Tuesday, April 29, 2003

monday was gooooooooood. =) yayayayayay.
-_-. dummer Affe. bloede Kuh.
well, hon weili bena evelyn ee sang and i decided to go to sixth avenue for lunch. so we walked to jelita (i finally. found out where it is. very, unimpressive) to take 156, but found the bus driving by just before we reached the stop. so we decided, since it's only a few stops down the road, might as well walk. yes? yes. so we walked for another 25mins or so...all the way to sixth avenue...under the hot sun....carrying my bag which contained: gp notebook, german books, woerterbuch! pe shirt (i'm sure there were alot of other things). but it was nice...quite a narrow road...hilly....ups and downs....nice pavement....greenery, bungalows all around. very peaceful. you just keep walking...you see hon bean weili in front chatting away...and evelyn n ee sang having a heart-to-heart talk. awww....very relaxing. makes you forget about time.
so finally we got there..had a nice lunch though rather expensive....

after that we went our own ways, thought the walk with ee sang to the further up bus stop (i realised that 156 didn't stop at the one we were at.) was nice...it was a few hundred metres but a had a nice time talking to her...

got to 3rd lang a little late......what a sad lesson. the rest shared their poems...we're at "german literature". but it was very sad...all we could do was stare blink and keep silent while herr w gawked "you mean you've never heard of gunter grass/heinrich heine/thomas mann/... before?!?!?!?". "obviously you don't like this method of teaching. starting from next week we'll continue with...grammatik, vokabeln, lueckentext.....we'll do your (...) bloody exercises"
after that. we went home. =) ........

bad day. bad bad bad. i was actually in a (rare) bad mood in the morning...
my gum became more and more swollen throughout the day, the part under which lies the deep dark "wisdom" tooth. it got rather bad by break time, i had to eat at a snail's pace (aka bingrui's pace. i finished slightly before him, but that's also 'cause i started earlier=S) (here) in this case, i think eating slowly didn't help my digestion. i don't recall chewing.
and by the end of the day, during bio pract, i was going "ah can't shpik prahpahly" and "itsch not funny. itsch painful" and "ah refushe to shee a dentisht". and now i'm having yoghurt. i can't bite properly. (dad just came in munching on garlic bread..)at least i can type properly here=) but i shall not attempt to pronounce the words. hopefully it'll go away by tomorrow.

i find my entries mostly narrative. i guess it's 'cause too many things happen every weekday, and being reflective isn't something meant for... this blog. but somewhere else.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

hmm. so much to say....can't remember everything.

had "annual general meeting" for table tennis. some of the previous com members gave speeches (like guy's vice cap) but everyone was just too busy cracking up for every sentence he spoke (i've never heard him speak, i realise). *laugh laugh laugh* "over the past year....." he said meekly. *laugh laugh laugh*. i can't remember anythign else. guess it was just him

kemmy is captain, sihuan vice, ben guy's, and donald vice. i was right for the girls'.
so in the end i didn't change out for training..(because i had to leave early. "meeting" with fabian @ moelc)and was. er. taunted by a senior who finally learned of my name and put it to good practice too "sun yi slacking sun yi slacking! sun yi not running!" .....as you can tell, a very. lively senior......"sun yi hiding in a corner!" .........................which was quite true since i was trying to use the phone and i realised that dr. chan was in the hall too.
nvm. last saturday was...worse. not fit to be mentioned.

so went downstairs...met bena and grace. and we stood in the concourse watching chorale perform. quite nice (although...i didn't like a particular song, which sounded slightly messy to me...but then again what do i know about art and music appreciation=P). and luckily, ran into fabian there. he was going to ri with his friend/ccamate/exschoolmate to take (80, if i recall correctly) photos of the rj campus (basically the construction site).
so we took a cab down/up (don't worry he asked for a receipt)
fabian - i need to leave at about 4.15
his friend - where are you going?
f - to the moelc
hf - for what?
f - for a meeting with the german society, sun yi, ivy ............
hf - isn't she here. *point to front seat*
the front seat was a little squashy. i knocked my head while getting on. think the passenger before me was rather small-sized?

