Monday, April 25, 2005

"And it's not a pile.."
omg-_- laugh/cry. quote-of-the-day-MAN.

let's see, what's up this week!
yesterday, boring. at least i came in at abt 10am so my day was very much shortened=) 8.30 to 6 is really unbearable.
tues today. was supposed to go to school to do 3 things. but because one isn't working out, i gotta go back tmr. oh well makes no diff to me. (really.)
badminton later. i'm quite tired of going again n again. hurry up and end lar.
planned for the rest of the week:
wed. go back to school, get/pass stuff, meet christine, meet mr au after work to pass him the stuff. looking forward to the trip. it'll be a first astro trip for me!
thurs. no plans.
fri. OFF from work. to go for interview at cmpb/dttB in the morning. after which i've arranged for lunch with gerald=). its wonderful to meet up with friends. and in the afternoon it's tea session at matrix. and i get to see more friends of course. then relax for the rest of the day. sounds like the best day of the week.
sat. Possibly going ubin with shifeng for pedal ubin. yahoo. but as always, concerned abt what parents will say.
sun! tuition first (groan), then....3F GATHERING!!. note to self: after getting pay, go to IMM.
grace n hannah are going to gunung sth over the weekend. 2 (or 3) days of climbing a mountain, for $65! some singapore adventurer's club. fun eh. (little voice at the back of the head: parents'll say no)
next mon: (still a holiday. yay.) go out with poor jen. who will teach me charting routes on a large map. kbox=).

last week: friday i went back to school with hannah for astro/collecting forms on friday night. some relief from work. but uh. uh. uh. i was reminded of how painful astro was, at painful times. but kenneth n bc, the most hilarious pair.
sat evening went out with val kai jen and hon, to pre-celebrate hon's birthday of course. we sorta ate, chatted lots. i'm quite certain 3 years ago we'd never have imagined what we'd be talking about now, that night. it seems like everyone's going their own way. it's sad, but i'm happy for everyone. it suddenly struck me that we're rather different, wir werden jede irgendwer sein. but i am so glad and enchanted our paths crossed, once. and i know very well that further down the road we'll still be in touch.

meanwhile. i 'm done with everything i'm supposed to do, but don't dare to show the guy=P (that's why i'm blogging).
ok talk about kristin. she's so nice she wrote me a testimonial. i should do the same=) she would be pleased. but i can't seem to find good stuff to say... just kidding=). where're you when you're needed!! i'm boring myself to death=(. ich langweile mich.

happy birthday hon. 7th year into our friendship.

-run off to play notpron till somebody takes notice of/scolds/opens the door on me.still stuck on 8 though-

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

one of those breathtaking moments. that's what it was as i walked up the hill to the carpark just.
blue sky white fluffy clouds. strong breeze that occasionally smelled salty and sea-ly. absolute perfect day for the beach.there were 3 eagles/kites, a family perhaps, circling above. masters of the sky indeed, with 2 of them performing acrobatics (must be the kid irritating his mom) midair. i unplugged my ears of my music to hear them screech (is there a nicer word). a beautiful day.
or it could be i treated myself to mac's for lunch=)

otherwise quite sian. i've been changing a few thousand "CPE4R"s to "CPS4R"s over the past 3 days. basically highlight E and type S. -_-. i think i'm gonna get wrist-itis soon. keep in mind the big picture sonnig, keep in mind the big picture. (Don't ask me what it is danke schoen)

on a few lighter notes, must thank jy for the nice and awwwww testimonial she wrote. sth cheery on a less than cheery day (yesterday). oh yeah, under brutal threats of force, i Insist that my previous post about kristin wasn't composed Out of my own free will. (huh who says "composed in my own free will"...)
-greater glee-

and qq and feng are coming over for dinner today=) and feng is staying over!
astar interview tmr. jitters. fingers n toes crossed. die daumen druecken! oh usp interview last friday was hilarious though, apart from my shooting myself in the foot.
"ok in this case we'll recommend a rejection..."
ok ciao gotta type more "S"s to replace "E"s.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

kristinkristinkristin. happy?
hello serene!

