Monday, June 26, 2006


went to sentosa. turned out there were 6 of us. but i had fun. laid on the beach for 10 mins...before the guys came back with a volleyball. that was fun, except i was aching all over from it for the next two days. then a little soccer too! harhar. had fun playing sports lar.
oh, and very pampered, again, coz helmi drove heheheheheh.
then the boys decided that they wanted to lan. so we went to dhoby gaut and lanned for an hour, (not me of course). then after that helmi drove us to the uiaas bbq. foooooood. yum. satay. yuum. that's about it. met like 6 years' worth of uiuc ssa presidents harhar. i had to ask for a timeline coz i was very confused. hmmmmmm. well the seniors had fun coz they got to meet their seniors! but i ate lar. what else can i do. harhar. helmi sent me back=((((. so paiseh. so far away.
huh what did i do on sunday. oh yeah. i went for the national harmoc competition to support grace. i met teck tee and kitling (if i remembered his name right=P... ) and hannah came later too. harhar.
a glimpse and taste of love.
not only between the objects of my observation, that is. it's so...awwwwwwww of course. i've semi-prepared my speech for my friend's wedding liao. harhar. but also how truly happy i felt for her and how proud i am of her. and how i feel pretty certain that she'll always accept me and think well of me.
lots of love.
then grabbed a bite with teck tee before he had to rush back home for booking in. harhar. well at least they're gonna disrupt next week. slackers=P so talked to him a bit. harhar. just feel like pampering my juniors.
"work". yunlei and gerentt arrived today. and the predeparture pple are back. what a...noisy day. yunlei and gerentt drove, so we picked up the i2r pple and headed for biopolis. there we met zhihao sarah vick rina. harhar. big party. nice. after that we squeezed into gerentt's car and when we arrived back at imre, suddenly decided to head fo rdessert at science canteen, like they did last time. harhar. sheeeesh.
after work i met up with zhihao at buona vista, oops made him and jonathan and winston wait=SS damn. it was um, a minor oversight (breathe and count to 10 now). so i followed zhihao back to his home, where we met justin and sarah, and we played tennis till 9ish. yay. fun. next mon's booked already.

still confused.
not good when there are many pple around.