so i got a free ride and found myself sitting amidst a chaotic moelc canteen all by myself. =( herr w wasn't in the room so i didn't go in. so we had that ... "meeting". and it got quite late. we went to class at 6. but herr w was with us. =S shared our poems, most of us anyway. he got a little worked up when he found out all of us had forgotten to make 10 copies of our poems + translations (i'd better remember before monday)

the only day left for gp to be done. so. started at 6 and finished at 2. had to reconnect twice. but half of the time spent was non-productive. ah well. zu schlecht.but i finished it! and i even had time to. initiate another conversation (har.harharhar.)at 12am.

fri. ms neo's birthday.
surprisingly with only 4h of sleep i managed to stay awake through ... from 0620 to 2330, by which time i had read 2 lines of "parrot..." in bed and was totally defeated.
chem pract, no pract! only to design experiments. yayayayay. i don't like washing burettes n pipettes. i spend most of my time on that. rather. getting-on-the-nerves-ish at times. especially when my table gets all wet from the water spluttered from the sink and there's so little space such that my worksheet always ends up in a puddle of (mud) water@#!$#!@#%@#$#!@##$@#.oh look little variation. ~!@#$%^&*())(*&^%$#@!~ there we go.
so, highlights of the day included astro interview...which was slightly nerve-racking. haven't felt like that for quite a while. that feeling of .. tense-ness, of detached-ness (i'm sure i can't/shouldn't do this), and then you go through it all in a daze. think it was a good experience, my first interview i think. questions were...as expected. but often i found my sentences dangling in the air, and my mind going blank while answering the questions, and trying to recall what the question actually WAS. digression is a killer. not answering to the point is another one.
the chair and treasurer (who happen to be girls) asked mainly...the secretary reminded me of someone. somehow. he's tchs-ish to me for some reason, or maybe that's only because i found out beforehand. quartermaster1 the prc scholar, leaned against the wall and did not speak at all. and the vice chair didn't ask any qtns as well, but his face is so. contrasting compared to the others it was hard not to notice.

saturday. hon's birthday.
sigh. wake up early. go to school. training. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
har. quite dumb. my right foot tripped over my right foot and i fell over. talk about being clumsy. now my ankle feels sprained at certain angles.
had quite a fun time towards the end, playing with evelyn, who has flowery ways of serving which always baffle me.
finally went off when cai came up to the outside of the hall to make her point. i grabbed my bag and all and asked the teacher whether i could go off, (it was 12.30. training ends at 12, theoretically) but she said "yeeeeeeessssssss...you caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. but you have to pick some balls up first". (sheepish). (i got a smirk from somewhere/one on the floor).
then i went out for lunch with cai, came back for photog...general interview today, for all members so they can organise us into the subcommittees. so we spent 3hours waiting/socialising in the, "waiting room" natuerlich, sigh. but finally we lodged a complaint when one senior, another prc scholar, ding ding (it's a guy) came in, and the solution was, he stayed permanently to entertain us. i learned more in 10 minutes than i did in 3 hours. he has so much to say about photog....and he sounds interesting too. he likes landscape (yay!) so i shall listen to him more.
so the interview, 2nd one within two days, with denny involved. when i went in i found them in one row behind the teacher's long table facing the back of the room, and the chairs were arranged in a v-shape in front of them, with the most directly facing chair furthest. they said, take your seat, anywhere. immediately a thought came to mind: this must be a personality test. (or am i just too. "sensitive") i still chose the one furthest. (i found out later that cai chose the one nearest to the table, and nearest to the door as well). even after the interview i went back to the waiting room to continue listening.
don't you think photos of..landscape has the ability to..touch? you look at a photo....you FEEL the colours....you breathe deeply, and feel alot more relaxed and at ease. and i don't like people. you have to be fast...how're you going to catch a striking candid shot with all the considerations of the angle, the aperture, the zooming. at least with landscape you can think about it and compose the photo in your head. yeah man.