hmm...monday night i went for atempoXV because teck tee's j1 bought a ticket but couldn't make it. it was pretty good. i thought, hey isn't that shifeng performing (alumni item), but couldn't be sure. so i glued my eyes to the bassist in order to catch her going off stage. harhar and after that i was sure it was her. so i met up with her after the show. =). sweet.

tues...i went back to school to visit teachers in the morning. good to see them. mr wong was (pleasantly) surprisingly talkative. met mrs lim and ms lee too, just not mr khoo (but i saw him at band concert) nor mr chan. met juniors of course, happily gave out the kitkat i bought. and christine was having lunch. i owe her more choc!

went for the dms simulation test in the afternoon. popped into cpc on 9th floor just before going up to the 22nd. luck has it, i spotted zhengwei (from monday. see, all my groupmates so nice. hon is envious heheh). how nice=) the simulation test was bad. during the group discussion i kept my mouth shut 95%, or more, of the time. which is actually an accomplishment too i think=). i met zhenling. that was really nice.
when i came out of this tower b place i met gerald! "i always see you online, but you never talk to me!!" -indignant indignant-. i Wasn't the one who said it=P.

after that was badminton..damn sad the guys are kicked out Again. they're not lousy. they're just..i don't know.

wed. which is yesterday. um. absolutely nothing happened.
thurs. which is today. absolutely nothing happening again, just KRISTIN bugging me to blog. ABOUT HER.
OH. wait no, lots of things happening.
1. good on you shifeng!
2. shifeng coming later at 3.30. yay.
3. tianjiao leaving=(..
4. leeting leaving=(..but she'll be back. tianjiao won't be. probably.
5. dental and badminton. bored.

ok i feel bad, i must write nice things about kristin. she's such a nice girl. this is hard. ok bis naechstes mal=P

Saturday, April 09, 2005

yes i really need to update my blog.

as of late. um. well, friday was both adeline and xu xu's birthday (happy 19th and 20th birthdays!). thurs night i went out with adeline to cine to catch "be cool". it was pretty hilarious, i think we both enjoyed it, laughed through it=). i was rather confused and probably need "revision" to have an overview of the whole thing, of chili's schemes. but it's good to meet up with friends.

friday. i .. went to imre late=P by abt an hour. but heheh i always choose the darn good days to be late (or is it because my supervisor never seems to be around in the mornings). and went off early, by abt an hour=). i think i'm losing his trust but um... um........

so i left early, went back to imm, bought that nice not-too-sweet, not-too-creamy cake from polar, took 66 to bt timah, walked into nanyang boarding, and alas xu xu was out for dinner (at seoul garden/swensens. actually i did my research prior to that, by casually asking her how she was celebrating. i also asked tian jiao whether he was "sure that xu xu is at nanyang boarding". he: "en. i am sure until last week". hilarious tianjiao, as always). so i left the cake there. ;) happy.
and then i was pretty proud of myself. it was 6.45pm, i was supposed to get to yio chu kang at 7.15 to meet the astro pple, and hannah. like No way am i gonna get there right. so i hailed a cab straight down the road to newton mrt. the cab driver was pro. he manoveured his vehicle so smoothly and confidently. i would've been stuck at that jam at the newton circus roundabout for 5 mins if not for him. and i arrived nicely on time at yio chu kang=). but we still waited till 7.25. well so when we got there there were...20 of us? so dr chan said to split into two groups, so that the observatory can accommodate us. but only 3 guys wanted to have dinner. then chor yen appeared out of nowhere, followed by yee onn(=)). so the rest went ahead first while we went to macs.

for the record, here are the names i remember from the previous nyp talk (about 3 weeks ago) and from this: ivan vanessa tianhao, vipul the vs guy brimming with ideas, george the quiet, lion dance one, and .. uh oh. jie sth. sth jie. =S

so then we went up as well, didn't know the observatory could fit so many pple. the telescope wasn't working! very very sad, esp towards 9+pm because the sky was really clearing and everything was beautiful.

it was good to see dr chan, always so passionate what he does. this time we had a much better time..well...talking. i think it's because i'm alot more grown up than i was in sec 3, and i can start to appreciate some of the things he say. like last time during the nyp quiz (for which we attended the lecture portion), i was talking to him about mcgill, and he said he was a visiting scholar there once (so he was talking about how it's like). oh here i must talk about...