Friday, June 23, 2006


last last wed
ahhhhhhhhhh. !$#!%!#$!@#%!@#$. goal in the 91st min by oliver neuville. ahhhhhhh.
last last thurs
sixuan and her mom came over to pick up missy. who almost couldn't remember them-_-. and by now my mom's her new -favouritest person- =PP.
talked to telle on the phone. she was so excited. it's great to remember some things dont' change.
last last friday
left a little early from work (sian. what else can i say) and went to town with sq to meet ui aik and junwan. then helmi and dquek joined us.. and we had dinner...and more food...and dessert. and once again i found myself in the midst of interesting Guy Talk. saw...the guy's perspective. traumatising=S
ui aik was leaving for his holiday tmr, and he was really tired and quiet. hmm. so in the end helmi drove the 5 of us (by that time junwan had left) to cheese prata outside nus, and gossiped somemore. harhar. who said guys didn't like to gossip. but it was..interesting insights and anecdotes. then helmi sent me back while dquek navigated for him. =SSS feel bad for living so far away in the middle of nowhere.
last sat
met helmi and this lady from contact at bugis..had lunch chatted a while. she was quite nice=).
then met up with the rest at dhoby gaut..mark kay dquek kokhao sq... eunice!! after a long long time. harhar. then junwan and joshua arrived. and the guys went lan-ing. -clap.- they tried to get us to play too but nah...i really wasn't in such a mood. so the 3 of us girls went opp to a cafe and settled down for some coffee and dessert. and a nice chat of course.
then after that i left with eunice.
well joshua has arrived. that helped things alittle harhar. and stayed till noon to wish Someone a happy birthday. (yes, happy 21st birthday) missed out on lunch with joshua ngiam ros and yaowei at biopolis/holland v. Instead! i went to arts with sq, and we met eunice and sharon, her little sis! who is very cute harhar. so lunch was very nice! and long...=S. can tell eunice is very close to her sister...who is still rather young though. spotted many rj folks, including junwan's friend. met qixiang and liangjie too.
then went to biopolis for the tea session with lim swee say. many pple around, few from my batch though. saw zhihao and brenda, the dsi/berk boys, uiuc pple... yup. the talk was pretty good.
met up with ngiam and yaowei for lunch. tried to jump out from behind and "boo"-ed them but they slowly turned around and went oh. hi. -_-. well, found out everything still about the same..yaowei still as crazy harhar. and he has had more crazy fun over the past year. and i found out his little sis is coming to uiuc too. and he assured me that she's nothing like him. nice;) (just kidding=P) oh yeah qixiang showed up too. and a very long lunch again we took. -_-
was gonna meet shyhchang and lihao at the moe bus stop at 6.30 for dinner at holland v=)). on my way there i met..well..shyh chang at the overhead bridge... he was talking to apparently soeone he ran into too. and zhihao..and winston and christine..and joses...and....adhy...dave... hmmm. well we met lihao..turns out despite all our invitations there were only 3 of us... we went to holland v crystal jade... then ice kachang at the hawker center=). we chatted till 10+. it was really nice. =). happy.
gave up, went straight for phototaking at biopolis. the line got longer after i got there. there were a few pple from my batch there already, vick, justin, qixiang, yaowei, ... yeah quite a few. i met my junior too. forgot his name and forgot how i knew him. was reminded that he was from my junior class and his name too, later on. harhar. he was very shy and well behaved. oh dear i look down on young pple. and then ngiam and ros came..and christine halima zhihao and sarah. jsut to name a few. i was leaving with the rest, rounding the bend, caught sight of tracy when i heard someone call me. it was haroldau. that @#$!^!$^!#$!%@#. 2nd sentence after he called me : you put on weight. BISH. but harold au. what a character. one in a million-_- so talked to both of them a bit, until i had to run coz the rest were waiting. the bunch of us made our way to holland v..slowly... and we went to essential brew. where once again, i met an rgs girl waitering there. zhenni this time. harhar. long lunch... then after that i went to jurong east with vick and tracy to catch cars. which was..well...cute.
went to biopolis again, for the meet the juniors session. was kinda looking forward to it, i mean, skip work, free food, socialise. but it was boring, initially. harhar. draggy lar. then after that... mixing lor. 6 pple coming to uiuc. 3 (not confirmed yet) doing physics. i like the girl, seems really sweet=) and i don't ... grr.
it was interesting during the socializing. was with joanne for a while. hmmm. concerned. and then i met the guy who bluffed me at the rj scholarship talk=PPP and i asked him to show me his gf. it was quite sweet=)
after the group of usual...dragged our feet..and couldn't decide whether or not to go to town. heck. we got moving in the end...lost more than half the pple (go back home to zz) at the station ... and had tracy christine vick yaowei jiamin and i left. the two girls left too... and the 4 of us...(such a weird company i must admit harhar, but nonetheless very entertaining.) decided to head for balcony at heeren. we had some drinks...i got quite happy and sleepy too. and then vick and jiamin left for lido to meet someone (guess who=P) and i , being the sucker i am for dessert, went to spinelli downstairs for cake with yaowei who turned out to be a gentleman;). then i went back to jurong pt to meet jennie...had a bite... then watched "just my luck". coz i was in a fuzzy happy mood of course. awwwwwwwwwwww. nice friday evening though. pretty relaxing.

sentosa tmr. pray weather's good and pray not just what, 3 of us are gonna show up.
more activities are lined up! yay. and next week more pple are coming to work. especially back in imre. yay.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"when i fall in love..."

pretty interesting weekend.