sunday! = lots of work. that will be done hopefully.
= sleep in!

grrr. 11.30pm. nerves are being gotten on. stupidly here. sheesh. need to look at a pretty picture.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

it was so ugly and purple i decided this looks better without it.

anyway where did i leave off.
monday. couuuuuld have been better. =)
day ended later than..usual but still felt alright. especially the last lesson, very slack. went to holland v bk with 7 other classmates...had quite a fun time gossipping, at least when we were trying to gossip (and not sitting there staring at one another)...trying to dig things out of wang ning=) but he's quite tough=P and i found out that yh and weili think i'm really ba gua=S...to much of evelyn and my surprise(s)..and bena n hon had to add to it (YES sunny's damn ba gua lor!!). hmm. and i thought i was decent.

then at 4.30 i rushed off....took 77 and ended up in town (i expected it to go to dunear road. guess i was wrong). anyway got to 3rd lang a little late (only 15 mins=S...) quite a slack lesson....

tuesday. happy birthday. to. cai's brother, mr chan and xizhen.
very tired. i discover that i'm in bad moods in the afternoon, and relatively good moods in the morning. sigh very tired. maybe i shan't go back to rgs on thurs...go back next monday. gp thing due on friday.
oh yes project work today. feeling happy that i'd probably feel the same in any group: comfortable. after hearing the description of certain groups....i'm real lucky.
time passes too fast online and too slowly away from the computer. i just realised that every 70 minutes i come log on to msn. =S.
alright good night.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

oh yeah it turns out i was grounded on friday. sigh. i'm sure you all missed me. so i've no stories to tell about friday. hai.

yesterday afternoon was good. went for photog...only about 10+ pple turned up...we were gonna go to kent ridge park..but it rained so instead we went to an exhibition at allianz francaise quite fun....though couldn't see much out of the photos. there was a painting-like photo of venice during a sunset....the colours of the sky and clouds were so.....unreal. hmm. but no one said that one was nice=S...even the guy himself said sunsets aren't worth much, since you can get them anywhere on earth, not just venice......he said it's the city that fascinated him...the pple...the buildings etc. heheh i told cai, ah well too bad, i guess i'm a sucker for pretty sunsets.
i hate taking photos of buildings and pple. urgh. what's so interesting about them-_- scenery is alot better=) jaja?
harhar oh well guess i'm not quite there yet..that's all i can say.

then we went for dinner at scotts, nice atmosphere...nice pple....a scary thought ran across the inside of my head though.
then we dispersed...most of them went home, but cai wanted to walk around orchard. she was saying how it was a pity we didn't get to shoot stuff, especially when most of the seniors brought their equipment (vampire I brought his tripod.) and she had brought the school camera her friend had lent her. so we said, let's go down orchard rd and take photos!
1st we were at the corner in front of a bar...it was quite nice....you could see a photo in it...like how the pple were drinking and smoking at the bar....then i noticed this bloodhound-look-alike (it was grey) which was sprawled at the foot of a guy's chair...looking all depressed and i-don't-give-a-damn-ish. so i took a photo of that...could have turned out cool but nah the skill's not there=P

and then cai took the entrance of the subway (just felt like saying that. mrt sounds...not quite there) we tried playing around with the shutter speed aperture (chanting away:"increase aperture means should decrease shutter, but then again it's cloudy and we wanna take it with xxx effect, so aperture constant shutter decrease" which resulted as "heck" in the end of course)...but like cai said "it isn't sunny it isn't overcast.." (amongst "it isn't morning it isn't night" and "they're not young they're not old either"). then we tried taking trees with buildings as the background.....it'll turn out boring i think. and then, came this group of....really weird looking guys. it was really funny, the whole walkway parted as the group came through. they were wearing black, black tees with skulls on them, big rings, (really, not just the qian li kind) spiky and big hair =S they were damn cool. we were like, oh we gotta get a shot of that...but we didn't dare stand smack in front of them, lest they'd smash our camera/kick us aside...so after they turned i nudged cai and she sneaked a few snaps=) snapped a few sneaks. nah. sneaked a few snaps.
hmm..old newspaper man....looking forlorn...as the crowd rushes past....see? everything's picture perfect. the old man looked a little angry when he turned around and saw us pointing the camera at him though=S....so much so we walked all the way around the pillar just to avoid him=) hope the blurring of the crowd turns out well.
and the rest....consisted of taillights of cars....crowds....and stopping in the middle of a crossing to take photos of cars head on, and cai thinking it was rather crazy. (fun=))

