Monday, March 31, 2003

what an exciting day, compared to "being cooped up like a chicken".

went to school to get the "recommendation" (note: not "testimonial") from ms lee, but apparently no students are allowed back on campus during this time, so we "rendezvous-ed" (=S) at buona vista station. i got the it from her, nicely sealed up. but there're supposed to be 3 copies of everything (so. in the end. i opened it. and yes i read it too.).
met xiz in the afternoon and we photocopied allllll our stuff (alot there was, 3 copies of each) but i guess we were just glad we had all our stuff=P.
then we went to far east and she had chicken rice. hmmm. a nice, relaxed afternoon. AND THEN. the embassy. we walked in and stood there waiting for the receptionist to finish with her conversation (she was rattling and rattling and rattling on in german while we tried to catch phrases) so we stood there. she finished, and said "you're here to see herr berns right? he's having an URGENT meeting so just go in there and wait a while" so we did go into the room next door. xiz was hopping around the room (don't protest you WERE hopping around) looking for german brochures to decipher, when this man came in. he spoke (perfect) german to this schöne blonde lady behind the visa counter (who popped out from nowhere) and once again we tried catching phrases. it was really interesting...can't imagine they could feel comfortable with THAT. but i probably felt the same about english?
so. herr berns appeared after a while, and he was actually smiling=) (gute Laune. bessere Laune). he seems really particular about "speaking good german". he "interviewed" xiz (i..sort of expected it). with all things settled he gave us the letters to our schools. here comes the funny part. mine was alright, other than "this is to certifie" (=) not to dig at him of course=). but...xiz's..whoa.

keung (pronounced as coin of course) zhi xen (hwa congo junior college)
.....=) ("i worked in africa for a while")

then we went to the library....came home after that. ja. DAS ENDE.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

hmm. continued update on tuesday. didn't meet jennie, couldn't find health booklets...very hectic day. the only good thing was the lunch at SIR. could actually sit in peace for a while. was very stressed out by the time i got home...and a little sick ("pneumonia alert"). not a very fruitful day...but fruitful in other ways. i learned quite alot. like how the whole world is made up of pple,
i'm sure hk would have enjoyed my trip alot if he were in my shoes.

wed. skipped school again (...) woke up in the morning, had a fever according to my mom, so happily went back to bed.=) but had an utmost-ly interesting and entertaining time at home.......
then met xiz and we went for the checkup.. which was very interesting. then we went for 3rd lang but unfortunately got onto the wrong train at woodlands and were all the way back at yew tee before realising what was wrong. so back we bishan. a grand total of 4 pple showed up. we did another song this time..but thankfully it contained less complicated and unclear words which we could catch, so that herr w wasn't once again almost reduced to tears.
during the lesson we received the news that school will be closed till 6th april. 2 of us yayed while 2 of us found it not-so-good.

oh. monday i was talking to him...and we were talking about the embassy and he was saying how...the guys there get paid quite well. i asked him why he didn't join them, he said, 1stly alot of pple apply all the time, and 2ndly because he's from east germany, and especially because he's from the east german army "secret service unit" (or something like that) =S therefore they wont' have him. hmm.

Monday, March 24, 2003

school restarting.
first day was pretty slack...only bio pract chem tut and bio lecture (talk). after which went out with class for lunch, it was pouring and i shared with an umbrella with judith, who we met in school (and who seemed a little lost), and we got pretty drenched (totally actually).
after that bought uniform with bena....3rd lang...test...went home.
that. cai. she actually went to the moelc. hmm. sounds like a boring day but actually it was very eventful.

tues. i'm at home. =) going out later (oo sounds bad) to town (oh no sounds even worse) to do some stuff (so ambiguous) (i'm just bored. it's 1017 GMT+8-_- and i'm bored). meeting jen later to go back to school. for what? don't know.look for health booklets! (huh?)

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Two atoms are walking down the street and they run in to each other. One says to the other,

"Are you all right?"
"No, I lost an electron!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'm positive!"

so silly=)

A neutron goes into a bar and asks the bartender,

"How much for a beer?"
The bartender replies,
"For you, no charge."

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Meanwhile the oldest voice in the US Congress rose on Wednesday to denounce as misguided the President Bush's march to war with Iraq.

"Today I weep for my country," said West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.

