretty cool. before this i was like. what the.....german pop are you sure??? but it's really cool=) i guess the irony n all makes it a whole lot more interesting. =) night everyone=)

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

i think. people are mostly responsible for their own downfall. don't you think so?
before we...lament about everything in our pathetic lives, and feel suicidal.......why don't we look back and see, WHY is it i didn't have friends, WHY is it i'm not successful. so before we start hating, think of what we can do to ourselves, to help ourselves. hmmm.

Monday, June 03, 2002

i'm missing someone's so weird. early in the can just think of the weirdest things.....suddenly stuff pop into your mind......
i think my life isn't that great. but it's much greater than alot of other pple's.
i was really touched, by "love united"....hmmm. felt like crying. yeah ... pple can be so nice. that's the worst part i think....not just that pple can be mean, but when you make a's definitely heart-wrenching.
i went to the goethe institut today, at somerset. for the german course thing...i love german=) it's gonna be for this whole week....every morning. we're gonna learn more about detail. that's really cool. oh and the lady in charge of us, she's called anja, and she has such beautiful sky blue eyes.......mesmerized.

hmmm....actually i'm quite hmmmm.....just finished chatting to serene=) who's as usual........drooling=)
my comp's on the verge of breakdown. was downloading halfway then......*sniff*
i'm listening to the radio and daniel ong has gone off. awwwwww. so boring now. at least they leave the songs on.
finished compre......=P trying to do the chinese past year papers. ok. paper.