so ended my day. and i was gonna keep this short.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

took the mrt back with lester this afternoon, after school (not immediately...hung around...poked at the books the library was selling off (and i got about 5....i realise i'm buying alot of books recently). there's alot of fighting-over-books nowadays isn't there).
you know how, "talkativity" of a person is relative to "talkativity" of other pple? well yeah for once i'm rated lower. but at least we had somethings to talk about..all the way to bt batok. and i realise it's high time i reconstruct my .. perception.

chem lecture was. colourful. my class shouted "jun nan wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni" at the beginning of the lecture. another class (3d ich glaube) shouted "go jun nan!" and threw a softtoy down to him. and many of mag's classmates each held up a piece of paper which together said ... (about the same thing). amusing.

told my parents about going out tomorrow. they are very, very, very reluctant. i had to "whine" and groan 2 times to mom. ach how degrading. and i still don't know the answer.

health booklet(s) has(ve) reappeared. found in the gym according to cel.

i'm not disappointed that kim c was kicked out. i'm just upset that carmen wasn't. her voice's the only one that doesn't make my heart tremor the least bit. sad. ah well. it's only a matter of time!

other than that, a fairly boring day. oh yeah i actually stayed up till 2 to do maths tut. would've cut that down to 12 if only i hadn't..

cheer up, for all those in bad moods. it'll all pass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

i thought today would be a bad day. at least that's what i thought at 7am. i couldn't get up; took me a full 20 minutes to get out of bed. every 5 minute interval i'd get off, and then turn around, sigh, and plunge back into the pillow face down. finally i dragged myself out of the room, away from that tempting, welcoming bed. by the time i got out of the house i was 5 minutes later than "my latest". but then again you'd never know how flexible i am. so. i missed the first lrt, ($#@$#@$%!@#$#) and the second one, i thought i'd better squeeze myself in. so i did, despite all the annoyed looks (like i care-_-). so i compacted myself, held my breath when the door shut in front of my nose..only to find that my leg was somewhat immobile: my skirt was jammed. (#@!$@#%!@#$#!@#$-_-). so i spent the next 30s/300m leaning against the door in fear that with a sudden jerk my skirt would rip or something. i had this horrible...image.nvm.-_-

so. at buona vista, was/were caught up by alfred. and it took me some sarcasm to make him walk slowly and pei2 us all the way to school. interesting. chemical engineer. hc. engine fac. interesting. and of course as interesting as it was there was some compromise on my part. couldn't stand him...so .... frech! wanted to kick him into the drain a few times. was just....breathing heavily and trying not to flare up=P and it helps there are big concrete drains on the way to school. i'm talking about my chem teacher by the way=). dont' get the wrong idea. we all adore him=)

school was fine. boring yet exciting at the same time. lots of items of bribery going around nowadays. campaign speeches...most of them the same....liked yingheng's one the best, baorong did well too, serene was not too bad (=) shall not inflate your ego).

training was alright. i was quite energised most of the time......but...........
oh there's this j2 guy. hmm. i have somethings to say about him. but i'd better not. darn i really have some....strong opinons=S
took cab to 3rd lang with sonya . again=S. ouch. =S.......yet she's so on about taking cab 3rd lang every wed FROM NOW ON. wed shall be diet day.

