Thursday, May 30, 2002

it's now 1.32am.
ah who cares.

Saturday, May 25, 2002

i know. the only person i like from spiderman was. the chief from the "daily bugle" (is it?) he's so funny.=)
larlar.......nothing much to say. almost another week before i've posted anything................larlar.
went to school to hand up geog today. everything was still mine in between. hai she never checks anyway.
i didn't realise it was psl carn until i got to school n saw all the vs guys playing basketball, n the sji guys filing out of the school. ok even then i didn't realise, until i was reaching the gate already. sorry yes i know i'm very slow.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

parents are busy packing.
dad's going back to china for 40 days for some conference.

harhar...was watching a stupid pair. reminded me of sound of music=PP
damn bored.
i wanna slack
but i feel very guilty.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

spidey: shall delve into it when i feel like complaining about it. soon i promise=)

saturday 180502
went for inphotal in the morning.
"huh??" that was all.
"yay" is the word. today's was the last session.=)
lousy val ponned that TOO.

went to cine for lunch with ting n serene (who's dying to get her hands on n strangle me). thanks to serene i got a free lunch=)
(ironic right. the hands that wish to wipe me out is the same pair that feeds me.=)
we got lousy seats for 1.30 spiderman show, coz it was almost all filled up without two consecutive seats, except the front 3 rows were all empty. (but by the time we went back up it was all sold out of course)
hmm...the show was...........ok.
tob(e)y maguire is..........................not that cute.
i didn't know kirsten dunst looked like that. i had the impression she was slightly..............thinner.
overall, alot of loopholes. especially the ending, didn't build up enough. that's why a bit......skeptical about the ending.
but, i think they did the best job they knew how to. so. hmmm. that's good.
oh yeah. kissing upside down in the rain. his chin was very gross.

friday 170502
went for nyp lecture (on a lesser note, was OCCUPIED during GEOG TEST)
there was a very interesting lecturer mr au....but there were these few....disrespectful girls sitting in front our row, like 3rd row, n they just slept, that's not all. they twitched n turned n scratched, and just.....slept right in front of him. like....just alittle above his eye level.
THAT'S not all.
one girl put her feet on the back of the seat in the row in front of us. and she TOOK HER SHOES OFF somemore. it was so gross.
and soon, the whole row started putting their various varnished/painted toenails, colourful slippers onto the seatbacks of the previous row. it was so gross
it was so unbearable.
i could just feel my blood pressure shooting up.
the speaker was very good some more, he was very knowledgeable, no scripts, all the stats just churned out. and we were all very appreciative of him...except ....those...bunch of gross pple in front.
my teacher was like....lian3 hei1 hei1....
i was fidgeting as well.....grrrrrrrrrrr.
and so in the middle, i leaned over, tapped the most obnoxious one on her shoulder, she turned around, n grunted a loud, rude "huh?". oh yeah her handphone was on throughout all the lectures you know! three times it rang!!! three times she picked it up and went "helllooo?" loudly...
finally i tapped her, and i said, all of you should show some basic courtesy to the speaker by sitting properly.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

such an assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
now i'm determined to take dip next year. no matter how bad i am now.

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
but i got nothing to say.....
i've been lazy enough to just come and visit my own blog at most.
ohoh...'ve decided to watch spiderman on sat with ting=) coz yeah...someone(s) coming to my house i dun wanna see them so i'll just escape, after inphotal.
n i'm not going for geog test tomorrow. going nyp for lecture.......heeeeeehhhhhhhhh.=)
just had german test (exam) for the past tues n thurs. yay it's over. 2 blardie essays on tues....whole chunks of reading compre n listening compre today (of which the last two were horrendous....german newsreport on some accident about a train...AND the scariest part was that it was read at an ULTRA SLOW pace). everyone just went "huh?" yep.
hmmm.. what else.
sick pple get well
unhappy pple get happy
stressed pple relax
slack pple.......................