"No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper. Around the globe, our friends mistrust us, our word is disputed, our intentions are questioned," he said.

"We flaunt our superpower status with arrogance," Mr Byrd said, adding: "After war has ended the US will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America's image around the globe."

Monday, March 17, 2003

wed 3rd lang. think herr w wanted to cry during our listening compre. i'm sure someone's interested to hear. so evil=)

thurs...can't remember. oh our physics teacher treated our class to .. lemon tea, because we overshot his expectations by about 10%. well done. right.

fri went out with cai to holland v.....sat stoned and chatted. hmm....the only piece of comfort in turbulent times? dont' know. feel messed up all over again.
astro. astro was. dark and romantic.-_- in the middle of it hannah and i went for a walk around the track and we ended up jogging one round and running off to the toilet. that was really really weird. in full uniform....jogging down the track with minimum lighting. felt good too, strangely.

sat training. hmm. not too bad. just can't remember anything. OH. i didn't go for training. no wonder. slept in=) msged to say i was sick. (i think i was.)

sun class outing. met hon qianli wangning bingrui at dhoby ghaut. we took a bus....4 of us played cards while the other wrote on the card to (xxx) result? we overshot our stop by ten minutes.
got to east coast. what a party. most of us cycled...i shared a bike with bean. it was quite funny we shook about alot at first. quite scary. but after that i said, i'd better go to the front coz you've not much weight to hold the front down.-_-. worked better, not counting the time we swerved off the road and into a bush. so we rode for slightly more than an hour...after which i went kayaking with some pple, though i had no change (and ended up all soaked).blisters=( (which sorta..popped to reveal a fleshy hole....when i peeled my socks off today (and a piece of skin came out with them).......but i wouldn't wanna gross you with the details). then we went for lunch. fun. spent lots of money. hooray. lots of dogs around......totally mesmerized...hmmmmmmmmmm....great danes boxers malamutes....gross little mongrel lapdogs carried everywhere ( preference are obvious, nein?)
took lots of scandalous photos. whoever the camera was pointed at was not to be spared from giggles and whispers and ji3 mei2 nong4 yan3. -_-
then we went to ms lee's house. interesting (little) place in the middle of nowhere. nice view. 15th floor. lots of greenery below. and buildings jutting out of nowhere too. seemed nice and comfy. i found her husband.......quite....hmm. ordinary looking. like someone you meet on the streets. but he HAS to be someone special to her. get what i mean? we flipped through her wedding photo albums. hmm. all the trouble all the work.....he really has to be special to her..otherwise they'd not go through all of that together (not to mention spending 300+k in all). if pple don't stay together for a lifetime after all that.....what a waste. still can't imagine....
tom was swooned to 1. be a housewife 2. get a house 3. get married. (and have photos taken=S) hmm but it was quite...dreamy. trip to ms lee's house makes me realise...she's really quite ... .... human. esp when i saw the campbell books on her shelf.....a file of notes of ecology.....her wardrobe.....never really felt that teachers were human and had lives=)
we then took 156 back to bishan..where some dropped. on the bus xx was half asleep but suddenly she said, (some stuff). hmm. felt a little weird. wait. comfortable perhaps. she told me she told her parents "there's a very straightforward and righteous girl who's really smart and takes german in my class who's really good to me" (what a mouthful). hmm i felt...really touched but undeserving. sigh. it's amazing how.....others see me...yet there's so many things i'm not satisfied about at the same time. sort of pause and made me think about...whether those things really matter. maybe they don't. but..sigh
we bought food at thomson plaza and went to christelle's house to eat. hmm. watched tv...ate.....then left.
got home quite late. guess what. my parents said.
am really very......fen4 nu4 now/then.
they didn't mention anything about tuesday. but i know if i do they'd probably say no, and even if they say yes it won't lack friction. and one day they WILL pay that back.

monday training. met up with ivy and xiz after that (and ran into photog pple=S) then xiz accompanied me to braddell to buy a new bat. (=S a bomb that was. and more bombs to follow)

i feel really mean.
sonnig says:
feel that nj is good
xxxx says:
xxxx says:
stoners leeHH
xxxx says:
and so freakin serious
xxxx says:
and itz like
xxxx says:
sonnig says:
c'mon lar what's so bad about being serious
xxxx says:
to doin ANYTHING
sonnig says:
sonnig says:
maybe you should learn from them

