Monday, March 26, 2007


"silly sun yi", as they say. not to mention "as stubborn as sun yi" too.

well. springbreak is officially over, and school is officially on again. sniff. sob. wail.
ritualistically i skipped EM just now. lab lecture was slightly less boring.
but there's so much to do.. i need to renew my passport too. i wonder where that will take me.

so, the last two days of my break:
the drive from toronto to michigan was long, zhixiu almost fell asleep!
but our stay in ann arbor was pretty nice. nice big dinner, kachiao-ed pple after that. talked to selene with much going on... so messy. =S.
we all had bfast on friday morning with joshua's SunShine! before we left for michigan city. i spent a bit (coughcough) in michigan city. and then i got to drive back although i was a little tired, having slept pretty little the previous night and stayed up through the drive from ann arbor to mich city.. but i overcame it soon enough with loud music and unabashed crowing, while the rest of the car was drifting in and out of sleep. hai that felt good, very therapeutic. just reaffirmed my passion for longdistances harhar. i also got a kick out of being the leader of packs for once, thanks to the radar. sniff, we're all getting reliant on gps-es too...what happened to good old roadmaps and getting lost and all.

so after another 2.5hours we reached champaign in fabulous time, like 8pm. first time so slack. like zhixiu said, usually we get back at 1am etc... and a mad rush following that and everyone lacking sleep. harhar. what a strange holiday. indeed. .. having sulked through pretty much all of it. *doh. deserve to be slapped. harhar.

last night there was a dinner for bday pple, jermyn janice ray, at manwok (always). i sat through it quite numbed, everyone talking around me. i couldn't bring myself to "socialize" or make conversation. i think it's just that time again when i feel like being alone. happens to me once in a while. shrugshrug. too much going on around me (quite literally too, over dinner), disconcerted, too much for me.

hmmmmmmm. need not be so extreme.
i mean. i learned to zero my expectations, amongst so many things i learned. now i'll need to learn to zero hopes.
it's not all that schlecht. =)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"who am i to judge"

at least allow me to be angsty.

i know i've told myself about the regrets thing and all...but i really regret this holiday not being relaxing for me. in fact i feel like i just sank deeper into confusion, instead of feeling all cleared up. certainly i am not without blame...but it's just been...
i don't know. i feel stifled again. wernimmtmichweg.

niagara was pretty. didn't spend as much time as i liked to soak up the atmosphere though. the weather was a little chilly. hmmm....the roar was great. what a wonder. my citrus chicken salad at hard rock cafe was great though harhar. left me pining for more.
toronto seems a little greyish.. downtown reminds me of chicago but a little cosier and alot cleaner.. it's kinda small though. haven't really gotten a chance to explore it on foot all that much actually, only last night when i walked to the nearest cinema with kristin. oh yes i visited her place, went to The Mall, crashed an incredibly boring bio lecture, met one of her cute shy friends harhar.. yeah it was cool to put to actual experience what she had told me about.
today/yesterday we drove past the harbor, up to casa loma and spent a good deal of our afternoon there... had pretty good dimsum in chinatown (which Was disappointing, kristin you were right) and circled the CN tower.. well at least our hotels' near a shopping complex. i don't know what i'm talking about...

this isn't over yet, i've got 2 more days.

Monday, March 12, 2007

it's ok. everything's ok.
harhar. crap.

had a nice dinner on fri night... kayak polo at night...torance popped out harhar... then it was kinda late to join the seniors' late night gathering...helped make jello shots. yum.

sat afternoon went to walmart with dennis. nice to catch up. he's really quite rare. then met up with all the seniors for dinner at manwok...after that went to meijers...then sat around waiting for our apt crawl to start. soon enough it started and joshua's aptment was packed...played beer taps etc. i sat one side and nua-ed. yay. moved on to zhixiu's after that...
sun woke up too late to see the seniors off...
the weather was fantabulous today. and the sunset at FAR was pretty, from blue to purple. and the air was crisp and cool (a little too cool). yay.

spring, i can smell it already.

ichhabsovielzusagenaber. i think. what do i do.!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

saw my first sem 242 michaelballacklookalike TA on my way to school. =). still so, cough, cute, and still so bochap looking. damn funny. i should really dig out a photo somewhere and compare it with michael ballack.

and i noticed that alot of geologists are chinese. Hmmmmmm.

and i've met my match. it's the lab report that never ends. horror.

Monday, March 05, 2007


ok this place is damn screwed up. harhar. shit.

you learn from the pple who pass through, but hopefully just the good stuff;)