Wednesday, April 02, 2008


went up to chicago and met xizhen. omg. harhar. wow. we ate alot. met up with dennis, eugene, saw yinyi briefly outside her aptment, met bernard and shenting for a meal too. loved hanging out with xizzy at the house of blues. brought her back to champaign with us over the weekend. =)..

things are pretty much all the same.

did i mention unofficial was quite a blast? made a few new acquaintances, fairly interesting company. overall very different. i wonder if doing what i wanna do really makes me hm...

ignored so many pple over this past sem. i think i'm just too, one-at-a-time-ish. can't have too many friends simultaneously. feels like i have too little time left. at least i can think of some characteristic times for all of the past few sems, not like my first few, kinda muddled through them.
i got an email about being upgraded to a confirmed seat for my motorbike course. am overjoyed! something i've always always wanted to get to do. but realized i have no one to tell it to; or perhaps i don't have the urge to tell anyone i can think of. it's almost like a loss of appetite. but i reserve a right to do so, even if it offends like i've never done before=S i'm always so good at ruling things out. you're so wrong; if you knew. ha.

403 has been hard work, but luckily i'm taking very few hours this sem and i can focus more attention on it. could be better still! and always doing my report last minute. harhar bad habit. sigh. what am i gonna do. feel ... outside-ish. gotta start recuperating early.
it's april already, i have 40 days left.
this weekend's gonna be wild though.