Tuesday, April 23, 2002

hmmm. that's why i'm here. cool down coz i was overheating.

argh. i reeeeeally need to cool down. i got all worked up just doing yue4 bao4, the overdue by 18 days one, about wu3 xia2 xiao3 shuo1.......i got pissed reading the jianbaos.....the later ones who were trying to defend jin yong.....i wrote like...a sentence scolding the author for every sentence he wrote or something...and i started drawing mamemos (it's correct spelling right?) across the page. hmmmmmm. maybe i should go some exotic place to cool down. take a holiday. new zealand!! the ad's so tempting!!!! aaaaaaaargh. ok agreed (i wonder with whom) my honeymoon will be there

thanks bud for the advice. oh. *psst*. is elf...that person you were talkin about?

Monday, April 22, 2002

am on the climax of pissification today. so damn f*ingly pissifying. left with xiz right before ss (and ponned guitar as well)!!! to go n support nationals table tennis c div finals yeah we won but i was so damn pissed at this sec...1 girl i think who was so damn it rude. i yelled after her "what's your problem?!?!?!?!?". then was pissed, coz someone wanted to buy something else n didn't wanna go n order cake with me. i mentioned calling n that person was like.....NO OBVIOUSLY CANNOT CALL what's her problem man i didn't even ask HER to call. aaaaaaargh. so in the end me n xiz ordered a chocolate gateau at lot 1 bengawan solo. was pleasantly surprised that we could pick it up some other place instead of lot 1. taka. then was pissed again. dunno why. kinda like...mood swinging again. or rather....hmmmmmmm.
then someone spewed rubbish at me but i put up with it coz the person was UNDER ALOT OF STRESS.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

i just typed a huge,looooong entry and ie died...............ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just have to start all over again.

saturday 130402 did all that i planned to do except for the posh breakfast and was even late for inphotal. was damn pissed.

monday 150402 nothing much. only guitar. looloo sneaked in instead of ad coz ad was at the lyricist competition. the stupid guy was like "have i seen you before?" and later "if you're having trouble just ask her (me)"

tuesday 1604023rd lang...nothing much. everyone else went for cadenza!!!!!!!!!!

wednesday 170402so damn pissed at penrats (jumbled up term). piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed (guess it's also coz of the ie hanging thing) had lunch in school with kailyn, coz she was leaving the next day for world cup in shanghai. so fun.

thursday 180402i was the only one at 3rd lang.........so i had to collect homework for ting, who was prepping for debate, and xiz who suddenly decided that morning that she should go to the netball finals and support mag against ijtp. we won!!!

friday 190402 i decided in the morning that i should go for debate finals. so stayed back after history remedial which ended at 3, and went off with ad in the evening to acjc. halfway there ad suddenly suggested that we should get something for serene. so we got off at raffles place n got her a nice, appropriate card (coz all the rest were either "our deepest sympathies" or "congratulations!" so we couldn't have decided) even though the design wasn't half as satisfactory. anyways we wrote on the train...all wobbly n slanting. got there, quickly gave it to her before we went in. i wanted to sneak out halfway after our debate, but there was no interval!!! so had to stay for the whole thing. we beat mgs (diane's team) n ri beat ny. oh yay. so now ri 1st ny 2nd rgs 3rd n mgs 4th. congrats serene! for beating mgs. after that took the mrt back with jolyn n brenda. and guess what i saw. i saw val's air rifle junior...sec 1....who's also jolyn's junior from micromouse, practically following the other ri guy from my lds group (the one, i realised, whom i failed to mention in the blog about lds) !! i thought they were like...related or something...but jo told me she was just...sickeningly sticking to him. grrrross. so....shameless!

