Wednesday, November 26, 2003

after a long time i'm here again. i'm going off for obs tomorrow. so exciting...but so nervous at the same time. since the last time i posted much has happened, like german paper. i enjoyed the lunch on friday. it was good seeing everyone again, even though we just saw one another on wed-_- but it's different you see, for us rj pple we'll see one another around, but the others, like khin, wai wai, xiz. i think i'll miss khin's laugh alot. and anni, always giggling in that funny way, about things that aren't really funny to me, which seem to make her crack up though. but it's ok i still see most of them online. oh yes and herr w didn't turn up, he got the msg but said he had sth on. so that's it, the end of our german studying. but hey look on the bright side, i never have to run up to bishan twice a week again. that cheers me up every time=)

i also went to the airport with jen and kai last monday and attempted to study, and attempted to enjoy the whole atmosphere, but it was a little lacking, since we only saw 2 planes taxi in and another taking off=S. after that we went off, bought lots of junk and went over to kai's house=) that was the funnest i think. and kai gave me the present that she and val bought. thanks=) i'm using it.

so holidays, i've been rotting away at home. going online every day. harhar i managed to have a webcam session just now (technology never ceases to amaze me) and i could see patrick sitting in his chair looking all sophisticated and neat. but equally bored...his office did look pretty boring. i got nothing much to say to him=(.. which is why i didn't even start a conversation when i got online. he says he (and pigen)'ll be coming next january, around cny. =) quite exciting but...what am i gonna do about it. show him around. there's nothing sentosa. at most chinatown. but i'm not even familiar with that place. and i dont' like that place. so messy.

so, obs. i hope there's more kayaking than anything. please? now i hear the 8 hours of isolation is during the night. great. aww c'mon think positive. hope i can wake up at 6 tmr, after all i've been waking up at around noon these .. few weeks. =S. i'm bringing my phone this time! ah all the wonderful memories. ales! hmm some funny feeling about that. and i'm bringing starchart this time too=) i'll spend sleepless nights (year right, sleepless.) under the sky and trying to star hop. yeah=) but will be too exhausted probably. i just remember the last time we were there on the beach i could only recognise scorpius and i THINK cassiopaeia and mars and really regretted not bringing the starchart.

i met lee li li in the tunnel at buona vista. we walked past each other, she looked at me for a fleeting moment, which caused me to notice her. and then after walking past and 2 seconds, i suddenly realised it was her. why? i recognised .... THE MOLE. (when i said this khin and ivy were so tickled. we were chatting last night and i was trying to tell xiz) leelili looks a little rounder now which was why i couldn't recognise her at first. harhar so fun i hope she can't remember who i am, although i've never been really, THAT mean to her. rrrrrrrrrrrrright? righto. i was how guai in sec 1.=)

i watched several crappy movies on tv over the weekend, namely casper, dumb n dumber and phantom, over 3 days. casper was ... errrrrr. the act-cute-n-friendly was a little offputting. and there was fully room for development of tragic elements. (he was a GHOST and he didn't know it. how tragic is that. "i'm really a ghost!") but for the sake of it being a well-loved, sweet, happily-ever-after family show..
dumb n dumber. man. i think in terms of making you wince at the words they say and the things they do, and making you thank you lucky stars above that you have nothing to do with them, they're good. but it's not easy to be so..unsubtle about certain embarrassing things that pple never talk abt. like bean. but i think it takes an attainment of a high level of sophistication to be able to portray, or rather, decide to portray, such, shallow things in life.
but the last part was really cracking-upish. the busload of bikini babes pulling up to them going, "hey guys, you're in luck, we're looking for 2 guys to travel around america with us and apply oil for us before every show (drool? drooool)". and harry grins and goes, "well you're in luck! there's a town 2 miles down south, i'm sure you'll find 2 guys there!". well that's dumb for you.

ah and the last one, "phantom". when i saw that guy in purple i recognised the face even though the eyes were masked. he's that guy who always plays the baddie. bill zane (i think). so i was really happy that for once he gets to play the good guy. no matter how...uncool this hero is. (purple!) and he really shouldn't take off his mask and be "kitt (sth)" coz his eyes are so uncannily big it makes him look evil. well not the bigness of it..the intensity. so please don't try to look doleful, coz it seems like he's just trying to act ke lian and then he'll stab you in the back or sth=P but yeah he's got pretty eyes. oh and the plot's damn cliched but nevertheless very romantic=) if i were a guy i'd roll my eyes (but i'm not). like he did so much (hang from the pontoon of the seaplane, in which his girl was flying with te baddies, all the way from new york to some island in the atlantic (how unbelievable but..)) doesn't that just make you go AWWWWWWWW...? no? ok nvm then. oh and catherine zeta-jones. she was playing a small part (evil b**ch turned good and sisterly in the end, who has a secret crush. no not so secret. on the phantom who just doesn't give a damn about her, instead the whole world about the petite curly haired little blonde, also his collegemate (college-ex as well i think). harharharhar see the hackneyed-ness?). anyway. man catherine zeta-jones. she is so...mysterious...classy...seductive...which is why i really wanna watch intolerable cruelty. watch her drag clooney around by the nose. pretty arty.
but it was fun.

alright, run off to get a few more things for tomorrow. my clothes are still a pile on the bed. don't know how i'm gonna fit all that into two bags. ciao! bis 5. dezember. good luck for SATs!