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

monday. xiz went to the embassy to check things out (a fun trip it sounded like) but ... err. i have no idea what's gonna happen. anyway we were at orchard library...quite fun....excited chattering caused dirty looks to be thrown in our general direction. -_-
then had lunch with her at taka....went to moelc....saw frau heng talked to her (awww...)....went up to resource room, tried to do the cloze passage with herr w shi2 bu shi2 looking over our shoulders...
after 3rd lang we waited for xiz's class/schoolmates as usual and we were "lifted"(so nice!) to bt batok for dinner, (hai. i'm so disappointed in you. hai. couldn't believe you minded such a thing. hai hai hai) after which we took 185 back to cck. thus ended monday.

tues. ... boring. at least survived through it..intended to skip pe but well i'm glad i didn't in the end. had fun playing indoor volley in the squash court. hmm. wonder if we try too hard. had dinner at ghim moh with evelyn weili xiaohui. we were at mac's...i was gobbling my burger down when rosalynn and co. called to hurry evelyn and weili (the easterners). they then hurried up, but xh was reluctant to leave, wanted to hang around and stone, but i said, somehow i have a feeling we'll end up going with them. weili agreed. and we did end up doing so.
hk suddenly decided to go for jap lesson. =S which means from now on, no more hk to take mrt with after pe on tuesdays. ah well. good for him he's decided to start taking jap again. very good.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

been a long time. term one's gonna be over soon, in a week's time. sigh. feel the same again....cooped up and irritable...i wonder if everything's just an illusion..some things seem too good to be true. maybe sereine was right. i think it doesn't matter.. it doesn't bother me when i'm around pple who see things similar to me, but i guess if i'm alone i'd feel the same way too, and things'll begin to matter.

hmm. let's see what has happened so far. release of results..a disappointment to most people. i can stay, what else can i say.
was quite bothered about pingpong...but it's beginning to look better too. i was contemplating dropping but i think i'll just wait till the matches are over.

i thought being truthful/blunt was good. but i guess it isn't. i guess you still need to build up confidence/trust based on superficiality.
maybe it's just the weather. it's been so stuffy...can't believe it. but i think one good thing about is that you don't really realise how fast time flies. time's just "oh man it's already march".

maybe some things aren't worth pondering too much over, while other things are. so silly. sheng zai fu zhong bu zhi fu. or am i just giving too many d**ns.

other than's good, i like it. lectures during which you can sleep or alternatively chat with pple on either side and then go oh damn what's he saying, nvm i'll just go home and read it up (and never get that done). tutorials, take 10 mins to sit down, another 10 mins to settle down, 20 mins to go through 3 qtns and 10 mins to reach the next lecture. hey i sound bitter but i really love it=). actually rj lectures are exactly what i imagined them to be, even the colour of the wooden panels by the side. or maybe i've seen the lecture theatres before i came? seems deja vu-ish.

astro on friday night, they dismissed everyone after the presentation because the weather "was bad" but when we went out it was quite we sprawled on top of the high jump mat and just....sprawled. grace and i had a competition to see who could jump furthest into the mat...but after we did that we realised it was rather. damp from the drizzle in the afternoon. oh well. felt really good. and then vampire I came out and was chatting with us. he told us some more stories about whichever constellations. hmm. like i said, it's always therapeutic. too bad some pple get pretty disappointed (esp on their first tries) thinking there's only boring presentations. feel rather bad about that too.
would really like to go for the tioman trip...but i think, better not.
i've always dreamt of boarding a plane alone with as few pieces of luggage as possible. but i never knew it could come true so soon. =)))))) way cool.

speaking of rain, i was caught in school yesterday for 2.5h after training, because of rain. i was sitting in the canteen with yilan, it was (already considered) pouring, when suddenly this strong gust of wind just blew across the field through the canteen and out the other side. i couldn't see anything, it was just a sheet of white. =) and then my bottle (which i just filled up) was blown over, a tin tray from one of the stalls flew, the recycle bin slid cross the canteen. when i came out of school i saw a rat running towards me, run past me, scurry along on the grass, didnt' jump into the drain but instead carried on.......(it was quite cute.) i saw two trees struck by lightning, their branches blocking the path. and i saw a dead rat which was rather...grossly mutilated under the wheel of the bus at the terminal...

I am cyclothymic.
Guten tag.