Public lectures and talks:
By Professor Jocyelyn Bell
Date: 5 May 2005
Time: 2.30pm ~ 3.30pm
Venue: LT31, NUS
Title: to be supplied.
Abstract: to be supplied.

She's the one discovered the pulsar. so come over whoever's interested! and meet me!

anyway we left at about 10+ and hannah and i cabbed back.

so today, hannah leeting xiz jiahui and i were supposed to go for the nparks amazing race thing, but since we only had 5 pple we were prob disqualified. so we disqualified ourselves first. so this morning leeting and i arranged to meet at the nj bus stop to go to macritchie=). ah, a day with nature, how wonderful.
about 20 mins before i reached the nj stop xu xu msged, very happily, and that makes my day too. i told her we were going to macritchie and asked if she wanted to join us. she said she'd meet me at the nj bus stop. =). and then i saw her coming, and harhar we started running towards each other (forgive us it's been what, one month since we last saw each other), like bollywood shows. and we chatted for quite a while, while waiting for leeting. finally she had to rush off for her tuition (at tampines! horrendous). so she boarded 67, and off came leeting from the other door. a succession of friends.

so leeting and i landed somewhere with the road on our right and trees and trees and more trees on our left. so we walked down towards the entrance, and walked, and walked...and walked. ok we talked too. it's quite amazing. there was probably not more than a minute and half's silence between us throughout the whole um, first 12km, safely said. so 6km was spent walking to the tree top walk, and 6km from there to the rifle range flyover (over bke). after that we followed a nonexistent/invisible kampong trail that was supposed to lead to bt timah reserve. that consisted of us seeing water pipes (which hannah described), getting excited, and walking in that deep drain down and up the slopes. that was...bad. insects flying around, a stream of water (thank goodness it hadn't rained). but what an experience. and at the end of the stepped drain we found two dark big holes=SS OH yeah. i swear i will never watch a horror movie again, after watching ju-on at yunlei's 412 chalet. wth. subject yourself to that kind of torture. so i'm really quite scared now. and YESTERDAY at nanyang poly, there was these metal steps which lead up to the roof (you can see through behind them, there are gaps, so good that i was wearing pants.) so i had been talking about horror movies, and yee onn was at the back, and actually switched off the light in an attempt to well, be a nuisance. i wasn't scared lor.
okok after the two big holes (i quickly got out of the way of that by climbing Out of the drain). we heard a bad cackling sound. cockatoos! a pair of them! could almost see their yellow mohawks. and they peered down scrutinisingly from the bare tree branch 20m from the ground when i tried to pretend to be one of them. the funness of being out. in a nature reserve.
then we followed swiss club rd all the way out to the big field opp 6th avenue, along bt timah rd/dunearn rd. not bad! hon had called us to watch a show with her and jen (who's Finally out, after 3 weeks. poor girl) at 3.20 at cine. so we quickly went to ting's house, she bathed and changed, and we went out again.
so we watched the pacifier. its um...well...very slapstick. um...funny, lots of laughter from the audience..but..slapstick. humour-wise i thought be cool was much more, well, cliched until its actually hilarious. but of course action-wise this was pretty cool. i liked it when this lt wolfe guy was fighting the ninjas and he swung over the edge of the staircase railing on the 2nd floor, over the outside of the 2nd floor. nice. effortless looking. (that's the way) his one arm pushups were much more unconvincing...he looked like his vein was gonna pop. acting wise...err...sorry can't tell.

ok so i'm back from going to city hall with jen and hon to pick up jen's pretty new navy uniform. (1? 2?) and back from dinner with hon, which lasted quite a while coz we talked about so many things=)

well it's a good day, but i'm slightly irritated, and prone to angrily snapping. (maybe coz of the 16km. not as fit i'd like to be after all)

tmr going for drums and Then, i'm taking a sec 3 for a, emaths. ! exciting. the pay's "pathetic", apparently, but i'm in for it for the experience. ahem, for More experience. harhar. my goal for her is to be an individual learner and thinker, able to identify her own weaknesses and subsequently work on them in order to be stronger. i.e. i need her to be able to survive after 3 months without a tutor coz i need to flee liao. ciao!