saturday 200402went for stupid lausy houseprac, then went to my parents friends house.....and their kids...one sec 1 n the other p4...were like...torturing me......they were so rude...to think they kept pestering me to tell them my..............weight!!!!!!! i was so pissed...then the little one tried to wreck my table tennis game.........not tried. she did. then to top it all off, she was such a .... monster. she.....kicked snails.....shooed cats..i was so....traumatised!! , and, we were in the lift.....there was a moth.....and she tried to smash it but was too afraid of course. and she saw a toad...wanted to throw a shoe at it (naturally it would be my shoe)....of course being the nature lover i am, i gawked at her....imagining the future of nature in her hands........................there won't be any future. she kept saying how her grandparents smashed this n that....like.....idolizing them or something.....so sad. n later i was at the playground....and there were basically three types of children there.
cheena kids, ABCs, and innocent little angmoh/indian kids. the cheena kids were totally spoilt....while their moms gaggled away (yes like geese) about ... globalisation or something.....about hongkong or something.....then the kids screaming when they don't get their turn on the swing.....the ABCs'll be talking in their accents n bossing everyone around, and lastly the innocent little angmohs waiting for their turn on the slide while some fat well-fed cheena kid in front squeals away while his mom hollers at him. SIGH!! of course i was once again gawking at them....wondering what the world has come to. hai.
we took a cab out of kent vale, to go to lot 1. my parents insisted on sending the old lady (she was the reason why we visited) to her friend's house in bishan, but of course she insisted that it was alright just to send her to cck mrt. yeda yeda. so the cab dropped me off at my house. and guess what. everyone came out. and she was invited by my parents to stay over. so irritating!! but it didn't really matter coz i didn't speak to her the whole time she was at my house (till this morning). i don't care if i'm anti-social, or disrepectful to the elderly or whatever you call it, but i really am not that fond of her. in fact...i don't really give a.......damn..................and i was so grossed out by my mom. she was so...fake!!! so...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! sorry i have this thing against being perfunctory and being fake etc etc. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

ok. here's my itinerary for coming sat.
wake up at 6, get to nyjc by 7, run run run. 8 o'clock go back to orchard. oh. hmmmmmm. one hour to spare. hmmm. ok nvm 8-9 look for the place i'm supposed to go/have posh breakfast=) (sounds good no?) then 9-11 the physics thing at gebranch..... hmmmm. well, shall just have to give up the pleasure of spiting that acjc girl who was sitting right in front, and facing us, and staring at me so that i won't look at serene's answers. hmmmm. i wanna be sadistic n thrash my cert into her face and ... throw my head back handsomely, and bellow an evil laugh *bwaharharharhar*. hmmmph.

argh. anyways. today. was pretty ok. oh i finished watching Marvin's Room. it was, really very good. no wonder it's ms yeo's fav or something=) provides material for my in-depth analysis of complex characters!! so fun=) heheh. very dramatic. if you wanna know come and look for me=) yep very good! deserves 5-star rating from me! (i seldom give 5 star k!) for me 5-star must be a really thought-provoking show...and post-show depression/enlightenment that kinda thing. like....father of the bride was really good. dying young was .... only while watching the show but then i wanted to watch it over n over again....so sad~ ok i'm actually quite soft-hearted=P

hmmmm didn't do much today, except read the Rape of Nanking. strangely not feeling.....much....not like wolfe said dunno what cannot sleep at night that kinda thing. maybe just coz i'm not at the gruesome parts yet. but the author gave a very concise recount of the background, like how the japanese bombed the railway and made it an excuse to invade, what chiang kaishek did during the invasion, that kind of stuff. it was very fluent, not like when we study history, everything by topic, it gives a broken feeling. but when she wrote it was as if though she had experienced everything and just writing it as a whole story. yep. pretty good.
looking forward to tomorrow. only chem n chinese.=) then lunch! ad's birthday lunch=) then swim carn. just sit amist (??? admist? nah. hmmm suddenly there doesn't seem to be such a word in existence) the screaming lower secs and read about gruesome atrocities performed on innocent civilians of nanking during world war II (and perhaps contemplate doing it to them too)
hmmm. friday. well, science training, oo english essay due....argh ss essay due tomorrow!!!! damndamndamn!. ok after science training....stargazing! but should i go? will be quite...crowded.....n i don't think the sec 3s'll be pleased. but anyways i have 2.4 the following morning...........how. hmmmmmmmmmm. i'd like to go. but just....so many pple....if all the sec 3s go, and mag n grace n hannah n shiqin n me.....n ms ning, 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes.

meanwhile i shall. hmm. try and do the ss essay "thbt it is too EARLY to start planning for the ageing population for singapore" (what the f.)

aaaaaaaaaaargh. *deflate* again. i haven't recorded in my real diary for.....1 month and 3 days. argh.

Sunday, April 07, 2002

we got 3rd. the same bpgh team got 2nd, and their juniors got 1st. ooo.
yeah ri didn't get anything. quite sad lar. =P
sian....homework piled up again.
and i'm hoping to squeeze : 2.4, prize collection at acjc, and house prac all into next sat. think i can make it?

Friday, April 05, 2002

hmmm. friday. njc quiz tomorrow. haven't studied. mug later.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. so irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

sick today=)
there was nothing much to miss anyway