3rd lang. i did my homework! so i didn't have to let uwe cry. =) wow i saw the light, there's actually so much conflict in that poem! it seemed like, lions tigers leopards all in the ring, woman throws (as he perceives) her glove into arena, asks (mockingly) knight to go fetch. knight goes down, gets if from b/n the lions tigers leopards, runs back, throws the bloody glove (no not literally bloody) into her face and suave-ly says "den Dank, Dame, begehr' ich nicht!" (this thank, lady, desire i not) and walks off. yeah man.that's the way!
it turns out, "den Dank" (THIS thank, he kept insisting) = this fake love, i want not. if i hadn't done that, and you still love me (damn i feel stupid saying all this), that's what i want. waaaah.

so got home all alone. was thinking xiz got in...though she didn't answer. anyway felt really excited for her=)
nice romantic walk alone across the field. -_- thinking about.......................wonderful things! harharhar. no gossip sorry.

got home, climbed up stairs, met a black kitten on the 6th floor, petted it....lifted it up onto my file, got my shirt scratched (two pieces of thread came out-_-, serves me right, in my dad's words), my leg marked by it (now i'm its property) which kept weaving in and out. and it followed each of my feet up all the way to the 9th floor...i had to constantly watch where i placed my foot, wait to identify my target, and then avoid it. could just imagine putting all my weight on one foot which happens to. so 9th floor...i opened the door and went in. to my (ein bisschen) surprise, it stayed out...looked quite uncertain...(with so much personification i think i should start putting he/she instead of it). hmm. and i stood at the door and tried...lookign at my mom pitifully....asked her to come to take a look ("what, lizards?"). she gave it some chicken (some of MY DINNER. nvm=) my pleasure). and left it out. =S.

and here ends my day, 2 hours and 14 mins on.

ad came over yesterday=)) (look double grin!) nice sh*t*y green uniform budd. and val she and i had dinner at ghimmoh mac's. felt like the good/old days.
sorry but how the heck can one lose 27 health booklets? (i'm talking about me)
well done to you!=) and you and you! (serene....don't say anything bitte=)

am utmostly honoured to be invited to join the gossip club, meetings: monday afternoons venue: bk @ holland v. shall fight for the chaiR!

Monday, April 14, 2003

hmm. good day today? quite good i must say. short day, refused to draw liver cells and onion cells at the end of the day, so bummed around in the canteen. met up with jennie...saw the 100 turning into the "terminal" and saw a figure in navy blue and a tie (so cute=) walking out. we went to orchard...lido...stoned i think. then we went to far east....and visited the bookshops there. the 2nd floor one (ahem) is getting quite..commercial...but the one further up, like 4th or 5th floor, is a sad little place tucked away, quite run down...but a nice little place with loads of books and narrow aisles, makeshift shelves and no room to turn, so that everytime you do you send a cascade of books down. it's got 2 nice storekeepers who try to find (amongst all that rubble) what you want, and don't mutter words when you sweep books to the floor and accidentally step on them (ouch=S sorry=( ). and they look at the book and give you discounts too! i got a, collection of short stories by jack london, some weird german book with passages. looked fun. and another thin, finely-fonted book full of german words (that was $2, discounted! (33%)). "a tragic travel-experience", it said. i think i'll just keep it by my bed and one day, look at it and laugh! -harharharhar- so easy that was! just like reading goosebumps!
anyway. go to that shop! i spent about 25 mins there. just couldn't get myself away. go to that shop and fumble around! you'll chance upon some gems for good prices too.

and then took the mrt with jennie to bishan....ran into hwying and anna at orchard...so good seeing them...so overcome(d?came?=S) with....with? it just feels good. feels like i haven't seen everyone for a long time....every encounter's valuable...even if i for e.g., walk past em/kai/val when coming out of the lt, and waving furiously, yet finding that not enough.

