Monday, January 22, 2007


i do feel..
i don't just seems like everything works out in the end. it's been a very...happening weekend...
oh yes, i caught casino royale on fri night. it was...very interesting. tarnished my image of cleanshaven, nosweat, evenifthere'sbloodit'sinonestylostreak bond 007, but i found it really interesting. modern 007.
sat night i killed myself playing capt's ball and badminton but boy was it shiok. harhar..."don't try so hard". bleah.
and hurhurhur. i "passed" manual. kinda.
this morning i was waiting for my friend at the hub, in the basement to be precise, and i saw this pasted on the wall:
though it wasn't Exactly relevant, i found it really strong.

sun night, i'm proud of me.

wish me luck in my msn rehabilitation process harhar. ..... ;( sad already.
good week to all.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

winter finally came.

yeah it snowed yesterday. but it's still alright, not too bad. what a weird winter. i'm worried for the globe.

well. i had a great great time in chicago before flying off for my course. it just felt so different. and i got to talk to shirlyn a little more. got to know a few more pple... spent some time with friends. yeah it was sweet and relaxing. i guess i really appreciated it because of the whole situation i was in: i had stayed up the whole night finishing my proposal (and thinking i wasn't living up to expectations, which i probably didn't) before taking the lex on sun morning up to chicago with cheahuiaik. so i guess those 2 days were really great at least because i was done with my pre-course work.
so we had a xmas eve dinner with plenty of food, including a turkey=). and on xmas we went out to downtown...and everything was closed. -_-. but we lounged around at a cafe/restaurant/bar place. and after that jiahao dennis and i met up with ui aik and his little brother for vietnamese noodles in chinatown. i got a call from xu xu too. thank you=). after that i packed my stuff and off to o'hare on xmas night. sian.
i was in an anti mood to begin with. what's new=P. all angmohs, but very nice.
we stopped over at guatemala for 6h. wah that was tough to tahan.
and finally we reached costa rica, stayed at a hotel near the airport for the first night, and then took a minivan on the next morning through the cloud forest mountains for 3 hours to get to our biological field station.

it's called the La Suerte Biological Field Station, after the river Rio La Suerte:

A few days of monkey observation ensued:
Our monkeys:

Their monkeys:

ok, what our monkeys Really Should look like: (you're supposed to say "cute")

There were days that were...

and not so fun:

yeah. i nearly died the last few days. prior to the start of this, i had conveniently forgotten it was a course after all.
and 2 weeks later that was the end of it.
one last (wonderful) view from the hotel we stayed in:

i enjoyed myself...and i didn't enjoy myself at times. it was pretty intense, but fulfilling. i was so relieved to be back in chicago i heaved a sigh so great my lungs were gonna collapse. but it was really a fulfilling experience. i met interesting people, i was tested physically, determination-ly, socially, weather- and mosquito-ly, academically, etc etc. i couldn't help but feel a little out of sorts and out of place and field (i've never been in the midst of so many anthropologists, zoologists, animal scientists, biologists...., in short, animal pple who threw out random facts about animals over meals) and ;(( in general... thinking of home.. but hey this is what it's supposed to be about. not always pleasant. besides, i got all that i asked for, and...hmm i don't know. i'm glad for all that i learnt nonetheless.

after that it was back to campus.. thankfully junwan and co. arrived the next evening.. and we entertained ourselves for the next few days till school started yesterday.

hi em jen and hon! happy new year=) thanks for the msgs. thanks for keeping tuned in. thank you em and jen for the xmas cards=))).
happy 21st grace!! hope to see you soon.

happy 21st leeting!!

not quite ready to be thrown back here. with school starting... just, not quite ready... for people.
i can't and won't be all that.
der einzige ausweg bedeutet sich minder zu k├╝mmern.