"shopped" on my own for a while before meeting jennie. i reiterate. i hate shopping.
met her at the rock auditorium. sat through the 2pm service with her. it was quite interesting, more like how it is back in champaign. but it felt quite long though. but darlene zschech (however you spell her name=S) was there. she's good man.

after that we ate and shopped a bit. nice wallet;) and finally i got shoes. whew.
then we went to sheraton towers a little before 7, and met mag as well. wah so nice to see her! to catch up with her. we were at a table of indian doctors, so the later part of the evening was full of jokes and warnings about medicine. hmmmmm. the dinner was loooong i was fullllll. the bride and groom. ahhh. occasions like these make you dream a little. (psst, already thought of who's gonna make the speech for mine;) it was very sweet. hon was busy running aorund socialising too; she hardly sat down to have her dinner at our table. harhar and i kept saying how good she looked, such that mag and jen started getting the wrong idea :|. so the dinner ended with a hard-to-crack awfully chocolatey ice cream, and a long line outside the ballroom to congratulate the bride, groom, and families. thanks for inviting us hon! i look forward to yours;) will be forever.

then i got back pretty late, caught the last train, and 2nd last bus.. and came home to an overexcited dog. who is now staring at me earnestly with sparkly eyes and heads-on-paws while bravely resisting the urge to fall asleep. i don't think i've received so much adoration in my whole life. Hmmmmmm. scary=S well anyway, it's sixuan's dog missy, who's here for 4 days coz sixuan's going on holiday. yay! doggy. and doggybreath. her name shall be "eeeeeeeeeeee" for the next 4 days.

"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job."
-Franklin P

Friday, June 09, 2006

good game! happy. and quite pleasantly surprised too.


gestern kapiere ich, dass ich die angst vor misserfolg, ablehnung und verlust habe. deswegen ich bisher niemand wahrlich geliebt habe. nicht familie, freunde, doch weiterhin jungen. ich habe nie eine echte beziehung herstellt.... hmmmm.

was at "work" mon tues thurs fri. thurs was happifying, i had a talkcock partner yay! and not much work to do. so all the better. fri was a little sadder.. went too early for my own good. bored to tears and i was really mean (sorry boo).

finished early and headed for town though. met jen and her dad and bro at buona vista mrt. oh yeah met yuyun at the moe bus stop in the morning! she's working at imcb. actually considered catching a show on my own (over the hedge=) heard it's cute). but just..bummed around. so relaxing. met some uiuc pple at orchard station. joshua! =) dennis and helmi. was nice. we had dinner at far east (cheap cheap, good good), then walked down orchard in search of a good dessert place. ended up at nydc outside heeren (pissed). there were 12 of us! sweet.

and i'm beginning to feel stretched thin again. and i'm beginning to think i'm treating my guy friends better than girl friends. or is it just coz the only girlfriends i have are the limited number, from 412.

long chat. h is going crazy -_-.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i am very free. Hmmmmmm. as you can tell from the increased frequency of my postings.
met up with dpoon and ui aik and dennis on thurs for lunch. then after that we just bummed around, and dennis as usual enlightened us with curious facts. then i met my mom and we shopped for a while before heading home.
ok sat and sun i totally stayed home-_-
started my attachment yesterday.
-refrains from groaning-.
-tries very hard to refrain from groaning-.
but i met halima first thing in the morning! yay=)) we're in for this together. but saw 3 other names there. (harhar Joshua Lim.pdf, Ooi Chin Chun.pdf HAHA) it'll be fun when the rest join us.
so sat/slept through safety training for the past 2 days. met my advisor who's damn nice. who said "just do whatever you wanna do" after the first day which i took to include "go home if you wanna". that was yesterday.
..evening with cai..
left after the training today to meet cai at clarke quay. met nikki and her other um.."colleague". and then we ate our way down clarke quay. that was fun!=) and we went into the eski bar (not to mention freezing our butts off inside for a while), had a drink, talked for a while. there was a nice dessert place with a cointreau truffle that will certainly make hon and teck tee (chocolate lovers, sheesh) Melt. that's it i'm bringing them. nice and relaxing evening. but have (real) work to do starting from tmr. zz.
life feels stagnant again. i feel stagnant again.


nice photo to cheer things up: me fiona and eunice in turkey run. (looking very happy, before we got lost)

i wonder if you feel the same. hmmmm.
(disclaimer: it's not as scandalous as it sounds.)