met ... err...kim on the mrt. hmm.....was late for 3rd lang....as usual. xiz and i had a rather fun time regarding each other's uniform...hmm....the uniform that binds..no longer=S. 3rd lang...was.....in the lab. did a silly exercise that didn't take too much trouble...just making sentences....was quite fun...making up silly sentences like "wenn du mich nicht kuesst, dann werde ich weinen"...(-_-....please do not translate that xiz=S) and...a poem which i thought was quite interesting. hmm. when we ran out to the toilet we met frau heng...she was like "wah so handsome! so pretty!" ....... harhar i think it was a little rude to jump in, literally, while she was talking to a .. girl from somewhere. oh well...so nice seeing her.

after 3rd lang...xiz hurried us all the way down...ningqi was waiting....aww so nice. even though he was let off from french early. yes yes really nice person, for the nth time ich behaupte.

sigh it WAS good day. now i feel so. blue. and i dont' even know why...it comes to me (and gets me) every now and then. i feel there's something i need to sort out...yet feeling quite empty. maybe it's just the effect of school...and being numbed. and...its' like..in school i'm happy...but somehow when i think about it i start feeling sad. there're no....nothing. there's nothing. it's so empty. sigh. this sudden urge to. weinen yes. nah nothing wrong with me. go and @#!$#@!%#@!$!@#$!@# -_- (talking to myself)
sigh maybe it's just something that's been really bottled up ... and has disappeared...(since my memory's so bad anyway) yet i feel there's something wrong. tsk tsk. too complicated for me...ah well. but some things are not to be forced. even honesty comes with its subtleties.

i propose: "there is no such thing as unconditional love outside the family"

i'm going to be evicted from my room to the study.

frei gestellt--redundant
what else? i've forgotten.
an der Reihe
der (?) Zwinger

you know school has restarted when...
-your eyelids are constantly sore
-you know exactly the dates and corresponding days of the month, because you reproduce such information a few times on a daily basis.
-you turn your head two times to look at your mom who asks/shouts "did you eat tonight?!" and then answer after another pause of 3s
-you wake up just before your alarm (which is usually set at the predawn hours) rings even though it's a saturday
-your watch alarm rings at 10am in the middle of chem lecture and bena turns around, blinks and says "is that the time you wake up at during the break?"
-you say, "i end quite early tomorrow, 5.10" and proceed to laugh a bitter laugh at the realisation of that.
-you realise there just happens so many things you lose track
-you take seeing your classmates for granted, once again
-4.30pm @MOELC: "walao still got an hour to go.so early"
-you dont' have much time for much things...like going online for 3h straight.
-you come home and go straight to the computer (despite resolving to stay away until all the work for the day is done), ignoring dinner and parents going "quick quick look! yuuuuuuuuuumm.........wa hao3 ji2 le! if you don't come now we'll finish everything up!" at 10pm, and in the end: they bring the food to you.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

hooray. finally let out of the house. was woken up at 11 with xiz on the other side of the phone. (xiz: "we're outside your house!" me: "0_0") met up with jen mag xiz at phoenix and we went to beauty world to get mag's uniform. hmm. shall abstain from $#@!%!@#$#@-ing the quality of service.
then we had lunch, jen went off, and we came back, to xiz's house. had a fun time there, i introduced them to ad's game (and sat there gloating away whilst they clicked their way through the first stages.) finally we got to the part i didn't get past last night, and together, we....finished it! ok and plus a little tipping from the forum. nice game=) no violence, the only morbid part consisting of the disk box trapping that..head. no..little/big green men chasing after me with laser guns trying to shoot my head off....hmm. but fun nonetheless=) well done can't believe we actually did finish it=)
so while we were playing, xiz's mom was hard at work hemming our skirts up for us. =) danke schoen
when we came out it was quite late...so i had lunch with her family and mag went home.

just a few passages from "100 essays from Time", regarding issues which i have been interested in describing, but "couldn't-have-put-better-in-my-own-words" (or so i thought, at 4am in the morning.)

Rosenblatt's the male response to rape:
- "...but gang rape does not need to recur frequently to remind men of their own peculiar frailty. and that reminder brings terror...one as benumbing in its way: that of acknowledging one's natural potential for violence and destruction"
- "was not that you, so m any years ago, standing on the sidelines while that other boy was bullied in the playground? or you in the crowd that razzed the old drunk in the park? or you in the rear when they set fire to the cat? child's play, possibly, but boy's play primarily; and the child becomes the man. if you have cast off most of the cruelty of boyhood, still some of the fascination with cruelty remains..."

Allis' what do men really want?:
- "the same women who complain about male reticence can grow uncomfortable when male secrets and insecurities spill out"
- "as always, men are defined by their performance in the workplace...if women have suffered from being sex objects, men have suffered as success objects, judged by the amount of money they bring home"
- "...words that make Farrell wonder, 'why do we need to earn more than you to be considered worthy of you?' "
- "...'it is stupid to conclude that the empowerment of women means the disempowerment of men,'..."

hmm interesting. good for gp.

Sharpiro's confessions of an ivy league reject:
- "twenty-five years ago this month, harvard said no. so did yale, princeton, dartmouth, columbia and williams. i can still see my 18-year-old self standing by the mailbox in stunned disbelief, holding six white envelopes. six anorexically thin white envelopes. the precise wording of the form letters has been lost to history, but i can still conjure up their face-saving phrases like 'many strong candidates' and 'very difficult decisions.' reading them one right after another, it seemed like an ivy league chorus was cheerfully wishing me 'the best of luck with your college career.' best of luck, that is, as long as i enrolled somewhere else."
- "i am pretty much the same person i would have been had harvard said yes-or had dartmouth written apologetically to say that the envelopes had been switched at birth and i was really a prince, not an educational pauper. yet i wonder. my own sense is that those rejection letters changed me in ways that i am still hard-pressed to define. total defeat is never easy, especially when it comes so suddenly so young...but mostly i prefer to think it toughened me, taught me humility, trained me to value what i accomplished on my own...."

Leo's (this guy is hilarious)what's in a nickname?:
- "everyone knows that sports teams must have nicknames, but selecting an appropriate one is fraught with peril."
- "alabama, for instance, may be proud of the Crimson Tide, but it sounds like a bloodbath or a serious algae problem"
- "in general, nicknames are supposed to come from two categories: animals that specialise in messy predation (lions, sharks, falcons and so forth) or humans famous for rapine and pillage (pirates, buccaneers, vikings, conquistadors, bandits, raiders etc). the image of mangled flesh must be evoked, but tastefully, one reason why there are no teams named the Massacres or the Serial Murderers."
- "not every team, of course, can be accused of seeking overly aggressive names. the new york university Violets or the Swarthmore Little Quakers do not induce terror. at Transylvania College, the team nickname is not the Neck Biters but the Pioneers"
...alot of other funny stuff...
- "three team names celebrate disasters that destroyed much of their native locale: the Golden Bay Earthquakes, Chicago Fire and Atlanta (now Calgary) Flames. Such a breakthrough in reverse civic pride may yet induce other cities to celebrate their local disasters. Just think. The Boston Stranglers, the NewYork Muggers, the Washington Scams, the Los Angeles Smog..."


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

sigh so bored.
so ...
but i think it's right. i think it's good.
though ... sigh. so...urgh. gulping my words back down again.
time passes by slowly nowadays...but of course "in no time" there'll be plenty to look back on. you know what i'm talking about? enlighten me. i don't.

hmm. never thought about upkeeping a blog as...easy. look here. if i don't do anything, nothing gets done. there's no one else to rely on. not like group blogs, there's me...and there's you as well. life's getting more and more...solo. in a way i'm glad=P

I do not agree with what you say,
but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.


tried looking for german ones, unfortunately this is the only one i found understandable enough

Ob eine schwarze Katze Glück bringt oder nicht, hängt allein davon ab, ob man ein Mensch ist oder eine Maus.
Bernhard Grzimek